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Here you’ll find our gallery if jug dog pictures from young pup to adulthood. Have a jug yourself and want to be featured? Why not send your jug dog pictures over using our contact form.

Community Jug Dogs

Images of Jug Puppies

Below is a collection of Jug puppy pictures featuring our very own Jug dog jug when was just a young pup as well as other owners who have sent them in. Get in touch if you want your jug puppy picture added!


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5 thoughts on “Jug Dog Pictures”

  1. Dallas Bessette

    Are they worth anything cause I have a full blooded pug and she got hooked by A jack Russel terrie . Will it hurt my pug she will be 16 yrs old in Jul

  2. The Jug Dog

    I am not sure what you’re asking. Will what hurt?

  3. S ferguson

    I have got a Jack russel /chuauah bitch and she is pregnant to my pug she’s due to have them soon but I’m a bit worried because I’m not sure if she can have them natural or if they are too large.have u any info about what is the best thing for me to do .

  4. The Jug Dog

    She’ll be fine don’t worry!

  5. Hopefully you ended up with one as they are awesome. 🙂

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