Emotional support pooch

5 Tips to obtaining an emotional support animal

An emotional support animal keeps people with emotional or mental disorders company, aiding them through their treatment and recovery period. People with depression, anxiety, autism and other mental disorders can get the emotional support that they need by having an emotional support animal alongside them for companionship.

The law allows them to carry an emotional support animal, even in areas where animals are not allowed such as in a rental house, buses or a plane. Below are tips on how to get an emotional support animal.

1- Visit your mental health care provider or physician

Pay a visit to your mental physician for a checkup and a detailed diagnosis. With a diagnosis stating your mental health condition, you can get a pet to offer you support as per the legal-advocacy organization that represents people with mental disabilities. Those without a diagnosis can still carry their pets around, but some areas such as on planes are prohibited. Book a checkup to determine which mental disability, you suffer from.

2- Choose your pet

Once you have obtained the letter from your physician stating your condition, thus authorizing you to walk around with your pet without restrictions, use the ESA letter wisely to choose the type of animal that you would like to adopt. You can select any animal species since, unlike service animals, emotional support animals don’t need to be trained. The animal can be from a pet store or an animal shelter.

The information in the letter gives more details about your condition and how having the animal is beneficial to your health. Alongside other details might be your license number and other personal details like your address and contacts. You will need to renew your letter on a yearly basis.

3- Buy an affordable animal

You do not have to buy an emotional support animal that is expensive, especially if you cannot afford it. Instead, look for an animal at a cost that falls within your budget. Animals like cats, birds, and hamsters are common, available and fairly priced. Alternatively, you can adopt one from an animal shelter if you like.

So as not to incur too many expenses, choose an animal that you can maintain, feed (wet, dry and high fibre food) and care for and one that will not require too much money on housing it. Small animals are generally cheaper to care for and feed as compared to larger ones.

4- Register your pet

It is not a must that you register your emotional support animal, but it is recommended for cases such as identification purposes in case it is lost. With an ESA ID card and vest, it is much easier to get more information about your animal. In other cases, you might also be allowed to live free without having to pay for your pet in some rentals or be exempted from the cabin fees for your animal when traveling on a plane. At emotionalsupportdogregistration.org you will get all the information pertaining to registering your ESA.

5- Lower cost on registration kit

Registering your ESA ensures that you have the necessary certifications alongside the basic items within your standard registration kit. You do not need the extra items present in other kits unless they are necessary.

Following the right procedure in obtaining your ESA will provide you with the necessary documentation and certifications for a smooth recovery.



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