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Last updated: July 7, 2020 at 11:32 am

The safety of your pooch is paramount whether you’ve got a pup or an adult or whether you have a highly intelligent breed or otherwise. When you’re out and about on a walk you can keep an eye on him or her or them with your own eyes or even with a tracker, but how do you know they’re ok when you’re not there? It can be difficult leaving your dog alone at home not knowing what they’re up to and if they’re OK. Thankfully, with the use of modern technology, it’s possible to keep an eye on your dog remotely or to review their goings-on during the day. Not only that, it can also be used as evidence if you (god forbid) got robbed. Yes, they are dog cameras!

The Best Dog Camera Brands In The UK

1. Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog Camera 1

The Furbo Dog Camera is the best of the bunch and gets the full marks of approval from the staff here at Jug Dog. It looks great and can fit easily into the most household decor, has an excellent treat dispenser to give your dog a well-done snack from time to time. Has full HD video recording, two-way audio and a bark alert if your dog has been disrupted for some reason. Paired with the treat dispensers you can settle them down quickly and reward them from stopping. Don’t believe me? Check out this video

The Furbo dog camera is so good in so many ways and with a 30 day money back guarantee, free delivery and a 2 year warranty it’s difficult to find reasons not to consider it if you’re in the market for a dog camera in the United Kingdom. To recap, the Furbo dog camera;

  • Rapid to install, just download the app, connect the camera to WiFi and you’re off
  • Dispenses treats at the push of a button
  • Has a 2 way microphone and a bark alert
  • Camera works in day and night time
  • Excellent product for the money

2. Victure WiFi Camera

Victure Dog Camera 1

The Victure 1080p monitor is a peach of a product with over 2,000 reviews on Amazon with an average score of 4.⅖ It isn’t a dog monitor by trade and it doesn’t have any dog specific features such as a treat dispenser but if all you want to do is keep an eye on the pooch on a budget then why would you look at anything else.

The Victure camera has a true 1080p picture which is crisp and crystal clear as well as the fact that the feed is encrypted and can not be hijacked. It uses 2.4ghz WiFi connection which is stable and doesn’t rely on your home WiFi, similar to most baby monitors. Night vision, and motion detection is included so it’s ideal if you are away during the darker hours of the day – handy in winter etc when there are darker hours.

Video is saved on an SD card which can be accessed later if you ever need to but of course there is also a live feed via an app which is the feature most people want. It’s available for iOs and Android. You’ll also get notifications so you don’t need to recheck the feed constantly.

A key feature of the Victure is the 355-degree tilt and 100-degree pan which allows an almost complete view of wherever it’s placed which is great for larger houses and open-plan homes. Static cameras really look pathetic when placed next to this, I can tell you. 

2-way audio is also included which I feel is a give or take feature. Sometimes it’s the audio that can actually disrupt your dog and create anxiety because they think you’re there and then get disappointed when you aren’t which can lead to them not being able to relax again. 

Lastly, why should you buy this dog camera? Well, if all your after is video then you simply can’t get a better product whilst spending £30 max. This is the reason why thousands of people rave about it and you will to! Highly recommended! 

3. PETKIT MATE Pet Camera

PEtkit mate dog camera 1

This is a real smart choice for those who want a premium dog camera without the treat dispensing or feeder features and a camera that will fit in with existing house decor. This is a real flash piece of kit. What separates this from the competition is its ability to rotate so you can really see everything if its positioned well. The PETKIT camera also has dual way microphone so you can communicate with your buddy and have high quality HD video recording to keep an eye on them. As an added bonus it has day and night mode to keep you connected no matter the hour. Lacks external storage though.

3. Petcube

Petcube Camera 1

This fancy looking today is different as its got a laser which can distract and stimulate the pet, however for a dog I’m unsure how many would be able to play with the laser without destroying everything. As you can see it’s also a good looking device which won’t be an eyesore and you won’t feel the need to put it away when not in use. Other than that, it has a HD camera with a 3x zoom, 138 degree viewport and two way audio for communication. This could be a hit or a miss with your pet if you’re willing to stump up the cash for it.

5. Innosinpo IP Camera

Innosimpo Dog Camera 1

Well, first of all you’ll notice the camera is shaped like a dog which is a bit of a novelty for the owner as the dog won’t care. Second, is that the IP Camera has premium level features at entry level price (it’s usually on offer). Full HD viewing for a crisp and clean pi, wide angle camera so you can se the whole picture as well as motion detection which makes it double up as a security camera and SD card video storage make this a very good choice if you’re on a budget but want something more than “just” a camera. Doesn’t have dog specific features though unless you count the fact it looks like a dog. Partial night vision lets it down a bit slightly.

6. Pet Fun Automatic Feeder and Camera

Pet Fun Dog Camera 1

The Pet Fun feeder is a serious contender for the title of best feature dog camera if only you could make some sense out of the description the company has given on the various shopping destinations. Anyway, we’ve managed to get our hands one of these bad boys thanks to Pet Fun and we’ve been able to make up our own mind and description to help you guys make an informed decision.

First of all, this feeder looks modern and snazzy and would contribute to an interior decor for any home – this is a huge plus point to us in JugDog and we believe any decent dog camera should look good.

For features, it has an easy to use app for iOS and Android that allows you to see your pooch in real time with a crystal clear picture (720p to be price) at a wide 130 degree angle. It’s not 360 which does let it down a bit but not too many are 360 and they are tricky to install. With the app you can take images, record video for storage and it allows for two way audio. Lastly, possibly a bit gimmicky but nevertheless a feature you might like is custom music for when it’s time to feed them automatically. This could be great to associate music with feeding time if they’re not in the view of the camera.

The feeder part can allow for up to 4 set meals which seems a bit overkill considering you shouldn’t be away for your dogs for more than 6 hours and 4 set meals in 6 hours is way too much for them to eat. However, 4 small meals could be good but doesn’t let your dog settle much as they should really be sleeping for most of those 6 hours. This feature struck us as something a non dog owner would want. Still, you don’t have to use it.

7. Clever Dog Smart Camera

Clever Dog Camera

The clever dog smart camera is an excellent entry level dog monitoring camera that has many of the ideal features listed here. It’s not the best looking thing on the internet and you may want to hide it when not in use but for what you need it to do it is great. The picture is clear and you can connect via Android or iOs app. The drawbacks? the movement sensor will drive you crazy as it can pick up on changes in light and you may want to turn that feature off.

Read our full Clever Dog Camera Review

8. Maudpower Dog Monitor Security Webcam

Maudpower Dog Monitor 1

The Maudpower Dog monitor security webcam is actually designed for babies but can be repurposed for your dog. It has the very standard of features as a web cam and pretty much no features specifically for your dog. As an entry level camera though that is to be expected. Highlight is the ease of installation even for ‘olds’ as the Amazon description will tell you and the high definition camera and two way microphone. It is quite a subtle webcam as well which means it won’t disrupt your home decor.

9. Weesee WiFi Mini IP CCTV Camera

Weesee 1

Again, the Weesee Wifi CCTV camera is not a built-for-purpose dog camera as is more likely when you are looking at entry level stuff. Has no dog specific features but what it does have is a crisp feed and an incredibly low price! Adjust the angle however you want and with a 360 view you can see everything, along as it’s positioned right which may mean some unwanted DIY is needed.

10. Automatic Smart Pet Feeder Camera

Automatic Smart Pet Feeder from VGSION 1

The Automatic Smart Pet Feeder from VGSION is a whopper. With this you can feed you pet at any time and from anywhere or set a timer to do it. This is way more than just the camera hence the premium tag. With a 130 degree camera, dual audio channel and massive amounts of remote storage available this has everything you need to solve your smart pet camera needs. Does require mains power as many do but that’s not a surprise as all these features simply can’t be done on batteries, an added bonus is social media connection to share your moments – although god knows why you’d want to really. Night vision is not in this model which does let it down though.

Dog Camera Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to the JugDog dog camera buyer’s guide. One of our many famous dog product guides which help thousands of dog owners every day find the best gear to make dog ownership easier and more fun. This page is the best resource online to help UK dog owners find the best pet monitor for their home to watch after their loved ones. Along with our shortlist of the best models out there we’ve also included this mammoth guide to help decide which has the right performance for your needs at a price that’s affordable to you.

What is a dog camera?

Dog Camera

You may think that a dog camera is just a normal CCTV camera but with the word ‘dog’ attached. Well, technically you could get one of these but real dog cameras available in the UK can be interactive and are specifically designed for the use of keeping an eye on your dog. Generally a dog camera has a microphone (both ways), can dispense treats and some can have night vision for when you’re out during the night or they’re in a dark room. A common feature of canine specific cameras is an app for the owner to check in with their furry friends.

Do I need a dog camera?

The short answer is no, you don’t need a dog camera at all. A pooch monitor is merely a tool to make owners aware of how they’re dog is doing alone and to be able to interact with them if they have one that has that feature. An added bonus for a dog camera is it can also put your mind at rest about your home in general regardless of how your dog’s doing. All in all, a dog camera can be very handy for those who are in the middle of training their dog to be alone.

A dog camera also provides a layer of general security around the house as it’s not just the dog you can keep an eye on but your house/possessions too. A dog camera, by extension, an also keep an eye on your cat and other pets if you have one.

Dog cameras are great and you may need one if you feel anxious about leaving them alone all day or even all night. Even with a dog camera you till shouldn’t leave them alone for too long so please remember that. They are social animals and speaking down the phone and tossing them a treat (if you have a dispenser) is no substitute for proper socialising.

Reasons why you may need a dog camera

There are a lot of products out there for dogs and the vast majority of them outside of dog food, bedding and leads/harnesses are ‘nice to haves’ and are definitely not a requirement of dog ownership, in fact many dogs do not like cameras pointed at them. A sticking point for many is the technological products you can get with many dog owners, rightfully, saying that humans have had pets for centuries without technological intervention and they’ve done just fine. Dog cameras and pet monitors are just another examples of that kind of product.

However, that is not to say that modern advancements won’t make a difference. For a time, no one thought they needed the car to get around until they were invented and it is often the case with pet products as well.

With that in mind, here are some examples of when a dog camera could be beneficial to your experience as a dog owner and you can make your mind up whether it will make the experience easier and better.

Features of dog video cameras

When you’re looking for a new baby monitor, dog collar cameras or a normal webcam there is usually only one or two features which are a live camera feed and perhaps 2 way audio but with purpose-built dog cameras you can get a plethora of options with your purchase. This can make the products more expensive but give you a lot more for your money.

This is the key difference here; a dog camera is made to watch after dogs and not babies, which have limited capabilities or are a static security camera. In this section of the Jug Dog dog camera buyer’s guide, we discuss all of the features a dog camera can have and which we would say are ‘must haves’ and which are ‘nice to haves but you can do without’.

Wifi capability

Wifi Pet Monitor

All dog cameras should have some sort of WiFi capabilities so that the smartphone or camera unit can communicate with the camera module itself. However, there are two different kinds of WiFi communications you can get with your product and they are – dedicated 2.4Ghz secure channel between two or more units and being able to connect to your home WiFi network. 

There is a distinct difference here.

A dedicated channel is more secure and encrypted, stable and won’t rely on your home broadband. But, it may not be able to communicate with your smartphone when you’re not in the house because for this it needs an active internet connection. This is common for baby monitors because you will always be in the house when looking over them but you will not be able to look at the live feed when not at home – this is not ideal for dog cameras.

The second WiFi connection type we mentioned is one where it connects to your router at home and uses your internet connection to deliver the feed to you wherever you are, this is the most common choice for dog cameras because the likelihood is that you would want to keep an eye on them when not at home. You will obviously need home broadband for this.

It is important to know which one you need and whether the product you are interested in has this capability – the likelihood is that it will.

App monitoring

Most dog cameras will have an app to be able to use the features and to check the live feed. Others may have a dedicated unit that you may need to carry around. However, if having an app on your phone is something that you definitely want then double check the product listing to make sure it has it before making a purchase.

A second thing you need to look out for is whether or not they provide an app for the operating system that your phone has. Even if it available on iOS/Android/Windows it may not be available for older models so please bare this in mind!

With an app you can get alerts when the camera picks up on audio and movement if there is a sensor for that built in.

When we’ve reviewed the finest pet monitors in the UK we will have mentioned whether it has an app or not anyway. 

Treat dispensing

Furbo Dog Camera 1

Now we’re talking! Some dog monitors are able to remotely dispense dog treats which work hand in hand with two way audio. Typically, the user will need an app on the other side and when a button is pressed…voila! Treat comes out. Now, you might think ‘what on earth would I need that for?’ Well, there are some practical uses for treat dispensing cameras which tie to our section for reasons why you might need the camera in the first place.

We have used the treat dispensing features of the camera to continue positive reinforcement training. If your dogs are behaving well and it’s been a couple of hours why not tell them they’re being good and give them a treat. Have the dogs been barking or destructive? Use the two way audio to get them to stop, and if they do – give them a treat! 

We’re not going to lie to you and say you can get a dog camera with treat dispensing technology on the cheap, because you can’t. But, we’re not going to tell you that a camera that can dish out treats is a must have either because it’s definitely a luxury item.

Two-way microphone

Having one way audio is a definite must have just in case you can’t see your dog but want to make sure they aren’t barking or crying. However, most modern pet cameras will also have two way audio so that you can speak to your dog if needed. Often, your voice may be able to calm them down if they’re being anxious or a stern command will get them to get in line.

However, we would recommend not being the one to make the first move in case that is the reason they become disturbed. An electronic device that can transmit audio may seem trivial to us humans but some dogs can get confused when they hear a familiar voices but can’t find the person. In some cases, they can start to get frantic looking for you.

Despite that, we think two-way audio capabilities is a must have for any dog camera even if it is not used often.

Movement sensors

Some monitors may have movement sensors that will alert you if it picks anything up. This can get annoying if you have alerts set up as it could go off all the time, however it can be handy to give you the peace of mind that if anything at all happens you will know about it.

High definition video

Having the quality of the video feed at 1080p or above is a nice to have. A standard 480i feed will be more than ample to see what your dog is up to but some people may just want the extra quality. Generally, HD video is widely available and if it’s an expensive one with a few bells and whistles HD will just be added anyway, especially if they use your home broadband to send signal which can easily handle that kind of video quality. However, if you’re using an app to view the stream while on your mobile network do take care that it doesn’t eat up too much of your data!

Night vision

If your dog camera doesn’t have night vision then it will become useless in the dark, it’s as simple as that. Most cameras will have this feature but we would recommend always making sure that it does indeed have it. Night vision isn’t just for the night time but also for dark rooms. Autumn and Winter are also darker for longer and will be more important during these seasons.

This is a must have in our opinion.

Memory card saving

Do you want to be able to save footage to be seen later or just have a live feed? If you do, the camera will need to either have in-built storage (rare) or a slot for an SD card (common). They don’t all have this so double check before clicking that buy it now button.

If your camera has picked up on strange behaviour and you want to show this to a vet then it can be really handy. Other people may just want to have it saved to capture funny moments. Whatever the reason, the camera just needs somewhere to put the video.

SD Card Dog Monitor

Outdoor usage

Lastly, if you need your camera to work outdoors then sadly we’d probably say that you need CCTV instead of dog camera as they are not built to withstand the elements. CCTVs are specialist products and not ones we are qualified to recommend so they are not listed in this buyer’s guide.

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