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Here at we are pleased to let our readers know we have free trial voucher codes available to trial personalised and bespoke dry food for your dog. Currently they are testing wet food also, so hurry!

About Tails Dog Food
HOW WE KNOW WHAT’S RIGHT FOR HIM In our 2 minute online consultation we ask a few short questions about your dog including breed, age, weight, exercise level, health issues and what types of ingredients he’s used to. We then work out his nutritional needs at this specific stage in his life and create a blend that meets these needs. So you can be confident you’re giving your dog the right

Tails dog food is a bespoke service that gets you exactly what your dog needs and love delivered to your door. Take their 2 minute quiz about your dog to find out what flavours it likes the most and what nutrition it needs t keep it in great shape. It’s dead cheap and very convenient. If you’re not convinced why not watch the video and try a 2 week FREE trial through

What is so special about Tails dog food? Why not have a look at their promo video?

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