AVA Dog Food Reviewed

The Ava brand is owned by Ava Foods Limited, a Pets At Home Ltd. subsidiary headquartered in Cheshire, England. They’re a British manufacturer of pet foods, including dog and cat foods, treats, chews, toys, and grooming products.

While the company has been selling products since 2003, it introduced its hypoallergenic dry dog food range in 2017. And that changed the game. These products contain no wheat, corn, soy, dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish, gluten, artificial flavours or preservatives.

They are produced under strict quality control standards and meet the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) requirements.

Let’s talk about the ingredients first.


The Ava Ingredients range includes chicken, lamb, salmon, whitefish, beef, pork, turkey, duck, rabbit, and venison. These are pet foods’ most popular meat and fish ingredients worldwide. Brown Rice and Maize are two common grain ingredients in Ava products.

They provide carbohydrates, fibre, protein, vitamins, and mineral nutrients. Many believe that grains do not belong in dog food and are used as cheap fillers. However, brown rice and oatmeal can be acceptable in moderation, especially whole grains.

Beet Pulp is found in many Ava recipes, and its primary function in dog food is as a source of soluble fibre. Some think Beets shouldn’t be included in dog foods because they contain oxalic acid.

This is true. However, the amount of oxalic acid in Beets is very low compared to the amount of calcium in the same product. Oxalic Acid helps prevent kidney stones and aids digestion.

Chicken Cockapoo Dog Food


In June 2020, Ava Pet Foods announced that it had voluntarily recalled certain dry food because of an increase in the bone marrow disorder pancytopenia rate.

This rare condition affects the immune system and can cause a cat’s blood cell count to drop quickly, leading to illness or even death if left untreated.


1. AVA Veterinary Approved Sensitive Skin And Stomach Adult Dog Food

This dry kibble promises to comfort your allergy-prone dog while relieving those affected by flatulence and stool odour, according to AVCA Vet.

The food is Approved for Sensitive Skin & Stomach Dry Kibble and is made with high-quality ingredients, including fish protein and a grain-free formula. It offers superior nutrition without compromising taste. The first five ingredients include:

  • Fish
  • Tapioca
  • Sweet Potato
  • Chicken Meal
  • Wheat Gluten Free Oats

AVA’s Sensitive Skin & Stomach Adult Food is an amazing product that doesn’t contain artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. It is formulated to support healthy digestion, skin and coat conditions, and joint health.

2. AVA Recipes For Pure And Designer Breed Dogs

In March 2018, Pets At Home announced their new line AVA. The line includes 14 new kibble recipes designed specifically for different dog breeds.

Each recipe offers a unique blend of ingredients tailored to meet each breed’s nutritional requirements. The following breeds are included in the line:

  • Shih Tzu
  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • French Bulldog
  • Chihuahua
  • And many more.

3. Chicken Cockapoo Dog Food

Just How Good Is Wainwright's Dog Food?

Cockapoos are known for being very active dogs, which makes it important to provide them with high-quality nutrition. AVA Chicken Cockapoo dog food provides essential nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

These dogs may experience skin irritation, ear infection, and joint issues that cause them pain, loss of mobility and potential for permanent injury.

This recipe includes chicken as the primary ingredient because it contains high amounts of protein, vitamin B12, zinc, iron, selenium, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, thiamine, riboflavin, folic acid, and vitamin D3.

Potatoes are included in this recipe because they contain potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, fibre, and vitamin C. They also help prevent constipation and support healthy digestion.

4. AVA Salmon, German Shepherd Dog Food

German Shepherd dogs are known for being very active, energetic, and athletic. They require high-protein diets to keep up with their energy levels.

AVAs salmon-based diet is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of German Shepherd Dogs while keeping your pet healthy and happy.

The first five ingredients are Salmon, sweet potato, flaxseed oil, chia seeds and kelp powder. These ingredients provide essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, copper, iodine, manganese, selenium, potassium, antioxidants, and fibre.

Where To Buy AVA Food?

AVA dog food is sold exclusively by Pets At Home. Despite being sold only online or in a single UK retail location, their products remain popular among pet owners across the UK.

Do vets recommend Ava dog food?

best dry dog food uk 2023

Generally, veterinarians across the UK recommend AVA dog food as a healthy option for your pets for its hypoallergenic and quality-controlled features. However, specific instructions and product choices may differ depending on individual dogs’ needs.

The best dog food has a higher meat content. “Generally, protein of animal origins will have higher biological values,” says British Veterinary Association junior vice president Daniella Dos Santos, adding that dogs still require a balanced diet.

She advises owners to mix their dog’s meals with animal and plant-based proteins.

“I think there are some very good commercial foods out there, but I wouldn’t recommend a completely vegetarian diet.” Dos Santos warns against feeding your dog a vegan diet.

“Owners must seek expert advice to avoid nutritional deficiencies and associated diseases. It’s much easier to get the correct balance of nutrients wrong than getting it right.” In other words: don’t cut out meat from your dog’s menu.

If You Have A Fussy Eater:

If your dog is picky about food, there are some things you can do to help him eat better. But if he refuses to take anything apart from his usual dry kibble, it might mean he needs medical attention. The best way to find out what’s wrong is to consult your vet.

They’ll be able to tell whether your dog suffers from dietary intolerances or allergies or even if he’s just being finicky. Once they know what’s causing the problem, they can advise you on changing your diet.

How Often Should I Feed My Dog?

Veterinarians recommend feeding a healthy adult dog at least twice per day. This includes both dry food and wet food. If your dog eats more frequently than this, it could lead to health issues such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, joint pain, skin conditions, and even cancer.

A dog’s age and breed are just some factors that affect how often he should eat. Other considerations include his activity level, weight, size, and lifestyle. For example, a very active dog might need to eat more frequently because he burns up energy quickly.

A puppy or older dog that weighs more than 20 pounds (ca. 9 kg) will likely need to eat more frequently than one weighing 10 pounds (4.54 kg) or fewer. And a larger dog will probably need more calories than a smaller dog. Breed plays a large role when determining how typically to feed your pet.

Large breeds like Great Danes, German Shepherds, and Saint Bernards typically require more frequent meals than medium and small breeds. They tend to grow faster and put on more weight than smaller breeds. Age is also another important factor. Older dogs usually require fewer feedings per day than younger ones.

However, this doesn’t mean older dogs don’t need to eat regularly. Many older dogs still enjoy a good meal every few days.

Conclusion: Is Ava dog food a good brand?

Ava dog food is an excellent brand for any dog owner who wants to give her dog all the nutrition she requires while keeping her happy and healthy. The company offers various products, including treats, chews, and supplements.

Their products are available in several varieties so that you can choose the perfect fit for your dog.


  • Simon Shepherd BSc is one of our contributing editors from Liverpool and is the owner of three German Shepherd dogs Paul, Luna and George. Simon is a graduate from Liverpool John Moore University specialising in Canine Behaviour and is now a contributing to writer to various websites offering canine advice such as HuffPost, Daily Mail and of course Jug Dog.

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