Last updated: March 22, 2019

5 Tips to Keeping your Yard Free of Bees

Bees play an essential role in our ecosystem. Not only do they provide honey, but these little insects are also among of the primary agents of pollination. Fruit-bearing trees are highly dependent on these bees for propagation. Bees only become a nuisance when they start invading homes and pose a danger to people. In addition, if there is an infestation of bees in your yard, your pets could become harmed. For example, if you have a dog who loves to lounge around the lawn, they could be susceptible to bee stings should they accidentally lay on or step on one. This can pose great dangers to your dog and should be avoided at all costs. There are home remedies to keep bees away without harming them as well as yourself and your pets. Here are five tips you can follow to keep the bees from sharing your living space.

  1.  Water your yard frequently.

Ground bees are smaller species of bees which live in abandoned burrows and usually build their nests on dry, sandy soil. Thus, keeping the ground moist by watering the yard frequently can keep the bees away and probably prevent them from invading your yard in the future.

  1.  Make your bee spray.

If your yard is infested with honeybees, the extermination of these bees should be your last resort; making your own bee sprays maybe a better choice. Bees like the sweet smell of flowers and fruit scents. On the other hand, bees are appalled by the smell of peppermint, tea tree oil, and cinnamon. Mix a drop of peppermint, tea tree and cinnamon oil with a cup of unscented baby shampoo in a spray bottle then spray on areas where bees will likely brood. Another easy-to-prepare natural pesticide to try is to mix a teaspoon of vinegar to a quart of water, put in a spray bottle then spray directly to the bees or their hive. Just make sure to wear protective

clothing as the bees may get agitated and sting. It is recommended to spray during the night when the bees are not active.

  1.  Plant bee-repelling plants.

Planting bee-repelling plants can also help in keeping the bees away from building their hives in your yard. Mint is one such plant that can drive away the bees. Bees will also avoid spaces in your yard planted with citronella.

  1.  Use natural bee repellents.

Bees are attracted to sweet-smelling scents such as flowers and perfumes but dislike pungent smells. One easy and accessible natural repellent is garlic powder. Scattering garlic powder in areas where the bees can build nests will drive them away. Using citronella candles near beehives can also help drive away the colony and may make them relocate. Bees also find the smell of cucumber repulsive so scattering some peels in the yard may keep them away.

  1.  Scatter mothballs around the yard.

Mothballs are also an excellent deterrent to bees as with other flying insects. Scattering mothballs around the yard can prevent bees from building their hives in your yard. Place some in locations where they can build nests will prevent them to do so.

Tiny bees, although essential to plant pollination, can be such a menace sometimes, especially when they try to build their nests in places where people can be in danger of being stung such as the yards or gardens. Bees and people can actually live side by side without harming each other. With the tips stated above, people can take actions to keep bees away with just some home remedies and no need for extermination.

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