10 Tricks to Help Defeat the Mess in the House

Last updated: November 14, 2019 at 18:29 pm

10 Tricks to Help Defeat the Mess in the House

Many recognized experts in eliminating clutter believe that effective cleaning involves only two critical actions: get rid of the unnecessary and determine where to store the right thing. These simple tips will help deal with the clutter and add more comfort to your life.

  1. Take a walk around the house with a trash bag

All that is needed: take a large garbage bag and collect at least 27 unnecessary things into it. For example, unnecessary checks, empty bags, a broken figurine or old sneakers. You do not need to disassemble all things, thinking about each. At the first stage, it is enough to throw out the garbage that lies on the surface.

  1. A new thing – into the house, an old one – out. 

Make it a rule to throw away a similar old thing when buying a new one. Well-worn T-shirts are great for cleaning windows or floors. With children’s toys it’s worth doing the same. With such an exchange, things in the house will not accumulate, which means that trash will become less.

  1. The kitchen loves cleanliness. 

Often the kitchen becomes the center of the mess. The countertop is littered with food and utensils, and the sink is not visible behind a mountain of dirty plates. The best way to get rid of the mess in the kitchen is to wash the dishes after use. When cooking, there is always a few minutes to rinse the used utensils, and washing the dishes immediately after the meal takes 10 minutes.

  1. Available shelves – for the most necessary items

Sometimes a mountain of unwashed dishes accumulates only because there are too many plates, appliances and other kitchen utensils in the access zone. This problem is easy to solve – you need to limit the number of dishes in available cabinets and drawers. You can place a plate for each family member on the bottom shelf of the cabinet, and send the excess to the top shelf.

  1. Set a day for washing 

So that the basket with dirty laundry does not shock the fullness, it is worth identifying several days for washing: 

  • Bedclothes and towels 
  • Light clothes
  • Dark clothes

You need to choose a suitable schedule and strictly adhere to it. Scheduled washing will become a habit, and the laundry basket will remain empty longer.

  1. Make your bed in the morning. 

A made-up bed gives the room a sense of coziness and order. A mountain of blankets and pillows, a knocked-down sheet disheartens and creates a mood of chaos and depression. The best thing you can do in the morning is to devote 3 minutes to your own bed. This is the fastest way to set the “reference point” of order in a room.

  1. Use trays 

From small decorative elements such as vases and candles, you can make nice compositions on trays. Trays can be used everywhere:

  • In the kitchen – under the sponge and dishwashing liquid. 
  • In the bathroom – for small jars and a glass with toothbrushes. 
  • In the hallway – for keys, shoe brushes and checks.
  1. Keep the toys in containers.

In the kids’ room, large boxes or containers for storing toys can handle the mess. Parents of children under 3 years old know how difficult it is to sort out all the scattered toys after an active day. Transparent plastic containers will come to the rescue. You can purchase several and lay out the toys by categories.

  1. Go to the store with your string bag 

An eco-friendly lifestyle is gaining popularity. A string bag or canvas bag is no longer a subject of ridicule from the side, but an object of pride of the owner. Using one bag will save the house from the appearance of tons of plastic bags. In addition, the bag helps preserve the environment by reducing the amount of plastic thrown into the trash.

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