A Beginner’s Guide to the Best Dog Cooling Bandana in UK 2022

As a species, dogs are not great at dealing with heat and cooling themselves off so as owners we need to help them recognise the signs and give them everything they need to stay hydrated and cool.

We can do this by ensuring they stay hydrated, stay out of sunlight, limit exposure to heat and by using products such as dog cooling mats, paddling pools and even dog cooling bandanas – which is the subject of this article.

Best Dog Cooling Bandanas

These cooling bandanas are a new product on the market and as such there really aren’t many of them, however, the following are what we believe to be ones to consider

All For Paws Chill Out Ice Bandana

The All For Paws Chill Out Ice Bandana is the best dog cooling bandana of 2022 that you can buy in 2022. For a long time, it was pretty much the only product available. This bandana needs to be soaked in water before use and then retains at a low temperature for a couple of hours.

There are a few sizes available and it’s easy to adjust to your dog’s size. The product looks great and works really well. With a price tag of around £10 this is an ideal companion along with a cooling mat.

All For Paws Chill Out Ice Bandana
4,966 Reviews
All For Paws Chill Out Ice Bandana
  • Chill out ice bandana for dogs

SCENEREAL Dog Ice Cooling Bandana

This is such a bargain. In this pack, you’ll get 5 cooling bandanas that tie around the neck and cool by using the phase changing gel which absorbs surrounding moisture and converts it into cold. The bandana does need to be soaked in water first but then it’s good to go. It does not become useless when it dries so don’t worry.

Our only gripe is that the bandana has a small surface area and does not cool as big of an area as some of the others. But, the product is incredibly cheap and you do get 5 of them which is ideal for homes with several dogs or kennels and a rescue centre.

SCENEREAL Dog Ice Cooling Bandana
157 Reviews
SCENEREAL Dog Ice Cooling Bandana
  • One package includes 5 pcs bandana, you pay for one pack, but get 5! Super value

DELIFUR 2 Pcs Dog Instant Cooling Scarf

For something which covers a lot more space to the point where it’s more of a scarf than the bandana tries the Delifur instant cooling scarf. It’s quite an attractive and stylish product and works in the same way as the other products we’ve already reviewed – soak it in some water and let the moisture-absorbing gel work its magic for a couple of hours.

You get two of these in a pack so it’s good value for money for owners with one dog or two that need some help cooling in the summer. A single dog owner can rotate and a dual dog owner can have them both on at the same time.

These come in three sizes which are small, medium and large but be warned – we found they were not great for really large dogs and really small dogs but catered for the ‘average’ common breeds.

DELIFUR 2 Pcs Dog Instant Cooling Scarf
43 Reviews
DELIFUR 2 Pcs Dog Instant Cooling Scarf
  • The fabric is cold-feeling technology fabric for resisting heat and cooling.

BINGPET Dog Instant Cooling Bandana

We’ve talked a bit about the style and appearance of some bandanas but none come close to the BINGPET range – a range suited for those who always try and make their pup look the best. The technology inside is still the same as all of the other variants on here which is to dip it into the water and rub/twist the gel so it absorbs it and converts to cool.

However, the designs themselves are super cute and you get 4 in a pack at a very reasonable price making it an excellent product in every department. 

Clevoers Dog Bandana Cooling Pet Scarf

Lastly, we have reviewed what we believe to be the cheapest cooling bandana on the market. This model also works with heat dissipation when submerged in water to convert heat into cold and offer a cool surface for your pup.

It’s easy to wrap around and uses velcro to be secure. It doesn’t look fantastic but it can be purchased for less than £5 and is perfect for those who aren’t convinced yet but want to try one put. 

No products found.

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What are dog cooling bandanas?

A dog cooling bandana is a special type of accessory which contains cooling gel to keep the neck and chest area cool while they wear it. It uses the same technology as a cooling mat except for its small factor and wearable. 

It is particularly useful during walks to keep them cool while they move, something a cooling mat can’t do. The positioning of the bandana makes it non-obstructive and works with existing collars and harnesses so there’s no adjustment period at all to contend with.

For regular weather, it is perhaps not needed but it can be a really useful purchase for brachycephalic breeds and dogs who are overweight to better cope with the rising temperatures. In the occasional heatwave, it could be essential if you have to walk them during peak times.

How do cooling bandanas work?

Cooling bandanas work with a special type of phase-changing gel, the same gel in cooling mats. They work as they literally absorb the heat and then release cold as a result. The gel is inside and does not release liquid or become wet. This gel is roughly 5-10 degrees colder than the ambient temperature and can work for up to 4 hours continuously. 

It sounds funny but the bandana works better the hotter it is but does not have a static temperature and will never be freezing cold. To reset, the bandana can be taken off and after about an hour it will go back to 10 degrees less than the heat around it. For maximum effect, always store it in a cold place.

Do cooling bandanas work for dogs?

Dog cooling bandanas help to cool down specific spots on the dog which are the neck, chest and top of their back and they do work in the sense that those areas will get some relief while they wear it. However, in our experience, these areas are full of fur so it doesn’t penetrate that well so we would say that they work as an assist but should not be used as the main method of cooling. The primary methods you should use are

  • Plenty of fresh, cold water
  • Avoiding the hottest parts of the day
  • Reducing exposure to heat in the first place
  • Cooling mats

A bandana works well when you’re taking your dog for a walk when high temperatures are unavoidable, when the home isn’t well ventilated and when you have obese or brachycephalic breeds.


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