How big do jug dogs get? When do they stop growing?

From the tiny pup that will fit in a jug to Jug dogs full-grown, this article will help you understand the size that your bundle of joy is likely to grow to.

Because they are a crossbreed, people often ask us how big jug puppies and full-grown jugs get, and it can vary a little bit, but in general, they tend to be small when they’re young and old. Unlike cats, dogs can grow over longer periods and more rapidly.

Pugs and Jack Russell’s are about the same size, with Pugs being rounder and JRT’s being sleeker and skinnier. Combined, they generally look like a chunky Jack Russell (or a skinny Pug!).

Jug Puppies are tiny up until three weeks and could fit in the palm of your hand. Here are two pictures that show their sizes exactly. At eight weeks which is the date you should be bringing them home, they are about the size of a kitten.

Well, here’s the short answer if you’re in a hurry.

Jug dogs, both male and female, can grow upto  2 to 3 ft (24 to 36 inches) in their 10-15 years of average lifespan. Their growth period lasts about a year before they reach adulthood. The dog’s weight generally peaked at 15.5 pounds and not an ounce more during this period.

For how long do Jugs keep growing?

Jugs grow quite quickly because they are a small breed, and you’ll see them grow in no time, although you may not notice it since you’ll see them every day.

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1. Puppy-hood

Expect your Jug Pup to grow roughly an inch a month until they’re a full-grown Jug Dog at around one year old. It can be more than a year, but the growth rate may not be noticeable.

Your Jug puppy will grow quite quickly, as seen in these pictures. At around 3 months old, they’ll start to work their extra rolls away, and their chest might start to bulk up and become quite muscled. A stocky Jack Russell or a slim Pug is a pretty good description of a Jug.

They will continue to be a pup for around a year and a bit in size, but they’ll be a puppy in terms of behaviour for around two years, but don’t worry, they do get calmer as the months roll by.

2. Adult Dog-hood

You should expect Jug Dogs full-grown to be around 10-15 inches in size, weighing around 5-7 kilograms. If you have met both of the dog’s parents, don’t expect the Jug to be bigger than either of them. How big jug dogs get can vary quite a bit, mostly on how big the parents are.

They’ll do most of their growing between 2 and 7 months old, and then it will slow down. This is a crucial period, so make sure to feed them specialised, high-quality puppy food (wet and dry) to help them grow up healthily.

How big will my Jug get?

How big Jug puppies get, however, really depends on their parents.

Jeff’s (pictured) mother was a small Jack Russell with fairly short legs, and his father was a purebred Pug. In reality, Jeff is probably quite small for a Jug.

A Pug is named one of the top 25 smallest dog breeds; it’s quite a surprise not to see the JRT there, too. Pugs tend to always be around the same size, but you can get quite a variety of Jack Russells, with some being quite big. Use this article as a guide rather than gospel and ask the owner about the parents’ sizes – that will give you a better idea.

Lastly, Jeff is a 1/2 JRT and 1/2 Pug and is pretty much in-between them both in terms of size. Some Jugs can be 1/4 of one and 3/4 of the other and is likely to take after the 3/4 a bit more. Take this into consideration.

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Are jug dogs intelligent?

Jugs are highly intelligent and amenable creatures. They’re quite aggressive initially but are easy to adapt when trained properly.

How much exercise does a Jug need?

Don’t let their size fool you. Jug dogs are highly energetic.

Jugs require a good chunk of daily exercise to keep them healthy and entertained. They need at least 45 minutes of walks every day, which can be cut and divided into multiple walks in the morning and evening. It’s generally better to walk post-meal as jugs tend to have a higher prey drive.

Jug Dogs Full Grown


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