Magnetic Dog Collars For Arthritis

best magnetic dog collar for arthritis

It’s a terrible time seeing your dog suffer with arthritis or other similar joint and muscle problems. Unfortunately, there is no cure for the disease and it will sadly get worse over time. However, there are plenty of therapies, medicines and products out there which can alleviate the pain and stiffness to help slow the progress down and give them a bit of respite.

One of these products designed to help ease the discomfort are magnetic dog collars. We’ve written a buyer’s guide in this article which details that the science does not back up their effectiveness but there are an overwhelming number of positive stories from owners of these items who swear by their effectiveness.

Best Magnetic Dog Collars For Arthritis and Joint Problems.

Bioflow Dog Collar

The Bioflow brand of magnetic dog collar is far and away the most popular and well reviewed product on the internet and rated 4.3 out of 5 from over 240 reviews on Amazon. The exterior is a comfortable and durable nylon band with a powerful “central reverse polarity” magnet inside. It is non-invasive, lightweight and stylish. 

They are not intended to be used as a restraining collar so be sure to continue using your existing collar or harness when on walks. It’s safe to use at all times. 

DOG Streamz magnetic smart band

dog steamz magnetic smart band

Using “360 resonance technology” this smart looking collar can (according to StreamZ) provide some relief to aches and pains by having the magnet spin instead of pulse. StreamZ points out that the product is most effective for dogs to wear while they’re having exercise such as walking and running.

It’s more expensive than Bioflow and hasn’t been reviewed as well but still has a 4 out of 5 score from happy customers.

WalkingMate Magnetic Collar

WalkingMate Magnetic Collar

The WalkingMate collar is a good looking band with a 2000 gauss earth magnetic which allegedly improves blood circulation (this does not have any scientific back up) and alleviates the pain of stiff joints and arthritis. 

Has an average score of 4.3 and is one of the best received magnetic collars on the UK market.

Magno Mutt – Advanced Magnetic Dog Collar

Magno Mutt - Advanced Magnetic Dog Collar

The Magno Mutt collar is superior to the other products as it has larger magnets (their words, not ours) to provide natural pain relief to dogs suffering from arthritis. It’s a plain-looking product that is non-intrusive and lightweight which won’t weigh down your dog’s neck.

Has over 78 positive ratings from costumes who swear that it worked for their dog.

Silver Tails Non-Invasive Dogs and Cats Magnetic Therapy Collar

Silver Tails Non-Invasive Dogs and Cats Magnetic Therapy Collar

Our last entry is the budget option. It has 500 gauss magnetics which is one of the weakest rating of any we’ve seen and the strap is quite thin. Wearing this feels like wearing thin air since it’s so light, the low cost means it’s light on your wallet, too! 

Magnetic Dog Collar Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our magnetic dog collar buyer’s guide. Here we discuss everything there is to know about the product and whether you should buy them at all for your dog. 

What is a magnetic dog collar?

A magnetic dog collar is a collar with metal built in, similar to metal bracelets humans wear to help cope with arthritis. These collars are not literally magnets, they’re just loaded with metal which creates a ‘magnetic field’ which can help by working with the copper in the blood of dogs to treat pain and inflammation. 

How do they work?

The theory is that magnetic bracelets are able to communicate and help move the natural metals in a dog’s blood which can relieve pain and inflammation caused by diseases such as arthritis.

However, there are no scientific papers supporting this theory and its effectiveness relies on the opinions of users.

Do magnetic dog collars help with arthritis?

From a scientific point of view the effects of magnetic collars on the pain and inflammation caused by arthritis is inconclusive. A 2007 study looking at their effectiveness on humans revealed it had no effect. A 1976 study which tried to make out they worked and helped popularise them again was debunked. Lastly, a 2013 study on copper bracelets also came up with the same conclusion that it was a load of nonsense.

Bioflow, one of the most popular manufacturers of magnetic collars, does not list any scientific reasons to buy their products.

However, if we put science to one side and look at the feedback from verified owners of this product it becomes clear that this product has helped hundreds if not thousands of owners of dogs suffering from arthritis. So, what’s the deal? Does it work or not?

Do magnetic collars work at all?

No studies support the effectiveness of copper accessories to treat arthritis. Despite the noise created by customer reviews on these products, JugDog can not support or advocate these products for owners looking for arthritis relief for their dog. 

We would like to put forward a theory that the reason so many people swear by these products despite scientific resistance is that if they were willing to spend money on magnetic collars then they have probably also spent time and money on other pain relief methods such as pain killers, therapy and veterinarian interception.

There may also be a case that owners want to see their dog improve so much that they have tricked themselves into believing it has worked. 

Should I get one?

There is no harm at all in wearing a magnetic collar. There is nowhere near enough metal in them to cause any sort of health issue. However, as we’ve hammered home the point – there’s simply no science supporting that they provide any benefit whatsoever. 

The only reason you should get one is to simply be able to say that you’ve tried everything and no stone has been left unturned.

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