Why Does My Dog Sleep On Me And Not My Husband? Weird!

Dogs are known for their loyalty and companionship; nothing shows that more than when they want to cuddle with us.

Many dog owners have experienced the sensation of their furry friend sleeping on them or wanting to be close to them at all times. But why does this happen?

Why do dogs like to lay on their owners?

A. Comfort and security

Dogs are social creatures and often find comfort in being near their human companions. They feel safe and secure when they are close to someone they trust. Sleeping on their owner’s lap, chest, or legs is a way for dogs to seek comfort and security.

B. Bonding and affection

Lying to their owner is also a way for dogs to bond with humans. It is a form of physical love that strengthens the emotional connection between a dog and its owner.

The warmth and closeness of being in physical contact help to deepen the bond between the two.

C. Temperature regulation

Dogs lay on their owners to regulate their body temperature. Dogs can’t sweat like humans, relying on panting and other methods to cool themselves down.

Laying on you, often warmer than the surrounding environment, can help dogs regulate their body temperature and keep them comfortable.

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How do dogs choose whom to lay on between spouses?

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You may have lived with your dog for years, only to find that they refuse to sleep with anyone else but you once you get married. Yes, that includes your husband! Alternatively, you and your spouse may have gotten a dog together but discover he chooses you over your husband!

Several factors can influence how a dog chooses whom to lay on, especially regarding spouses. Let’s take a closer look at some of these factors:

A. Dominance and hierarchy

Dogs are packed animals, and there is a hierarchy in any pack. Even in a household, dogs can pick up on cues that help them determine who is in charge.

For example, if one spouse is more assertive and takes control during training or feeding, the dog may see them as dominant and choose to lay on them.

B. Affection and familiarity

Dogs are also highly social animals and thrive on affection and attention from their human companions.

If one spouse is more affectionate or spends more time with the dog, the dog may feel more comfortable and familiar with them. This can lead to the dog choosing to lay on that person.

C. Training and conditioning

Dogs are highly trainable and can learn behaviours through conditioning. If one spouse consistently rewards the dog for laying to them or encourages the conduct through positive reinforcement, the dog may choose to apply to that person more often.

Additionally, if the dog has been trained to respond to specific commands or cues from one spouse, it may feel more comfortable and relaxed around them.

It’s important to note that these factors are not mutually exclusive, and there can be a combination of reasons why a dog chooses to lay on one spouse over the other.

What does it mean when your dog sleeps on you?

A. Love and affection

Dogs thrive on human attention and affection. By snuggling up to their owners, dogs show how much they love and appreciate them.

The feeling of warmth and comfort that comes from being close to their favourite person is something that many dogs can’t resist.

B. Trust and security

Dogs who sleep on their owners often do so because they feel safe and secure. They trust their owner and know that they will protect them from harm.

Additionally, canines are creatures of habit and routine. They love routine and predictability in their lives.

It’s also a way for the dog to protect its owner, as they feel responsible for keeping their loved ones safe from harm.

C. Emotional and physical needs

Dogs may also lay on their owners because they want their emotional or physical needs met.

For example, they may feel anxious or scared, and sleeping with their owner helps calm them down. Alternatively, they may feel unwell, and being close to their owner provides comfort.

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Why does my dog sleep on me and not my spouse?

Your Dog Is More Aggressive

A. Hostility

Has your husband or wife been aggressive or angry towards you lately? Your dog can sense aggressiveness or negative feelings towards his owner and thus feels hostile towards your spouse.

Another thing is that studies have shown dogs prefer adult women, as they are more intimidated by men’s deeper voices and bulkier build. Just like people avoid others who are mad or scary, dogs tend to stay away from the same people, instead choosing more welcoming people.

B. Lack of Bonding

Does your life partner spend time with your dog? Or are they too busy working to take him for a walk? The time spent with your dog is vital and will determine who he prefers more.

After all, dogs want to bond and are known to feel comfortable with whomever he’s with most. Also, dogs tend to go for people who look like leaders. This means not only the one who provides for him but also the one who plays with him.

3. Unfamiliarity

Did you marry your husband after you had your dog? Then the unfamiliarity of a new human is the cause. Dogs feel more hostile or unsettled in the presence of a new person since dogs don’t know who they are or what they intend to do.

4. Bad Smell

Dogs have a heightened sense of smell; if they don’t like your spouse’s strong perfume or natural scent, they may gravitate towards spending more time with you.

5. Sleeping position

When sleeping in bed, your spouse may unintentionally make your dog uncomfortable, such as by lightly kicking or squishing him.

How does a dog choose their favourite person?

Dogs can form strong bonds with humans and often have a favourite person they prefer to spend time with. But how does a dog choose their favourite person, and how can you encourage the behaviour and become their go-to human?

1. Who provides the most attention and affection: Dogs crave human attention and affection. If one person in the household spends more time playing and cuddling or giving treats and rewards, the dog will likely form a stronger bond with that person.

2. Who provides the most exercise and outdoor time: If one person in the household takes the dog on more walks or engages in more outdoor activities with them, the dog may view that person as more exciting and fun.

3. Who provides the most food and treats: Dogs love food, and if one person in the household is responsible for feeding the dog or providing the majority of treats, the dog may develop a stronger attachment to that person.

4. Who isn’t hostile: Dogs thrive on routine and consistency, so if one person in the household is calmer and more consistent with training and discipline, the dog may feel more secure and comfortable around that person.

How to encourage your dog to sleep with you?

So, how can you encourage your dog to view you as their favourite person? Here are some tips:

1. Spend quality time with your dog.

2. Provide plenty of exercises and outdoor time.

3. Be consistent with training and discipline.

4. Offer plenty of treats and rewards.

5. Keep calm and positive energy.

6. Spray the lavender scent on your bedside, as dogs respond well to lavender.

It’s important to remember that each dog is unique and may have different preferences regarding their favourite person. Some dogs may naturally gravitate towards one person in the household, while others may show equal affection to everyone.

Regardless, it’s important to build a strong bond with your dog through consistent love, attention, and positive reinforcement.


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