How to train a dog with a pet-safe in-ground fence

Dogs are great pets to have. They are quite friendly, playful, and in some cases, they are even used for noble causes such as helping a person deal with grief. They are said to be man’s best friend. Dogs, however, just like any pet, are not always going to behave. Due to their playful nature, they will sometimes go and play in your garden and ruin all your flowers and plants. They will most likely chase after the neighbor’s cat, and ruin their plants as well. They might also come back muddy and wet after splashing about in a rain puddle. All these cases, thankfully, are quite manageable, but there are risks associated with this kind of behavior. For instance, your dog may chase after a ball or a squirrel and run out into the road, where they could get hit by a car. Then again, we know that you are a loving pet owner ad that you want what is best for your pup. You cannot leave them locked in the house all day, as it is good for a pet to get some exercise and play. So what is the solution, you ask? How can you keep your dog safe and at the same time grant them the freedom to go out and play? The answer is through the use of an in-ground fence.

In-ground fence

An in-ground fence is a wire that you put underground all-around your property. This wire can send a signal to a collar that your dog will be wearing. As such, if the dog runs past the boundary of your property where the in-ground fence lies, then the wire will transmit a message to the collar and then it will shock your dog slightly. First and foremost, you do not have to worry about this collar harming your pet, as it will just administer a mild shock, not enough to inflict any harm or pain but just to alarm them slightly.

With time, your dog will quickly learn that it cannot go beyond a certain point, and as such, you can rest easy that they will not come to harm or ruin any of your things.

If you would like to try this method, then you can check out the Go to Meetyourdog website which has highlighted some of the best in-ground fences that you can try out. You can do further research online and compare prices if you wish.

Advantages of an in-ground fence

Aside from keeping your dog safe from areas you would not want them to go to, this type of fence as other advantages as indicated below:

  • Much easier to install and maintain than a traditional fence. The in-ground fence requires minimal effort to install as all you have to do is do a little bit of digging and then install the wire underground. A traditional fence, however, requires wood, labor, and will take up much more time and resources.
  • Great for any type of landscape. Your lawn might not be regularly shaped and might have some areas which are rocky and bumpy. The advantage of the in-ground fence is that you can maneuver it to take the shape of your land, and no one will be able to see it. Moreover, if you would like to keep your pet out of a specific area like your garden, then you can use it for that specific section as well.
  • IN-ground fences cover a larger area of land. This is especially good for your pet, as it gives the dog freedom and space to play in a larger area. You will not have to keep your dog indoors or on a leash (see also ‘Cons Of Using A Double Dog Leash‘).
  • The fences also give you much more flexibility, since if you would want to move all you would have to do is dig the fence out of the ground and take it with you. This would be much harder to achieve as compared to a traditional fence.

Precautionary measures to take

In-ground fences work quite well, however, they are not suitable for all types of dogs. If your pup is elderly or suffering from a particular ailment, you might want to consider an alternative method to contain them. The same case applies to an expecting dog.

Moreover, if your dog is normally quite aggressive, then using such a fence might not be the best approach to take with them. You could, perhaps, take them to a professional trainer first, and inquire their advice regarding the use of an in-ground fence afterward.


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