Is It Safe For A Dog To Chew Pig Ears?

Giving dogs pig ears is great for enrichment that may prevent boredom, barking, and excessive licking. Small dogs will benefit too by the ability to help clean their teeth.

However, excessively giving pigs ears to your dog may cause diarrhea and vomiting. You will also want to avoid giving pigs ears to puppies under six months old. Alternatives include freezing bananas and nut butters.

It is very normal, in fact encouraged, that a dog chews. Whether it is a loving toy that they like to keep between their teeth, or an item of food, a dog always likes to chew.

Not only does it give them a form of stimulation mentally, but it can help to keep their teeth in good condition, relax them, and provide them with some exercise.

It is no surprise then that owners give their dogs many opportunities to chew. However, if your home does not provide places for your dogs to chew, then it could lead to issues – and no doubt they will be after your shoes instead.

One way to get a dog chewing is to provide them with food that is meant to be gnawed at. One of these foods is pig ears. Are pigs ears even a good thing to give to a dog?

While they are safe to give a dog, they might not be suitable for every breed. With this in mind, we shall take a look at if pigs ears are safe to give to a dog to chew, and why giving your dog this type of chew may not be a good option.

Why Do Dogs Need To Chew?

Dogs need a chew to distract themselves from boredom, to provide mental stimulation, to clean their teeth to keep them healthy, and to just provide them with some fun.

Puppies often chew to help with the pain they may be feeling as their teeth grow in, and just generally, chewing means that the dog’s jaw will stay strong and supple for years to come.

While chewing is seen as a healthy characteristic for a dog to have, some dogs may display what is called destructive chewing.

This is when they show underlying problems when it comes to chewing, such as separation anxiety and extreme boredom.

For example, when the owner does not spend enough time with their dog.

However, chewing is also normal behavior, so unless your dog is chewing too much and causing issues, there should not be a problem.

Should You Give Your Dogs Some Pigs Ears To Chew?

Always buy pig ears for your dog that do not include additives or other nasty ingredients. One of the best ways to do this is by going to the butcher shop.

If you are wanting to give your dog pigs ears to chew, then you might want to read the benefits and negatives below first. This is because pigs ears are not suitable for every dog.

While you might think that the pig’s ears you have picked up at your local grocery store are perfect for your dog to chew, they might actually be covered in nasty added chemicals to make them tasty and last a longer time.

Are There Any Benefits To Giving Dog Pigs Ears?

Are There Any Benefits To Giving Dog Pigs Ears

Pigs ears will keep your dog’s teeth clean and provide them with a form of entertainment. This can help them to stop chewing your furniture out of boredom too.

Pigs ears make great dog chews, but you will want to be careful who you feed them to. Generally, they are better for smaller dogs, dogs who have delicate jaws, and older dogs.

Even so, stick to one pig ear at most a week. They are very high in fat, so need to be eaten in moderation. For bigger dogs, choose bully sticks instead.

Dogs generally find pig ears tasty, and they are a great way to keep the dog’s teeth clean. They also have no odor either, so this will not transfer to your dog’s breath – phew!

They are also really easy to get ahold of at pet stores due to their popularity.

Are There Any Negatives To Giving Dogs Pigs Ears?

Because pigs ears are high in fat, if consumed on a daily basis, it is likely to cause the dog to suffer with diarrhea and vomiting.

Due to the thickness of the pigs ears, dogs who like to chew fast and quickly may suffer from getting the pig’s ear stuck as they try to swallow, so it may not be suitable for your dog if he or she is overzealous when it comes to chewing.

Lastly, a dog may become protective over the chew due to loving the taste. This is called resource guarding and it may cause your dog to become aggressive.

If this happens, you will want to sort this behavior out quickly to avoid future problems.

Final Thoughts

Pigs ears are perfectly safe for dogs to chew, but you may want to give them to small or adult dogs only.

Chews are a great choice for dogs to help them have healthy teeth and to provide some mental stimulation.

However, if you are planning to give your dog a chew, whether pigs ears or not, always remember to supervise them to make sure they do not choke.


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