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For those of us lucky enough to have a garden or even a yard attached to the house, dog poo can be annoying to always have to pick up accidentally. When the weather’s not great or you simply can’t take the dog out for a walk it’s the only place they can do their business and get some exercise.

Dogs who are getting plenty of fibre will be regular so we’ve got a fantastic idea for those with dogs that use the garden a lot – a dog poo bin!

A dog poo bin is holed out from the bottom to make contact with the soil. It’s a place to isolate your dog’s poo while it breaks down and let the microbes and organic stuff can seep back into the soil. A poo bin efficiently disposes of your dog’s poo than bagging and binning.

Here’s an example:

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How does a dog poo bin work?

The dog poo bin is buried deep into the soil, with the top the only visible thing. Being so buried and full of organic material makes it hot which breaks down the poo and along with water flushes the material into the soil. 

With the Good Boy model, there are Bio-Activator capsules which consist of naturally occurring microorganisms which stimulate the bacteria in the poo to help decompose them quickly. The reason for this is to reduce the foul smell which can build up and protect the soil as many would be tempted to throw in household chemicals to do the job which would kill the land around it. 

Is a dog poo bin safe for kids?

A dog poo bin is perfectly safe for kids and adults once all the security conditions are met. You must buy a purpose-built dog poo bin with a proper lock and keep the bio-activator away from the kids.

The Good Boy model even has a child-resistant twist. According to US-based bin & junk professional Luke Hancock, dog poo can contain harmful bacteria, so it needs to be cleaned up quickly and locked away regardless of your method of disposal. However, with enough regular management and stirring and mixing with other compostable materials such as grass, food and flowers, a dog poo bin isn’t any less safe than a regular composter.

How to install a dog poo bin in your garden?

If you love a bit of DIY, then here are some steps to create your dog waste disposer:

  • Get a plastic bin relative to the size and number of dogs you have. Unfortunately, metal bins will slowly rot away underground.
  • Create holes in the bottom of the bin of differing sizes, but ensure that it isn’t completely bottomless.
  • Dig a hole in the corner of your garden that’s exactly 1 foot deeper than the bin’s height.
  • Throw in six inches of gravel, followed by flat pebbles at the bottom to help filter the waste.
  • Place the bin on top of the pebbles.
  • Fill the gap around the edges with dirt mixed with leftover gravel to ensure a tight finish.
  • Place the lid back on with two holes parallel to each other on opposite sides of the bin. The lid should have a padlock to keep it away from children.
  • At the bottom of the bin, put organic material such as grass or food to create an ecosystem that can help break down the incoming poo. Alternatively, you can buy a bio-activator or a septic tank starter.

How to maintain a dog poo bin?

Dog poo bins won’t just maintain themselves automatically; they will need some small amount of maintenance from time to time. We recommend the following

  • Avoid putting dog poo which is diarrhoea or has worms in it – feed your dog high-fibre dog food or see a vet if this is the case.
  • Stir the waste daily
  • Flush the bin with a little bit of water
  • Add new bio activators as per the instructions by them
  • Do not overfill! If the bin is not enough for your dog(s) then start over with a new bin.

What is the best way to dispose of dog poo in the garden?

From an ecological point of view, a dog poo bin in your garden is the cleanest way to dispose of it. If you bag it and bin it will be disposed of with all of your other trash and potentially cause a biohazard in landfills, alternatively, dog poo which is disposed of in local parks will be incinerated which of course harms the environment. 

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  1. Glenn tomblin

    I have a dog poo bin followed the instructions from the Web site after 4 weeks I noticed maggots in the bin even though it’s filled with water and once a week put 1 ltr of fresh water in there any advice on what is the problem

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