Is dog food important?

High fibre dog food

You will need more than just pocket change to get your pooch the food it needs to remain healthy. And it is not about reaching for the first packet on the shelf in the pet store. It is more about being intentional about what you feed your dog and focusing on high-quality, nutritious foods. It goes a long way, and affects your dog in multiple different ways. To that end the following are some of the reasons why choosing food for your pet is important.

High fibre dog food

Immunity and disease prevention

The immunity of your pet and ability of its body to fight diseases is very crucial. Not all dog foods have the same nutrients as each is composed of different food types. The food you feed them should be filled with a balanced diet, composed of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins. All these work together to ensure that the metabolism and immune system of the dog functions properly. For instance, vitamins are responsible for maintaining great health for the body cell, and generally to prevent damage from occurring to them. On the other hand, minerals ensure that the cells responsible for good health function properly.

Muscle toning

The type of diet is also going to help promote muscle toning. Proteins, mostly are responsible for muscle toning and the general body condition of the dog. From the body organs, skin, tissues, muscles, and hair, these are the different areas where protein is found in the body. The most significant function of protein in the body is developing new cells and repairing the damaged ones. Especially if your dog is pregnant, or young and growing, then proteins are an integral part of their diet as it goes a long way to ensuring the maintenance and growth of strong muscles. So, when picking out food, check the label to see if one of the listed ingredients is protein either beef or chicken, etc.

Digestion and elimination

Carbohydrates play a huge role in ensuring proper digestion and elimination as they are filled with fiber. Most types of dog food are formulated in such a way that these nutrients are readily available and can easily be absorbed into the body. Feeding your dog food rich in carbs helps to ensure that there is smooth digestion and that all the nutrients are used, while getting rid of the waste. 

Skin and hair coat

The condition of the skin and hair coat of your pooch dictates its diet in one way or another. Rich and shiny hair is a good indication of a healthy dog. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids not only help the interior organs, but also help to improve the outward appearance of the dog, which is its skin that affects the hair and coat. Dry skin is bad news as it causes fall outs, splits, and breaks of the hair. On the upside, fatty-3 acids boast anti-inflammatory benefits which help to reduce irritation and itching caused by environmental factors and other allergies.

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