Can Dogs Get Erect After Being Neutered

In another ‘episode’ of Ask the Jug Dog, we have an anatomical question related specifically to male dogs…

“I have a 3-year-old Labrador who has had the snip (neutered) for around 2 years now but recently he’s started getting erections at random times. I thought neutered dogs couldn’t get it up anymore? Should I be worried?”.

Joseph Holden, 34, Newcastle

This is a common question we get at the Jug Dog. There are many assumptions out there about what neutering/castration/the snip actually does and what it doesn’t.

Many people have their dog neutered to calm them down or to make sure they don’t give you any unexpected visitors at your door angry their dog’s pregnant.

Generally speaking, neutered dogs can occasionally experience erections, although the frequency and intensity are typically reduced compared to pre-op. Even after the operation, some dogs may still exhibit residual sexual behaviours due to the presence of other hormones and sensory stimuli.

How can neutered dogs still get erections?

Let’s dispel the myth right here – neutered dogs can and probably will get erections.

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When a dog is neutered, the testosterone factory is inhibited, and their puppy-making semen is no longer in production, but that doesn’t stop your dog from getting excited and, therefore, having an erection.

They will have fewer erections, stop humping everything in sight and won’t feel the need to mark their territory as much after neutering, but it won’t stop completely.

Erections are a physiological response that involves blood flow to the penis. Neutering primarily removes the testicles, however, some testosterone can still be produced by other tissues in the body, such as the adrenal glands.

If your dog gets excited, for whatever reason, the body can react by sending blood to the penis along with the baculum (penis bone) to produce an erection which looks a little bit like lipstick sticking out.

Neutering doesn’t remove the baculum and does not stop the blood flow to the penis, and that is why neutered dogs can and will get erections.

What is Paraphimosis in neutered dogs?

Generally, paraphimosis or “red rocket” can still occur in neutered dogs. This medical emergency can occur for various reasons, such as trauma, anatomical abnormalities, or even after sexual arousal. It can lead to great discomfort, pain and further complications if medical assistance isn’t sought.

Paraphimosis is a medical term for an erection that won’t go away, which is a genuine concern for the dog and you, the owner.

If your dog’s erection has been present for an abnormal time and looks discomfort, medical attention should be sought immediately.

In the meantime, ensure the penis stays moist with lubrication because dryness and irritation are the biggest concerns due to overexposure.

Can neutered dogs still get aroused?

According to The Kennel Club, dogs can still get aroused and display excitement or interest in mounting behaviours over bitches. However, these are often driven more by social cues and playfulness than reproductive instincts. It’s important to note that individual responses can vary, and a dog behaviourist must be consulted for further advice.

What to do if your neutered dog has an erection?

There are several reasons why your neutered dog is suddenly having an erection. Mostly, it’s not a big concern, but as dog parents, we can’t leave anything to chance, can we?

Let’s dig into the most common reasons and respective solutions.

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1. Residual Testosterone

Although testosterone levels are significantly reduced after neutering, trace amounts can remain in the body for a while.

Erections caused by the residual testosterone and no external stimuli can be ignored without worry. They’re temporary and will definitely decrease over time.

2. Sexual Excitement

Dogs can experience excitement from various stimuli, leading to a temporary erection. They can still likely mate after neutering; the process reduces the overall desire – don’t forget that.

This is completely normal behaviour, albeit rarer for a neutered dog. In a case like this, distract your dog with a command or a toy to redirect their attention.

3. Happiness

Positive emotions can trigger physiological responses, including erections. Enjoy the moment – it’s a sign of a contented pup!

4. Anxiety/Stress

Like humans, dogs might exhibit stress-related behaviours, including erections. In such a situation, you should create a calming environment and engage in relaxing activities.

5. Paraphimosis

It’s a medical condition that still happens as we have discussed in this article.

W them, you’re better equipped to navigate this aspect of your dog’s journey.

Can neutered dogs still mate?

The idea of mating neutered dogs might raise curiosity, but the ability and desire are significantly diminished after the surgery.

Neutered dogs cannot mate as they don’t produce sperm and cannot father puppies. The operation involves the removal of the testicles, which are the primary source of reproductive hormones. Without these, the ability to impregnate a female dog is virtually eliminated. 

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But what about the urge? Is that still there?

Neutered dogs may still have the urge to participate in mounting behaviour. While the operation reduces the hormonal drive for mating behaviours, it’s essential to recognise that the behaviour is often a social interaction influenced by factors such as playfulness, dominance, or establishing social hierarchy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why do dogs hump even after getting neutered?

Humping, or mounting behaviour, is a topic that often raises eyebrows among dog owners, even after neutering. While neutering can curb certain behaviours, humping might persist for various reasons, such as:

  • Social interaction
  • Habitual behaviour
  • Exploring the territory

It’s important to note that mounting behaviour can be managed through training and redirection techniques.

2. Does a dog’s sexual behaviour change after neutering?

A neutered dog’s sexual behaviour typically undergoes significant changes. Neutering decreases the hormonal drive for mating and related behaviours. While neutered dogs may still exhibit some interest in mating behaviours, the intensity and frequency are notably reduced.

3. How long do post-neutering erections last?

Post-neutering erections are often temporary and tend to occur less frequently over time. As the residual testosterone levels decrease, these occurrences become less common. If you notice these erections diminishing gradually, it’s a sign that the hormonal effects of neutering are taking their course.

4. Can these erections cause discomfort for my dog?

In most cases, post-neutering erections do not cause discomfort for dogs. They are typically physiological responses driven by residual hormones rather than pain or discomfort. If you observe any signs of distress or if the erections persist and become a concern, consulting a veterinarian is recommended.


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11 thoughts on “Can Dogs Get Erect After Being Neutered”

  1. Hi, my dog had the snip about 4 weeks ago and since then he has had 2 hazelnut sized balls of tissue in place of his testicles, we went back to the vets and they said though its common it does happen or that it may be a suture infection, so after another week off we go again as they had gotten smaller by a tiny bit, they said “were sure things will be ok it just takes time” so now we are here and they are getting smaller but very slowly, I have now noticed that down the center of his penis about the thickness of a pencil is rock hard, its not an erection as nothing is coming out of the foreskin if that’s the right word, I’m really worried and need some advice to go back to the vets with or I might just get a “it will be ok Richard just give it time” but this and the “suture infection” can not be comfortable for my dog……HELP PLZ.

  2. The Jug Dog

    Hi Richard,

    A dog’s penis isn’t like ours, it’s a bone. These things really do take time and as long as the foreskin isn’t sticking out then it should be fine. If you’re dog is behaving like normal then I’d relax.

  3. Dan Johnson

    My 5 y/o Chiquahua was neutered at 5 mos. But for over 2-3 years, he attacks a stuffed did you bigger than him, humping it ferociously and gets a solid erection, then has to wait for it to subside. He looks very uncomfortable then. He does this 2-4 times a week.
    Is this really normal? A few times I had to squirt it with cold water to help him retract. Just wondered if I should be concerned? Thank you. DJ

  4. angela carter

    my 3 year old Lhasa apso was neutered about 18 months ago but has for the last 3 or 4 days been constantly licking himself it looks really red and hes growling if you go near to look at it ?

  5. Gill Stevenson

    My 3 year old flat coat x golden retriever has started having erections, but they clearly are causing him stress and discomfort. His back arches and his tail is between his legs. He find it difficult to walk and sometimes stands there and does an involuntary humping/spasm?
    Should I be taking him to the vet, or is there a simple explain?
    He also had an upset stomach during the night (which never happens).
    Thanks very much. Looking forward to any help and advice.

  6. Max Drayton

    Guys! The cold water trick works. I gotta say, I was surprised. I was at the outdoor cinema watching frozen and fooling around with my girl. She wanted more popcorn from the kiosk but i couldn’t well be walking through the cars sporting a hard on. Even if it wasn’t a kids movie. I dipped the tip into a slushy and my erection was cured, And I mean QUICK, the thing practically inverted. I was worried I would have to fish it back out with chop sticks!
    But nah for real. Stop making a big deal about your dogs Bonno’s and definitely stop spraying the poor fellas with cold water. I’m no dog dong doctor, but it just sounds like a bizarre experience for the lil guys

  7. Hi. My dog was neutered 10 years ago and today from nowhere he was sleeping and woke up with an erection and after that he was in the pose for like 5 minutes and came out 2 drops o clear liquid. He wasn’t doing anything.. just sleeping… is that normal? I think I will take him to the vet ASAP! I would like any advise . Thank you !

  8. Comment to Gail Stevenson:
    What you described, besides the erection part, sounds very similar to bloat. Bloat is extremely painful, serious and potentially fatal if not taken to a vet as soon as symptoms show. It sounds like your dog recovers from the episodes, and hopefully unrelated, but do some research and get familiar with canine bloat, so you can help your lil guy jic. I also have a flatcoat retriever, I’ve learned a lot about since they can bloat. There’s a ‘canine bloat awareness’ facebook group that’s a great source of info and help if you are interested. Best to you and your dog.

  9. I have like questions as Luis, but didn’t see all the answers. My dog was just nurtured
    ( 8 days ago) and he has the same type of issue. Also when he get excited over visitor, like my grandchildren, his penis is exposed. What should I do ?

  10. Gustaff

    Hi. Is it possible that neutered dogs can be still, because the reason why I neutered my jackrussel was that every time I open the gate he runs out and comes back when he is hungry.

  11. Debbe ellenden

    Hi my dog afe62 just got muted on wedensday and ever since hes lipstick keeps coming out he seems to be in pain cant walk right jes been back to the vets and they give him an injection for inflammation and put sugar on and it went but last nite it came back out then in abd its out again tonite ive put sugar on but not working can you help ?

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