How to keep a dog entertained when you really need to study

Having a pet is an incredible experience. They have numerous benefits for the lives of their owners, and their positive effect is especially visible in the case of students. Getting an education in college is one of the best experiences. However, it can be overwhelming and stressful at times, and this has a negative impact on the well-being of students

But pets are known to alleviate stress and anxiety and help their owners feel less lonely. In the case of dogs, they also boost the social support their student owners get and make them feel more relaxed. During more hectic times, students put a lot of time and effort into writing their essays and attending classes. Even though this is now done online, those are the moments when your dog does not get any attention from you. 

So, if you do not give them something to work on, they will surely find something to chew. If you are looking for ways to keep your dog entertained when you really need to study, you are in the right place. Here we share some tips and tricks. 

Finding the Treats 

Well, what is that one thing that motivates dogs to search all over again? Treats! This is one of the nose work games that works the best and it also keeps your dog busy while you study. You can have your dog’s favorite treats and let him watch where you put the treats and then encourage him to find them. 

If your dog already knows this game, then you can make everything more challenging. Let your dog stay in another room while you place the treats in the main room. Find some places that are challenging and will keep his nose busy. For example, you can put a treat under the rug. Your dog will not stop until he finds all the treats. And his sniff is so good that he will find them all. 

Shell Game 

This is one of the games that is stimulating the mind of your dog a lot. You only need three or four cups and a ball, a treat, or anything that you like. Hide the treat under one of the cups and then mix them while your dog is watching. Encourage them to discover where the treat or ball is. 

Kong Stuffing 

But if you want to keep your dog entertained without you doing anything special or playing with them, then you could put to practice the Kong stuffing method. This will surely keep your dog busy for some time and you can focus on your tasks. A Kong is a special toy for dogs that can be stuffed with their favorite treats. Of course, getting the treats out of it is not so easy, but your dog will be motivated to spend some time reaching them. You can stuff in a Kong your dog’s favorite treat, freeze some peanut butter, or anything else that they love. And this will keep them entertained for at least 30 minutes. 

Get help with your assignments

Dogs are energetic and playful creatures and sometimes, not even the most creative ways to keep him entertained will work. And the only thing that will calm him down is your presence. So, in some cases, you may need to pause your learning and writing process and give him the attention he needs. This may delay your work and it can come with stress if you do not manage it properly. Thankfully, there is a content service that can help you with your thesis or other writing tasks you may have. A professional writer can write my thesis while you enjoy a nice play session with your dog. Sometimes, getting the guidance and help of a professional can boost the learning and development process. 

Dispensing Toys 

Another way to keep your dog busy and entertained while you are studying is to have him work for his food. There are dispensing toys where you can insert his food that will release it when they are in a special position. Your dog will play with the toy in an attempt to get the food out, so this will keep him busy for a while. 

Ending Note 

Being a student is challenging, but there is nothing you cannot overcome. And if you have a dog, your wellbeing is surely boosted. However, they are playful and energetic creatures, so they constantly need your attention. Put these tricks to practice to keep your dog busy and entertained while you study and focus on your tasks. 

Bio lines: Cory Shilling is a content writer. He is passionate about nature and wildlife. Cory has three adopted dogs.


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