Do pets affect working from home productivity?

The coronavirus pandemic nurtured some changes in the perception of people towards specific things. And one of the effects that have been noticed after quarantine, is the spike in adoptions. People have to spend at least two months confined in their homes, with low possibilities and opportunities to go out. Many of them have started looking inward. 

While some were content with the new rules to follow, others felt that depression and anxiety is slowly conquering them. So, more and more people adopted pets in the last year. However, as work from home becomes the new normal and restrictions ease, not all people are now convinced that a pet comes with positive benefits. So, let’s see if they affect your productivity when you work from home or not.

A factor that will 100% affect your productivity in a positive way 

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One of the most important benefits pets come with is the increased social support you get. This usually happens outside the home, when you take your dog for a walk and meet other dog owners on the road. But the effects can be seen in a work-from-home setting as well. You can communicate better if you have your pet near you, as it gives you a sense of familiarity, comfort, and security. And you can trust your abilities more. 

Increased Wellbeing and Happiness

Another benefit of having a pet is that they boost your wellbeing and happiness. Pets have the special power to distract you from the bad things that happened in your life. They can offer you the comfort you need, even though they do not speak our language. Studies have shown that pets help people feel better and be happier. And this, in turn, boosts your productivity tremendously. You can focus easier on your tasks and achieve that flow state when nothing can perturb you. 

Less Nervousness

It is common for many jobs to have crowded periods. These times might make people more nervous and frustrated, and slowly this translates into their working style. Every employee has their own problems at home and these might affect how they work. 

Which, in turn, can make you frustrated as well. But it has been shown that pets make you feel better and laugh with their humorous acts. You might be in a meeting and your cat might want to sleep on your laptop. The dog might want your attention and bring you toys to play with them. There can be many funny acts they do that help you be less frustrated and nervous. Which affects your productivity in a good way. 

Hindering Productivity?

Even though there is a growing body of research that highlights the positive benefits of owning a pet, there are some studies that point to the contrary. Working from home has already been a huge challenge for people who were used to working in an office. In a familiar setting, you might be more prone to procrastination, if you do not organize your working space accordingly. At the same time, pets can disturb you when you are at your productivity peak. But these are not problems that cannot be solved. You can go out for a walk with your dog before your important meeting so that he will be tired and sleepy. Cats usually sleep a lot during the day, so you probably do not have anything to worry about. 

Ending Note 

Do pets affect working from home productivity? Well, yes, but in a good way. Many studies have shown that pets relieve stress and anxiety, improve wellbeing and happiness, and make you less nervous or frustrated. Even though at times they may have the chance of hindering your productivity, they have global positive effects. And they can help you focus easier and find your flow. 

Bio lines: Cory Shilling is a content writer and journalist. She loves nature and animals and has adopted many pets. Cory has three cats and two dogs.


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