Best Dog Crates UK

Best Dog Crates UK

Using the best dog crates is a popular and effective training method for dogs, they can be used from puppyhood all the way to adulthood. Dog crates are an easy to understand training method and can be home inside your home for your dog. We are proud at Jug Dog to have successfully used a crate (a wired cage to be precise) to housebreak our own dog and no longer use it thanks to its effectiveness in the early days.

Our Top Picks

To make your time on the website easier we’ve collated this table which highlights our favourite best dog cage brands in the UK from the different categories. If you want to read the full reviews then they will be underneath.

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Top 10 Best Dog Crates UK

We’ve tested over 100 hundred dog crates and cages over many months with our own dog, Jeff. We have first hand experience of using them, decorating them and using them as transportation on occasion so we’d like to think we’re experts.

With this in mind, we have decided that there needs to be a clear winner. Please remember that a dog crate is not a magic solution that every dog will instantly love, for many it can be a rough ride before it is fully accepted.

1. Ellie Bo Dog Crates

EllieBo Dog Crate

Ellie bo are renowned manufacturers of dog crates mostly of the wired mesh cage variety. They are simple, cheap, easy to use and are made to a high standard. The Ellie Bo dog crates typically come with a double door, one on the front and one in the side as well as a removable metal tray at the bottom to make it easy to clean. Although you may have typically seen Ellie Bo dog crates in black, they also come in Gold and Silver.

They also come in a variety of sizes to fit any dog.

More so, if you plan on crate training your dog from a young age you can buy the Ellie Bo dog crate and cage along with a crate divider so that you can gradually increase the size of the inside (too much space in the crate makes it easy for dogs to soil in them).

2. Crufts Official Dog Crate Cage

Crufts Dog Crate

The Crufts crate for dogs is the only product endorsed by the Kennel Club. It’s made with a stunning black and silver hammered finish which gives it a faux chrome effect to not only give your dog a safe space but also adds some distinction in the home. This crate boasts a sturdy non chew double door design (side and front) with an easy clean plastic tray to help keep it hygienic.  When not in use it can easily fold flat but it is missing a carry handle.

Available in 24″, 30″, 36″, 43″ and 38″ so it can work as a puppy cage, small dogs and larger breed

3. AmazonBasics Two Door Folding Metal Crate

AmazonBasics Crate

Sometimes there’s no need to spend a silly amount of money on a basic product and this is the reason why AmazonBasics best dogs crates have over two thousand positive reviews. It’s made with powdered non chew metal, which folds flat for easy storage and available in a wide variety of different sizes with a carry handle to make transportation easier.

Best of all, the AmazonBasics range is cheap and has a quick delivery.

4. MidWest Homes For Pets Dog and Puppy Cage Crate Starter Kit

MidWest Starter Kit

The MidWest best dog crates is an ideal starting point for those who want a little more than just the metal cage. This product comes with a coverall to make it homely and den-like which also includes two bowl holders on one of the doors so they can eat and drink while they’re in there.

Quite affordable but does not reach up to the sizes needed for extra large dogs.

5. The Pet Store Premium Dog Crate with wheels

The Pet Store Premium Dog Crate with wheels

For something a little more mobile and different we have this model which has four lockable wheels for easy transport around the home. The crate itself is also more aesthetic with less sharp corners and more soft bends. It’s expensive and does the trick but the wheels give it an added dimension that none of the others do.

6. Feria Plastic Transport Crate

Feria Plastic Transport Crate

The Felia Plastic Transport Crate is a superb plastic crate and our top choice for the best plastic crate. The crate is made of tough plastic which is absolutely solid and secure. It’s more than adequately ventilated with plenty of meshed windows for light which includes the windows across the sides of the crate.

The unique 2 half design of the crate allows it to be more portable and easy to clean the harder to reach places. The loops and holes on the central unit help it comply with air travel should you need a dog crate to fly with. The door can be configured to open to the left or the right which is a rather trivial feature but there you go. We found the doorway to be of a decent size, big enough to be able to walk in and out without a bump and small enough for it to become a ‘den’ if need be.

Inside, it’s all hard plastic so you will require soft furnishings to be comfortable, but we think this is totally expected, right? You may struggle to fit a dog bed in there so be wary that you’ll need to invest in pet dog blankets and towels instead.

The Felia Plastic Transport crate comes in 3 sizes – 67 x 51 x 47 cm, 80 x 56 x 59 cm, 90 x 60 x 68 cm. These sizes are smaller than wire crates and there is no size available for very large breeds such as Great Danes or St. Bernard’s -you’ll need a more specialist transport crate for those. We tested the smallest with our Jug, Jeff and he had no problem getting in and out and no problems with the comfort either as he slept like a log. When we picked the crate up he was a bit startled but as the crate isn’t too big he was not too bothered and it was easy to keep him stable.

Overall, we couldn’t fault the Felia Plastic Transport crate as a robust and effective portable crate. It’s even comfortable enough to be used as a normal crate in-between journeys we think. Just make sure to pack plenty of pet and dog blankets.

7. Mool Lightweight Fabric Pet Carrier

Mool Lightweight Fabric Pet Carrier

It was difficult to look past the Mool Lightweight Fabric Pet Carrier as the best soft dog crate and with almost 1500 amazon reviews it looks like we’re not alone. Despite being a soft dog crate, it’s steel frame allows to be both sturdy and soft which works great as both a home crate and a travel crate. The solid frame keeps your dog safe from knocks and gives it a permanent shape. 

The frame can be folded down when not in use which makes it extremely portable.

The cover that goes over the frame is easily removed and easy to wash. The fabric is tough and durable which can handle being chucked about a bit in a car, during transit or out camping. Along the sides are mesh panels which lets your dog see their surroundings which can help a great deal with any anxiety they may have but there are also window flaps for when it’s bedtime. 

On the inside you’ll find a gorgeous and plush setting with a warm fleece and water polyester. This is a seriously snug crate for your dog and it’s as close to sleeping on a bed as you can get without actually giving them a bed.

It’s called a lightweight carrier and it is just that. Despite the metal frame this hardly weighs anything so it’s easy to lug about. It’s also got some nice bonuses such as a food bag, treat pouch and the reversible mat. Jeff loved this crate the most and who can blame him when it’s so damn comfortable in there. We loved it too because of that as it made him less apprehensive to get in and less anxious once inside. You can buy this in the United Kingdom in three sizes 60 x 42 x 42 cm, 70 x 52 x 52 cm and 81 x 58 x 56 cm. Make sure to measure your pet before purchasing!

Overall, this is the best soft dog crate money can buy which isn’t a great deal as the price point is very generous!

8. Petsafe Dog Crate

Petsafe Dog Crate

The Petsafe dog crate is an outdoor pet dog crate/run made of galvanised steel that can keep your dog safe while outside. This is perhaps most suited in the spring or summer as the run doesn’t protect the dog from the cold at all, obviously. The latch is dog proof and the metal is very strong, your dog won’t be able to go through it and as long as you get the height right they won’t be able to go over it either.

The Petsafe dog crate is an ideal solution for those wanting to give their dog some outside time safely. Consider putting a kennel inside for them to be able to have a nap or get away from it all if they wanted to.

9. Croft Dog Crates

Croft Dog Crates

The Croft brand of dog crates are another high-quality brand, they are even approved by crufts! Their crates, however, are pretty much the same as the other wire mesh crate with two doors, a removable tray and they fold onto themselves for easy storage. Perhaps if you only want the biggest branded dog crate then the croft range of dog crates might be the ones for you. Personally, as an owner of a crossbreed, the Crufts name doesn’t mean anything to me.

10. RayGar Dog Crate

RayGar Dog Crate

We will freely admit that most dog crates are almost identical in design and build so to say one one of them is the best over the rest is not easy. But we’ve got to pick one and we’ve gone for the high quality RayGar wire dog crate as its construction is near perfect, it’s reliable and hard wearing and good value for money. Designed to be used for puppies, dogs and elderly this can be used both as a potty training aid and as a safe refuge for your dog to sleep – just make sure to buy the best dog crate accessories such as a comfortable dog bed and a throw to put over to really turn it into a cosy den.

It’s a lightweight metal wire mesh crate with a detachable and removable bottom layer which makes cleaning it easy. The crate’s wires are black and tough to remove so it will take some punishment before it starts to lose colour. The bottom layer is a hard plastic that will not get wrecked even by the most rambunctious of dogs moving around and digging. When not in use, the RayGar dog crate folds flat which makes it highly portable and easy to take with you in the car. Just be mindful of the crate’s dimensions and your car’s boot space.

You can find three different sizes, medium (L76 X W53 X H59cm), large (L91 X W60 X H66cm) and extra-large (L121 X W76 X H82cm). As you can see there is no small so if you have a very small dog or a toy dog then you should probably give this one a miss. You’ve got double doors so you can have the crate set up either side in your house and the locks can not be opened from the inside. The crate can be loud if you haven’t used enough soft fabrics such as beds, throws and so on. It’s easy to clean with a hose or pressure washer.

All in all, this is a fantastic dog crate and cage and all you should ever need to housebreak and crate training in general.

Dog Crate and Cage Buying Guide

What is a dog crate?

A dog crate, sometimes known as a cage or an indoor kennel is designed to offer a secure den like structure for dogs to rest in for short periods of time either enclosed or open. They are cube or rectangular shaped with one or two doors which can be locked from the outside and made with metal wire, nylon or hard plastic.

Benefits of using a crates and cages

The use of crates has many benefits which can cater for a few scenarios. Not everyone agrees to their use, PETA being one of them.

A great place to sleep in

Dogs are den animals by heart as they like to feel safe and secure when they rest and sleep. With the use of a blanket over the top and a comfy bed inside a dog crate can be used to create an incredibly comfortable home away from home for them. Many puppies are born in crates and raised in them too. It’s one of the more secure places you can keep a pregnant bitch so many of them find sleeping in a crate a reminder of these early days.


The most common use of a crate in our experience is to housebreak (not not wee or poo in the house) a puppy and then evolve into their regular sleeping area from then and the American Kennel Club agree. Dogs do not like to soil their own sleeping area so they will learn how to hold it and help their owner be able to present when they do eventually do their business.

Safe confinement 

Puppies or destructive dogs can be kept in a crate for short periods where supervision is not possible and be safe while they are alone. There is little opportunity inside a crate to cause damage or to hurt themselves.


Crates aren’t just useful indoors, they can be used instead of car dog guards to keep dogs securely in place whilst being transported in a vehicle.

A warning about the use of crates

We have written a detailed article about the overuse of crates so we will summarise here. It can be easy to see crates and a cage as an effective tool to keep your dog secure in the same place but they should only be used for short periods of time and never for hours on end. The end goal of cages is to housebreak and offer a secure place for them to go if they need it. They should never be forced into one or they will start to resent and perhaps experience separation anxiety.

Therefore, we recommend every potential buyer of crates to think about the endgame you want to achieve – if it’s housebreaking then what will the sleeping arrangement be after they’ve done it? If it’s to keep them safe while you’re at work do you need to hire a dog walker to break up the time they’ll spend in it.

If you’re struggling with its use and find your dog crying a lot in there we’ve created a handy guide here.

Jeff was crate trained and now we don’t have a crate at all. We would still highly recommend their use but we never had it in mind to use permanently. If it’s their choice to use it then it’s never seen as a ‘cage’.

How do I choose a dog crate?

Crates and cages offer a safe place for your dogs to rest and relax but also a fantastic training tool for owners. But, their use requires a lot of commitment and thought should be placed into making sure you get the right one for your pet dog and home. This short guide will help you with your research.


The size of the cage is the single most important factor to consider. In our experience, the crate needs to be big enough for the pet dog to be able to get up and turn around and no more for dogs who are yet to be housebroken. This is to discourage them from soiling their own sleeping area.

For dogs who are already housebroken, the choice of size is a little less important but it should not be too small where they can’t get up and turn around but not big enough for them to have too much space.

Small dogs and large dogs can both use crates just as well.

Does it suit your home

The positioning of the crate is key and we recommend reading our article on the best places to put a dog crate to make sure your home can cater for this.To summarise, a crate should be placed somewhere quiet, well ventilated and away from high traffic areas.

Easy to clean

Crates and cages will get dirty over time like with any type of bedding so they will need to be cleaned from time to time. Wire crates for dogs can be cleaned easily with a hose down and of course a scrubbing of the metal tray or plastic removable tray. Hard plastic crates can be wiped down with antibacterial wipes or a spray and a cloth but soft crates may need to have specific instructions followed.

Just bear it in mind to keep it clean.


To be effective, the best dog crates need to have the ability to be securely locked from the outside in even if the dog needs to be kept in without the ability to get out themselves. This may sound like imprisonment but the reality is there may be a time where they need to be kept there for their own safety such as during transportation or when you may have guests around and your dog may be aggressive. Most crates will have a simple lock but you can also purchase dog crate locks separately if needed.  

Do you need dividers

Dividers can be used on larger crates which enable you to add more space as your dog grows. Dividers aren’t needed for adult dogs as long you get the right size in the first place but dividers can be used to allow you to buy the crate you need for them when they’re an adult but slowly give more space between puppyhood and adulthood.

Type of dog crate

There are different types of dog cage for different situations and households and which you choose can have a different experience. A wired crate may not be the best looking but it’s the strongest and most secure and can also be used to transport in vehicles. Hard plastic crates can be used in the home and transported but can be cracked easily – not suitable for large and aggressive dogs. Lastly, soft crates are ideal for transporting and housing passive and docile dogs but are not as easy to clean.


Is it cruel to crate a dog at night?

Dogs should not be locked up for longer than 4-6 hours – and that’s a bit of a push. Whether it’s cruel or not is subjective but we would say that unless your dog clearly loves their crate then yes it’s a bit cruel. To lock them up overnight means no access to food and water, no opportunity to stretch their legs and complete isolation. We’ve always maintained that our view on crates is to get them housebroken, to offer a temporary place where they are confined and to get to a place where they freely use it and are never forced.

What is the safest dog crate for a car?

Any crate is safe to use in the car as long as the crate is secure, there are soft furnishings to support them and the driver drives safely and calmly. 

Are dog crates stackable?

Most crates are stackable but they shouldn’t be. We recommend investing in purpose made stackable dog crates if it’s your desire to do so but we strongly discourage stacking the crates we’ve reviewed in this article.

Are crates and cages the same thing?

Crates and cages are essentially the same product and perhaps crates are most common in the UK. The wired crate is most commonly named a cage because it looks like one but the soft and hard plastic versions are more like crates. To cut a long story short, a “crate” is a term to describe the product as a group and a cage is used to specify the wired models. 

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