What You Should Know About The White German Shepherd?

White German shepherds are beautiful dogs that many people adore. However, there is a lot of interesting history surrounding them that you may want to be aware of before you start looking for one for yourself. These dogs can have health issues like any other GSD.

However, because of their recessive gene responsible for their white coat, this variation of the breed should not be bred for aesthetic purposes. To find out more about this beautiful dog, keep reading.

What You Should Know About The White German Shepherd?

History And Information

As their name suggests, German shepherds hail from Germany. There, they are called Deutsche Schäferhunde. The breed standard was created in 1889 by Captain Max von Stephanitz. Back then, the white dogs were included in shows, but this changed some time later.

The white GSD was removed from the breed standard, and while we don’t know exactly who did this, evidence points towards the Nazis. The reason for this is unknown, but it has remained in place ever since.

A white coat is typically caused by a recessive gene, which can cause albinism. This can have a number of health issues in animals, including the following:

  • Lighter eyes
  • Blindness
  • Deafness
  • Skin issues
  • Pink skin
  • Various other health concerns

White German shepherds usually get their colouring due to a recessive gene. This gene is also known for causing a number of health issues in animals, including blindness, deafness, lighter eyes, pink skin, and a variety of health concerns. Because of this, this variation of GSD should not be purposefully bred, even though it is beautiful.

Are White German Shepherds Different To Regular German Shepherds?

In essence, no. They are exactly the same as their regular-coloured counterparts. They have the same exercise needs, and they need a lot of mental stimulation. The only reason they could be any different to a regular GSD would be because of the way these animals get treated.


Many breeders have been known to try and sell white German shepherds under the pretence that they are “friendlier” than their normal coloured counterparts. This is not true at all, and you should immediately recognise this to be a scam. The coat colour of a dog does not determine their personality in any way.

Every dog is unique, and will have their own personality – friendly or otherwise. Anyone who is trying to use this ploy to sell their white German shepherd puppies are just looking for extra money, and should not be trusted. Furthermore, it isn’t uncommon for breeders to try and up the price of oddities like a white German shepherd.

This, however, is actually unethical, and should never be done. White German shepherds do not have a “friendlier” personality compared to their regular-coloured GSD counterparts. Every puppy has their own unique personality, and friendliness is not something that any breeder can guarantee.

Are White German Shepherds Actually Albinos?

These white dogs are not albinos, and their recessive gene doesn’t necessarily cause albinism. They have dark mouths and dark eyes, which is normal for the breed. An albino would have pink skin, very light or pink eyes, and no darkness at all. Nonetheless, there are potential risks of actively breeding these dogs for their white coats.

Because of this white German shepherds are not allowed in the show ring, as no one should be willing to take a chance on a dog’s health. In recent years, there have been breeding clubs being formed specifically for the white German shepherd.

However, research has shown that the by-laws of these clubs are not always the most ethical, and can be problematic. For this reason, we would not recommend looking into these kinds of places if you are on the hunt for one of these dogs. No, white German shepherds are not albinos.

These dogs still have pigment and darkening around their mouths and other parts of their bodies. An albino animal will have pink skin and eyes, which are noticeably different compared to a regular white animal.

Getting A White German Shepherd


The best way to get any dog is through rescue. You can visit your local animal shelter or rescue centre and see if they have one of these beautiful dogs.


Alternatively, you may be able to purchase one of these dogs through a breeder. However, you should be very cautious of breeders who are actively trying to breed these white dogs, as it can be unethical. The number one important thing when it comes to a dog is their health, not their appearance.

You may be able to get a white German shepherd from rescue centres, or you can purchase them from a breeder. Please note that these dogs should not be purposefully bred, as it can be unethical due to their health concerns. Responsible breeders will always have these white dogs spayed or neutered.

Final Thoughts

While white German shepherds are not inherently albino (as some might be), they should not be bred because of their white coat. They are beautiful and intelligent dogs, but should not be treated differently in terms of their needs – including mental stimulation and exercise.

We would recommend buyers to be cautious if you are on the lookout for a white GSD. Breeders should not be trying to produce these white animals, and anyone who is, may be doing so unethically.


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