Last updated: August 7, 2019

Bark Collars – How To Humanly Use Them

It can be stressful to have a pet dog that can’t stop barking. This is one of the most common downsides that dog owners have to deal with, and a popular solution to this problem is the use of a bark collar. While there is a wide variety of bark collars to choose from, pet owners still struggle with choosing the right collar for their canine friend. From shock collars to citronella bark collars and ultrasonic bark collars, these are some of the most popular bark collars there are in the market. You can check this THP collar guide for more information on bark collars.

When to Avoid Using a Bark Collar

A typical bark collar

The last thing you want is to cause stress to your dog. Choosing a bark collar is a process and in fact, sometimes is unnecessary. First you need to find out the reason behind the barking. You may not need a collar if it is caused by stress, fear, or anxiety. If a bark collar is used in such a case, then you may be causing more problems. Your dog may end up in serious depression or may become even more aggressive and jumpy. I don’t think anyone would want to depress or agitate their pet so, make sure you don’t use a bark collar in any of the above-mentioned scenarios. 

How to Use Them Humanly

On the other hand, if your dog just loves being loud when bored or for no reason, then you may need to use a bark collar to train him to stop. Barking may also be a way for your furry friend to get attention from you. This may be frustrating for you, and may be the reason why you need to use a bark collar on them. However, there are a few things you need to pay attention to if you choose to use one;

Collars with different punishers- One level of punishment may not be effective enough to train your dog to stop barking. You may be forced to use different punishers before finding the right one for your dog. The best way is to use a collar with different levels of punishment. For example, there are dogs that don’t react to sound, or may ignore it. As such you may need to use an alternative punisher for it. 

Collars with warning signals before aversive- A humane way to use a bark collar is finding one that sends a warning signal to alert the dog of an incoming shock or any other form of punishment. This way, your dog learns to avoid barking whenever it hears the sound and in turn, this reduces the number of times it will get shocked. 

Collars with dual sensors- Another important thing to consider when getting an anti barking collar is dual sensors. Using a dual sensored bark collar helps avoid unwanted punishment for your dog. These anti-bark collars will only shock your dog if it picks a vibration from your dog’s throat or its bark sound. This way, your dog won’t get shocked when another dog barks or if the device picks an external sound.

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