Pros And Cons Of Dogs Chewing Cow Hooves

Giving your dog a chew is a great way to help them to clean their teeth, as well as to keep them entertained. Often, a dog owner decides to give them a naturally meat-based product such as pigs ears or cow hooves.

However, while such things are considered to be popular when it comes to what your dog might want (Fido will find these types of chews super tasty), they might not be good for them in the long run.

That is because something like cow hooves can present some problems such as splitting while chewing which can cause a dog to hurt its mouth, but they also smell. 

Even so, they do have some benefits too, such as how cheap they are to buy.

In this article we shall take a look at both the pros and cons of a dog chewing cow hooves. Doing so will help you to make up your own mind as to whether you are wanting to buy them for your beloved pet pooch.

What Are the Positives of Giving Your Dog Cow Hooves?

There are a number of good reasons why cow hooves are a great option when it comes to dog chews, however, you will want to consider a few things first. 


As a dog owner, you will know that buying them treats can get quite costly. Fortunately, cow hooves are relatively cheap and can be bought online and at various pet stores for around a dollar.

You can even buy them in bulk to keep the overall cost down. If your dog loves chewing on cow hooves, then you might go through quite a lot of them within several months. 

Just make sure that the cow hooves are from animals which were raised within the USA to ensure their quality. 

Protein Source

Cow hooves are high in keratin which is a source of protein for your pup. Due to it being so high in protein, cow hooves can actually be beneficial to your dog’s wellbeing. This means you can keep him or her entertained and healthy.

Protein is great for repairing your dog’s muscles, especially after a long walk. It will also fuel your dog with some energy to keep them going all day. 

To make sure your dog is only getting the nutrients that they need, always buy cow hooves which have no added ingredients. 

Good for Teeth

While chews are great to keep dogs entertained, you will also want them to help clean your dog’s teeth. Fortunately, cow hooves can do just that. 

Having a chew can help to scrape tartar and plaque off the teeth to keep them healthy. Having the chews become a regular part of their week can be a good thing to their overall health. 

What Are the Negatives Of Giving Your Dog Cow Hooves?

What Are the Negatives Of Giving Your Dog Cow Hooves

As with any chews, there are negatives and many things to consider while they are chewing the item. 


Even though we all know that dogs can be smelly at times, the last thing you want is to introduce more terrible smells into the house. Unfortunately, cow hooves can smell pretty bad!

It is a natural product, after all, which means that they will also smell. It will also only smell more and more as your dog chews on it, so you may want to avoid giving your dog a cow hoof before a guest arrives. 


A lot of people who give their dogs cow hooves say that their dog has an excessive thirst after chewing. Nobody really knows why, as there are no reports to say that cow hooves are dehydrating.

While this is not an issue in itself, you will want to make sure your dog has access to water, but you should be doing this anyway. 


While most dogs will be absolutely fine having cow hooves, there may be the odd time when it splinters and causes injury within the dog’s mouth. If your dog is considered a ‘power chewer’, then they could break their own tooth. Also, it can cause the hoof to split.

Always supervise your dog and see how they are getting on with the chew. If you see edges becoming sharp, then  remove it. Also, if large pieces of cow hoof end up in the digestive system, this would have to be rectified with surgery. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to cow hooves, it all depends on the type of chewer your dog is, and whether you want a smelly chew inside your house. 

While there are risks for dogs chewing on cow hooves, so long as you keep an eye on your pup and only give them cow hooves once a week (if that), then it should be a healthy snack for them.


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