Is your Jug shedding? Pick up the hairs easily with this one easy trick

Last updated: March 22, 2019 at 21:17 pm

Jeff Shedding SofaIf your Jug is anything like Jeff then they will be shedding like mad now that the warm weather is here and your sofa could end up looking a bit like ours.

All is not lost however, and you needn’t to be mortified at the thought of having your guests sit on furniture covered in your Jug’s hair. Here at we make sure to help our fellow jug owners as much as possible and in this blog we’ll let you know (and show you) how to easily clean up the pet hair from furniture.

What you’ll need

Marigold GlovesIf you were expecting an expensive list then you will be disappointed, all you’ll need are a pair (or even one) of marigolds.

What you need to do

Run the marigolds under a tap so that they are wet, after that use your gloved hand and scrape the sofa in a hook-like grip and you’ll soon see the hair start to build up in a pile. It is really that easy!

This can also be used on clothes and other surfaces which have accumulated fur.

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  1. Nice site, great trick for getting hair off your jugs! If you want a nice nice jug check out our site xx

  2. Thanks Rosie. Your site is about a different type of Jug, though.

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