Do Dogs Have Belly Buttons?

At first thought, asking and wondering “do dogs have belly buttons” is a weird one and many have never thought about it as most owners of dogs were not there at the birth of their puppies to experience just exactly went on. Now that you’re here and if you don’t know the answer – what are your initial thoughts? Do you think dogs have belly buttons? If you think they don’t why do you think they shouldn’t? As usual, here at we receive and answer all of your big canine conundrums!

So, dogs have belly buttons?

Rather than string you along longer than necessary we are just going to go ahead and answer the question; yes! of course dogs have belly buttons! Dogs have belly buttons for the same reason as humans do – let’s explore!

Dogs are placental mammals

Dogs, like humans, are placental mammals which means they are fed nutrients in a womb via an umbilical cord while they are developing. The umbilical cord beings at the placenta and enters into the puppy around the stomach area, the area which connects the umbilical cord to the dogs middle is where the belly button ends up.

What is a belly button?

A belly button is medically known as a navel or umbilicus and is a scar left where the umbilical was during gestation. Put it simply, the belly button is just a scar left when the umbilical cord is cut, it can come in many shapes and sizes but a dog’s belly button does not look like a humans and is usually very discreet. In the wild the mother will often bite the umbilical cord off which leads to the scar being created or a human helper may cut it off. Either way, in most normal circumstances a simple scar will be left behind as a keepsake.

Where is a dog’s belly button?

You can find the dog’s belly button right where you’d pretty much expect it, just in between the bottom of the rib cage and the genital area. A dog’s belly button is usually not prominent and may:

  • Be just a patch of slightly darker skin
  • Hidden under fur
  • Surrounded by a swirly of dog hair

Don’t expect your dog to have an inward or outward belly button “hole” like we have, it will usually present itself as merely a tiny insignificant scar!

My dog’s belly button is sticking out – is this normal?

If your dog’s belly button is sticking out, has a bulge in the area or it doesn’t quite look the way we described above then this is not normal and could be a sign of umbilical hernia. The cause of umbilical hernia is when the belly button has not been cut cleanly and the ‘wound’ has not been able to heal properly.

Umbilical hernia is not a life threatening condition and can be repaired with relative ease by a veterinarian, as this is a condition puppies get it’s a good time to sort it while they get their vaccinations or when they are being spayed or neutered. If you do suspect umbilical hernia however, do not assume it will heal itself – go and see a vet!

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