The Whippet Border Collie Mix: Everything You Need To Know

In modern times, the call for mixed breeds is certainly increasing, with more and more people looking for a combination of their favorite dog breeds – not to mention a unique, well mannered addition to their family home. 

One such example is the whippet border collie mix – a mixed breed that has been consistently popular on the world pet market, ever since its introduction in Hungary in the mid-1800s. 

But what exactly are ‘collie whips’, and how good are they to own as pets? 

What Are ‘Collie Whips’? 

Collie whips are the colloquial term for the mixed breed derived from whippets and border collies. 

A popular dog breed that is emerging on the pet market is the collie whip – a colloquial term for the mixed breed derived from whippets and border collies. 

Generally speaking, these dogs are of medium build – meatier than their whippet forefathers – and possess short to medium length hair that is noticeably shorter than that of the border collie. 

Strangely enough, the combination of the two dogs creates a breed similar to terriers – due to the length of the hair, the weight they carry, and the shape of the body. 

What Do Collie Whips Look Like? 

Collie whips tend to be black and white in colour – sometimes with auburns and brown splashes thrown in as well. 

As well as possessing their characteristic medium frame, medium build, and short to medium length hair, they also tend to follow a couple of notable colour combinations. 

The most common colour for the collie whip is dark brown/black and white – usually in patches around their bodies that are unique to each animal. This tends to mimic the border collie parentage within the animal, and resembles the same patterns and shades that they are known for. 

However, as well as this common combination, they can also be lighter shades of brown, auburn, and even brindle in some cases – making them an overall attractive mixed breed that are popular amongst dog owners. 

How Big Do Whippet Border Collies Get? 

Whippet border collies will generally reach 15-20 inches tall, and around 30-50 pounds in weight. 

One reason why whippet border collies are so popular is because of their moderate size, which makes them suited for family homes and the general activities that go on therein. 

Generally speaking, whippet border collies tend to get no taller than 15-20 inches (50.8cm), and no heavier than around 30-50 lbs (roughly 3 stone 6). This also means that they are easy to keep, easy to feed, and are easy when travelling in cars etc. 

Other Physical Attributes

Obviously, it should go without saying that whippet border collies have longer legs than other breeds of dog – a trait they get from both of their parent breeds. 

This means that they are fast runners (like whippets), but also means that they are prone to conditions like hip dysplasia – a condition where the socket joint doesn’t sufficiently cover the ball joint, potentially causing discomfort, pain, aches, and instability. 

How Long Do They Live? 

Generally speaking, whippet border collies tend to live 12-15 years. 

Like most dogs, whippet border collies are capable of living for extended periods of time, meaning that it is important to be aware of the commitment when considering buying one. 

Generally speaking, they are perfectly capable of living for 12 to 15 years when well maintained, in good health, and when given plenty of exercise – and as such are an investment for your family and long term happiness. 

What Do They Eat (And How Much)? 

Generally speaking, whippet border collies will thrive on a diet of store bought and raw food. 

Whippet border collie mixes generally thrive on a steady diet of store bought dog food and raw meat and vegetables. 

Especially with puppies, ensuring they get raw meat is highly beneficial, as it not only means they are getting all their nutrients, but also that their high prey drive is managed and in check.

As energetic dogs with athletic bodies, they can eat a moderate amount of food, which means that it is highly important not to under or overfeed them at meal times.

This is something you will get to know as you spend more time with the animal, but if you are unsure then you could always ask your vet for more advice on the portion size to exercise ratio. 

Do Collie Whips Make Good Pets? 

Generally speaking, whippet border collie mixes are intelligent, calm, and active dogs that are both capable of entertaining themselves, and being playful with others. 

As a rule, the whippet border collie mix tends to be an intelligent and active dog that can be quite fluid and blend into most conventional households. 

While they are more than capable of looking after and entertaining themselves when left alone, they still prefer play and affection from owners, and will benefit from plenty of exercise and time for play.

Are They Safe Around Children? 

When it comes to their safety, they are generally well behaved and good around children and other dogs – a direct result of their intelligence and mild mannered natures. 

That being said, it is important to remember that all dogs have the propensity to be violent or nip at people who stroke them – something that all pet owners should be aware of when introducing an animal into a home with young children. 

All dogs – especially puppies – have the propensity to get overexcited, or become bad tempered, potentially biting people when they pet them or annoy them. 

This is why it is so important to have supervised interactions with children, ensuring they know the proper, respectful ways to interact with the dog, and so that the dog can get used to them playing with it. 

Are They Good With Cats? 

Perhaps surprisingly, whippet border collie mixes are also good around cats, as well as other household pets like birds and small rodents. This is due to their level of intelligence, and their ability to amuse themselves without the need for constant affection from their owners. 

This means that there is little jealousy from a collie whip, and they are more than happy to amuse themselves and blend into the overall fabric of the household. 

How Energetic Are They? 

Whippet border collies can indeed be quite energetic, meaning that they need plenty of exercise if they are to remain calm and burn off their large surpluses of steam. 

Perhaps unfortunately for some, these are not the kinds of dogs who will be happy lazing around the house all day, and will require regular walks to keep them fit, happy, and healthy. 

That is not to say they don’t like a snooze as much as the rest of us – they certainly do – but like most living things, they require a good balance of the two for a long and content life. 

Typically, younger puppies require less strenuous exercise than full grown dogs so that they don’t cause damage to their developing bones and joints. Likewise, older dogs will have lower energy levels, which means they require less exercise overall. 

What Is Their Temperament? 

Despite being pretty mild mannered, they can be stubborn and quite independent-minded at times. 

As mentioned previously, whippet border collies are generally mild mannered creatures, not being prone to aggression, bad behaviour, or other undesirable personality traits. 

However, they can be quite stubborn and have a distinctly independent personality – meaning that should you find them in a particularly uncooperative mood, you might have difficulty getting them to play ball (literally). 

For this reason they are not necessarily considered good dogs for first time owners, and require a more skilled hand when it comes to raising and training them from puppies. 

However, once they know the score and you have made yourself their master, they are known for being loyal, stoic companion dogs that will always be by your side. 

Are They Easy To Train? 

As well as being fairly pleasant in terms of their temperament, they are also relatively easy to train – but they require firm boundaries and plenty of exercise to ensure they remain mild mannered and obedient. 

Generally speaking, they are quite easy to train and intelligent – traits they get from the border collie parentage, which are commonly used as sheep dogs for their intelligence and adherence to instructions and commands. 

This means that despite their playfulness and occasional stubbornness, they are really obedient dogs, and will make a great companion – even in the most hectic and confusing familial situations. 

It is for this reason that they remain so popular for enthusiasts around the world. 

Do They Have Any Grooming Requirements? 

Like most breeds of dogs, whippet border collies have specific grooming needs that are unique to their breed. 

As expected from most dogs, whippet border collies do require some grooming to keep them healthy, clean, and well turned out – something that might come as a surprise when you consider how short their hair is, especially when compared to the border collie from which they are bred. 

That being said, they do require frequent grooming, and their hair will moult twice throughout the year – once in the springtime, and again in the autumn or winter. 

While it is certainly possible to groom your dog yourself, it can often be tricky, time consuming and messy – even with the best tools of the trade. This is why it is often best to take them to professional dog groomers – and despite the expense this can often mean they get a safer, better cut without the risk of them moving suddenly and causing injury.  

Do They Have Any Health Concerns? 

Speaking generally, whippet border collie mixes are susceptible to deafness, allergies, sinus problems, eye problems, and dog hemangiosarcoma – a form of cancer. 

As many pet owners might be aware, crossbreeds are renowned for having health problems, and while this affects some breeds more than others, they all have tendencies towards one ailment or another. 

Unfortunately, the whippet border collie mix is no exception – and their ailments come from both of their parents, which each have their own problems to contend with. 

Whippets tend to have a propensity for eye problems, deafness, and other age related issues, as well as sinus problems, allergies, and even a form of cancer known as canine hemangiosarcoma – which can prove fatal in some cases. 

Meanwhile, border collies also have numerous health issues – epilepsy, glaucoma, hearing loss, eye problems, collie collapse, and elbow dysplasia. 

To avoid as many of these as possible, the best option is to go through reputable, registered breeders, as they are generally more skilled in breeding the best and healthiest dogs possible. 

What Kind Of Owner Would They Suit? 

Generally speaking, they require an owner who enjoys the outdoors, has plenty of garden space, and who is able to play and give them affection. 

As you might imagine, all dog breeds can be demanding on your time and energy – often requiring a lot of care, love, and attention to remain happy and healthy. Whippet border collies are no different, and actually require more than most due to their energetic personalities. 

As such, owners of whippet border collies need to enjoy walks and exercise, be outgoing and playful, live near the great outdoors, or have large garden space for them to play in, and be dedicated to keeping them happy and entertained. 

They are also considered non-hypoallergenic, due to the fact that they do not shed regularly and have short hair. This means that they are generally suitable for people with fur allergies, making them a suitable companion for most households – even those with special requirements. 

Aside from that, they are generally a good introduction into most homes, and as mentioned, they blend well with young children, other pets, and other breeds of dog. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about the whippet border collie mix, and what they are like to care for and own. 

It’s true that mixed breeds are becoming more and more common in recent years, with more people than ever looking for a unique and well mannered dog to add to their family circle. 

However, when owning any dog, it is important to learn the ins and outs of the breed – a minor and responsible task that can not only make you a better pet owner, but also allow you to make the right decisions for the dog, and indeed your family


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