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How To Get Rid of Garden Slugs

In this episode of Ask The Jug Dog, we have a gardening related question from Gyorgy which reads:

Hi guys, I have a couple of Labradors who have recently been messing around with a slug infestation we have. They’re sniffing at them and I’m sure eventually they may try and eat one. I try and move them when I can but I can’t keep my eyes on them 24/7. Are slugs harmful to dogs and how can I safely get rid of them?

Gyorgy, 25, Sunderland

Are slugs harmful to dogs?


Slugs look disgusting and they are not good to eat. At all. Eating slugs can lead to lungworms for a dog which can lead to a very serious condition. Therefore, if you have an overly curious dog then it’s easiest to get rid of the slugs than train your dog to leave them alone.

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How To Get Rid of Garden Slugs

Slugs are one of the most destructive pests that can lead to massive losses when they invade your garden. While many people think that they are mild creatures due to their sluggish motion, slugs possess about 2,700 teeth that are capable of razing down vegetation in a short period. It is therefore essential that one keeps these pests away from the garden. Most importantly, the control procedure should ensure that the biosystem integrity is maintained. This means that control measures should not pollute the surrounding. The following are some of the means that can effectively ensure that the pests are put under check:

  1. Setting Beer Traps

Beer made from yeast has a scent that resembles that of overripe fruits — a favorite meal for slugs. Therefore, overripe fruits can also be used instead of beer. This trap works by attracting the slugs to one location from where they can be discarded away from the garden. It is crucial to replace the beer after some time as its smell deteriorates over time. This technique is very easy to execute as it involves inexpensive materials. It is also pollution-free.

    2. Use of Predator Birds

Birds like feeding on slugs. Therefore, if you would like a technique that is a cheap way of controlling these pests, all you require is to ensure that birds frequent your garden. Many techniques of achieving this can be used. One method includes catching slugs and feeding them to the birds. This attracts more birds to the garden. Also, setting feeding points in the yard where food is available is effective in bringing birds to the garden, which ensures that the pests are quickly contained. Alternatively, one can rear domestic birds such as chicken and ducks that feed on slugs.

3. Trapping

Slugs like moist environments. One of preventive means of keeping the pests out of the garden is ensuring that there’s enough air circulation that will ensure there is little moisture. If the pests have already infested your yard, you can still eliminate slugs using traps. One of the most effective ones involves place a wet piece of wood at locations that are mostly frequented by slugs. After some period, they will start getting attracted to the damp wood plank. This makes it easy to discard the pests through appropriate means such as killing them or feeding them to predators.

4. Use Broken Egg Shells

Slugs move through crawling on the ground surface. They will tend to avoid a surface that is rough or having pricks. This makes broken egg shells very vital tools of eliminating them. The shells should be broken into tiny pieces then scattered on the ground. This will impede on their motion and turn them away from the garden. However, this technique is highly effective if the numbers are minimal.


Use of pesticides is also a useful means of eliminating slugs. However, this should be the last option to consider as most pesticides are harmful to the crucial organisms in the garden.

There are more tips that you can use to contain these nagging pests from the garden. However, what is important is ensuring that entry of the pests into the garden is prevented. The most successful means of achieving this is by ensuring that moist materials are removed from the garden. Breeding areas such as bushes should also be cleared.

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