HWL Oatmeal and Tea Tree Dog Shampoo Review

Our Jeff is a Pug and Jack Russell Cross so he can suffer from going smelly quickly and some skin dryness, probably from the Pug side of the family. As such, regular non-specialised shampoos can often wear out quickly and cause some redness on the tummy. With this in mind, we’ve been trying various shampoo brands to find the perfect fit. The next one on the list is from HWL Pet Supplies Oatmeal and Tea Tree oil shampoo.

HWL Oatmeal and Tea Tree Dog Shampoo

Application and smell

The shampoo’s texture is the same as you’d expect from any shampoo brand – thick, silky and creamy. Once we’d rinsed Jeff it was easy to lather it into his fair and it was thin enough to get through to this bottom layer of fur. It generated a decent amount of suds which is great feedback for the owner that it ‘works’. A bottle will last you quite a while as you don’t need to use much to get full coverage, however we do have a small dog.

The aroma is low key but pleasant. Natural and oatmeal based shampoos aren’t overpowering because it’s the nasty additives some brands put in is what makes that smell. But, it is pleasant during a wash and most importantly it smells great when he’s finally dry.

Once you’ve finish with the shampooing, it’s easier than you’d expect to rinse out considering how thick the shampoo is. After only about 10 seconds the water from the shower head becomes clear so you know it’s all out. This is an important factor as leftover shampoo can be a pain later on.

The lowdown

We are already well aware of the benefits of oatmeal on the skin and this is the reason we were confident it would do the job. The natural smell of the shampoo doesn’t come out until Jeff was completely dry, up until then he just smells like a wet dog so don’t worry if that happens to you. When he was finally dry his skin was crystal clear with no redness whatsoever and his hair was soft and sweet smelling. He felt soft to stroke and completely clean.

Over the next couple of days no redness appeared anywhere on his body so that confirmed the ingredients were free of nasty stuff which does bother Jeff often.

A hassle free experience with the results you’d want. An excellent price and a generously sized bottle to boot.


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