4 Tips To Installing An Electronic Dog Door

Last updated: March 25, 2019

It is no surprise that in the world we live in today, many people’s lives revolve around electronic devices. They guide us and make life better. Your pet needs to start enjoying the luxuries provided by these electronic devices. When you read electronic dog door reviews, you will notice that the doors have become common. It is thus, necessary that you consider installing one for our pet. This article gives tips on how you can install an electronic dog door.

1 installing it on existing doors or walls

Dog Door

The door can be installed in sliding doors or walls. It makes it difficult for other animals like raccoons to get into the house. Also, the door can also be installed in sash windows. It can help to restrict pets from using the door. If the dog has an implanted microchip, the door will not allow any other dog to get in.

When you choose to install the door on the wall, ensure that you remove it from the hinges. But if you want to install it on a steel door, it may need that you hire services of a pet door installation expert.


Cut a template and use it to mark the corners. Mark the mounting height using the template and draw the horizontal line. The template should be placed on the line and the dimensions drawn. Mark screw holes in the four corners. Drill the holes at the points marked using an appropriate drilling bit. Use a pencil and a straightedge to draw lines between the corners of the holes.  Measure and cut out the opening using a circular or a jigsaw.

2. Installing the frame

The outer frame should be installed on the doors exterior surface. The best way to do this is to insert the frame into the outer opening and fasten it in place. You will then need to use calk to seal around your doors outer frame. Once this is done, you will install the inner frame in its place in the opening. Use mountain screws to fasten it. Once you are satisfied with the job done, you will need to remount the household door back to its hinges.

3. Installing the door in the wall

Ensure the wall studs are located on the interior section of the wall where the pet door is to be mounted. Place the dog’s electrical door between these studs. Check for electrical wires gas lines or even water pipes in the wall areas where you will mount studs.

Ensure that you mark the edge at the top with a mounting height dimension. Once it is done, draw a horizontal line to help you establish the upper mounting edge.

You may then mark the opening and cut it using a template. Use a pencil and a straightedge to trace the opening. Also, you can choose to use the template to mark out the door. Finally, use the jigsaw to cut the opening. Once it is open, drill mounting holes at the corners of the marked area using a drilling bit.

4. Secure the door using screws

To secure the door frame on to the wall. Fit the tunnel into the outer part of the door frame. Do this from the interior wall. You will then install the inner frame door by mounting it in the tunnel and securing it on the wall using the screws.

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