How to Naturally Treat Constipation in Dogs

Constipation is a digestive issue that occurs in dogs regularly. It involves difficulty in passing stool and infrequent bowel movements. Common reasons for constipation in dogs are inadequate hydration and lack of exercise. Few of the other culprits are side effects of medication, obesity, orthopedic problems, fiber intake, and a large-sized prostate gland. If it remains untreated, piles of feces can heap up at the anal end which can cause unproductive strains, loss of appetite, vomiting, and lethargy. Constipation needs to be cured immediately.

There are many medications like probiotics that you can give your dog to cure constipation. But, that may require a visit to the vet for the prescription.

If you are a little short on time, you can try out these natural remedies to ease your dog’s discomfort.

1. Pumpkins:

Giving your lovely pooch a small amount of pumpkin with food can help to cure and even prevent constipation. Pumpkins are a source of fiber and contain high water content. You can use canned pumpkins or puree a fresh pumpkin. Most dogs love the taste of pumpkins. Avoid giving your dog pumpkin pies when he is suffering from constipation because of the added sugars and spices in it.

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2. Yogurt:

Yogurt naturally contains a live culture of beneficial bacteria for gastrointestinal health. Yogurt is an excellent replacement for probiotics. It can help to enhance the multiplication of good bacteria in the stomach. Yogurt can assist in the fermentation process of digestive material so that it can smoothly pass and get absorbed in the colon. A maximum of 2 tbsp is suitable for small dogs, and 4 tbsp is enough for large dogs.

3. Lots of Exercises:

Exercise can be the easiest yet effective way to treat constipation in dogs naturally. Exercise needs of dogs have to be regularly fulfilled to avoid digestion problems. Physical Activity increases the circulation of blood. Moreover, exercise aids in motility of food, and removal of waste products. Lazy toy dog breeds like Cocker Spaniel and Great Dane are highly vulnerable to constipation. Hyperactive dogs like pit-bull dachshund mix and German shepherd require a lot of exercises, and if they don’t get an adequate amount of daily activity, then they can suffer from constipation too.

Get your dogs out for a 30 minute walk daily to prevent or treat constipation.

4. Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera naturally has super-advantageous effects like a cleanser for the digestive system. It can comfort the constipated dog very quickly. You can give aloe vera juice in small quantity—about half to one teaspoon—by adding it to dog food. Use it twice a day. However, care should be taken in case of dogs that are allergic to plants like aloe vera. You can consult the vegetarian expert for a proper prescription before treating your dog.

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5. Proper Hydration:

Water is necessary for food digestion and to prevent constipation. Inadequate water intake is a primary cause of this stomach illness. Dogs that drink less water, often, find difficulty in passing of stool, which is hard and dry. So, always ensure to make available adequate amount of water for the dog every day.

6. Milk:

Milk is usually a quick go-to remedy for treating constipation. If your dog is lactose-tolerant, milk can help in curing the pain due to constipation. If the dog is lactose-tolerant, he will immediately vomit after having milk. Milk, besides exercise, promotes motility in intestines and can treat the problem very quickly. You can give your dog one-fourth to half a cup of milk for about two times a day. It’s a surefire way to treat constipation in dogs.

Constipation needs to be tended to as soon as possible. Keep an eye on the potty routine of your dog, I know that sounds gross, but you would not like your dog to be suffering from pain. You can try out natural treatments at home if the problem has just begun. In case of the prolonged problem of constipation, get in touch with the vet to suggest good medicine for your dog.

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