The Ultimate Guide To Sprollies

One of the many hybrid dogs that are emerging is the Sprollie. It is a hybrid of a Border Collie and an English Springer Spaniel. Although they are typically very intelligent, active, and friendly dogs, they can be difficult to live with. This is mainly due to how active they enjoy being.

One of the reasons the Sprollie breed is so well-liked is because of how adorable the puppies are. Additionally, there’s a decent chance that your local shelter will have a Sprollie adult or even a puppy.

We have created the ultimate guide to Sprollies. Hence, by the end of this guide, you will know everything you need to know about this dog breed.

Sprollie Overview

An English Springer Spaniel crossed with a Border Collie or Collie dog results in a hybrid dog known as a Sprollie. The idea behind breeding these two dogs is to get the best of both breeds through genetics, although this is not always the case.

The traits of your Sprollie dog may completely surprise you, given how different their parents are from each other. Due to the varying sizes and weights of its parents, the dog’s size and weight can also vary somewhat.

However, there are several characteristics shared by all Sprollie dogs that allow prospective owners to assess whether they are a good fit. Since they were historically used as gun dogs to hunt small game, English Springer Spaniels are renowned for having high levels of energy.

Additionally, Springer Spaniels are kind, bright, and patient with kids and other pets. Although Border Collies are believed to be more passionate than Springer Spaniels, they are equally intelligent and active. Each Sprollie characteristic is a bit of a surprise because of the diverse traits of their parents.

One thing is certain, due to their high energy level, Sprollies need a lot of daily exercise and walks. A Sprollie is not the ideal option for you if you are unable to manage these exercise levels. Or don’t have an outdoor space for your dog.

Origins Of The Sprollie

Since there is no known precise origin for Sprollie dogs, tracing their history has proven challenging. It is frequently hypothesised that mating Border Collies and English Springers together started in farming parts of the UK. This is because both breeds of dogs are commonly found on farms, though this thought remains unproven.

Today, Sprollie dogs are bred for purposes other than farm labour. If raised properly, they can be playful, energetic, and devoted family dogs. Although it’s not always the case, many of them are wonderful with kids too.

Character Traits Of Sprollies

Sprollie dogs have similar character traits to their parents. Hence, they have similar traits like English Springers and Collies as mentioned above. They are extremely intelligent, energetic, and caring.

For those who are eager to interact with them, Sprollies are a lot of fun and give people plenty of daily exercise, as well as mental stimulation. In order to keep them sufficiently active and prevent personality changes that could become disruptive, activities must go beyond simple walks.

Sprollies And Strangers

Sprollies are considered to be very friendly dogs. As a result, they usually aren’t frightened of strangers. Especially, if the stranger offers them some kind of exercise or mental stimulation, they will happily play with them.

Sprollies And Other Dogs/Pets

Just like their parents, Sprollies love to play, and other dogs make very entertaining playmates for them. This breed of dogs will love to play with other dogs as long as the other dogs aren’t intimidating or unnerve them. Additionally, they aren’t known for barking a lot, which makes them get along well with other dogs.

If they have grown up with family cats, Sprollie dogs get along well with them as well. However, because of their parents’ professional history, they may view unfamiliar cats as game and chase them if they notice them.

Sprollies And Children

Springer Spaniels make wonderful, patient family dogs, and your Sprollie dog may inherit these qualities. When permitting a Sprollie to play with kids, though, this could present an issue because Collie dogs have a propensity for being really excitable.

There is a possibility that these traits may not be ideal around smaller or younger children. What hereditary traits have been passed down and how the dog was raised may determine whether the Sprollie dog is sociable around children.

Appearance Of A Sprollie

Appearance Of A Sprollie

The majority of this breed has the same floppy, feathery ears that droop close to the cheeks along the sides of their faces. They share the same coats as their parent Spaniel. While they frequently inherit the colours of their Border Collie ancestry. The Sprollie has a large head that is in proportion to its body and has clever, perceptive eyes.

Its eyes are usually a shade of brown. While their nose can be either black or brown. It features a robust neck and an athletic build. A Sprollie can have a short or a semi long and smooth coat. Their coat colours vary, with the white and black pattern being the most prevalent. Another popular combo is liver and white.

Sprollie Well-Being

The Sprollie is typically 18 to 21 inches tall and weighs between 18 and 25 kg. It is considered a medium-sized dog. These dogs have a lifespan which ranges from 10 to 17 years. Which makes it a dog with one of the longer lifespans. The seven-year interval was established since some Sprollie dogs inherit hereditary problems from their parents.

As a result, it is always worthwhile to purchase pet insurance. This is to make sure you can take the best possible care of your Sprollie in the event that any of the following circumstances develop. Some of the more common issues that are associated with Sprollies, are the following:

  • Allergies,
  • Eye Diseases,
  • Ear Disorders,
  • Hip Dysplasia,
  • Primary Glaucoma,
  • Epilepsy,
  • Fucosidosis,
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy.

All of these issues are frequent and can affect either parent of a Sprollie dog. Due to the fact that they are widespread throughout the breeds, your Sprollie is more likely to experience them than other illnesses. Despite having a lot of energy, some Sprollies struggle with obesity.

When a dog has been spayed or neutered, this is frequently the case. Since it puts additional strain on the heart and other organs, obesity in this and other breeds of dogs is a serious concern. The Sprollie dog might live a lot longer if obesity were to be combated with a lower-calorie diet.

Sprollie Exercise Requirements

Sprollie dogs are renowned for their sharp minds and energetic personalities. These factors together make them require a lot of exercise. Yet, they need the correct kind of exercise that challenges their minds. Sprollie dogs should get at least an hour’s worth of outdoor exercise every day.

With the majority, if not all, of that time ought to be spent off the lead. This is so they have complete freedom to wander and explore safely. To keep the Sprollie mentally occupied, it is good to add basic play activities, like having them fetch a ball.

When not out exploring and walking, the Sprollie should have other opportunities to wander outdoors alone in a secure area, like a sizable garden. Otherwise, they may become bored and stressed. Then they will take it out on your belongings and shoes.

When it comes to Sprollie puppies, you should be careful what kind of games you play with them. A young, Sprollie puppy shouldn’t leap around because this can harm their joints and bones.

Training Sprollie Dogs

Sprollie dogs are the offspring of two breeds that are extremely clever dogs. Hence, they are simpler to teach than certain other breeds because of their intelligence levels. It is also advised to begin training them at a young age to prevent them from developing negative habits.Sprollie training might be challenging for some people.

The primary cause of this is typically due to other variables. One of them is using subpar training methods, which is frequently the result of getting your first Sprollie puppy and not knowing the best ways to train them. The other factor might have to do with the dog’s activity requirements.

As has already been said, Sprollie dogs need a lot of exercise throughout the day. Hence, if they do not get enough of it and enough stimulation, they may become mischievous and challenging to teach. For instance, you would want to make sure the puppy was exhausted in order to encourage sleeping before attempting to cage train it.

Only the proper amounts of activity will allow for this to happen. When teaching a Sprollie, you should concentrate on games that let them roam about. In addition to the usual commands such as sitting and lying down etc.

Sprollie Grooming Requirements

Grooming a Sprollie is quite simple and doesn’t require much effort.


There are two coats on sprollie dogs. They have a dense, soft undercoat that is significantly softer than the top coat. Both of which need to be brushed. Although it may sound complicated, their coats are simpler to care for than those of certain other canines.

The Sprollie’s coat requires brushing around twice a week, more frequently in the spring and autumn. However, they are known to shed their fur all year. Thus, they aren’t suitable for anyone who may be allergic.


The Sprollie is also known to have ear infections when their ears become too waxy. Therefore, it’s imperative that their ears are cleaned frequently. For the Sprollie, these ailments can be especially painful and challenging to cure.

Overall, for both you and your cherished Sprollie, it is always better to prevent these ear infections when you can, rather than having to treat the infection.


How often you wash your Sprollie can differ depending on the dog and situation. Sometimes your Sprollie may need to be washed weekly or monthly. Although it is known that Sprollies love water, you need to ensure that when you bathe them that you remove all debris and soap from them. Then you need to dry them completely as well.

How Much Do Sprollies Cost?

If you’re interested in purchasing a Sprollie, a budget between £250 and $400 for a healthy, pedigree puppy is the norm. Although, it is important to look around and buy a Sprollie puppy from a reliable breeder.

You don’t want to buy a puppy from anyone, as they may not have all the correct health certifications that you would expect from a trustworthy dog breeder. You may be lucky enough to find a Sprollie puppy or adult at a dog shelter. However, this isn’t always a guarantee, and you would need to keep an eye out.

Final Thoughts

Sprollie are a loveable breed of dog to own. Although, it is essential to keep in mind that amount of exercise and mental stimulation they require. However, they do create wonderful working dogs and family pets.

It’s not a surprise why so many choose to own a Sprollie. We hope this guide has been useful. Now you can use all the information we have given you above, to help you determine whether a Sprollie will be perfect for you.


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