Best Dog Treat Bag

Tired of leaving the house for a walk and forgetting the dog treats?

Had enough of sticking your hands in pockets full of smelly dog treat crumbs?

Need something that’s easy to put on and can hold all of your doggy essentials, not just treats on a walk?

Sounds like you could do with a dog treat bag… and we’ve got the perfect ones for you.

Treat Bags for Dogs Reviews

1. Pet Room Dog Treat Pouch Bag

Pet Room Dog Treat Pouch Bag

This could be seen as the blueprint of what doggy treat bags should be and perhaps a shining example of a product that uses quality materials when they could have been used cheaper and still be marketed under a tenner. 

The pouch itself can be worn on the shoulder, waist or clipped on to clothing or anything else that a metal clip can grab. This is convenient on so many levels and easily adaptable for simple park walks to rugged hiking trails. The pouch is made using Oxford material, something often unheard of in the world of treat pouches – Oxford is high quality, anti-allergy and has strong water resistance.

In terms of storage space, there is a large main compartment which is 6.5 inches deep and 5.5 inches wide – this is probably too much for just dog treats so you can easily throw in some toys, snacks, car keys and other miscellaneous items to free up pocket space. The compartment has a top-grade durable lining which helps make it easy to clean and makes the product last longer.

Moving on there is also a zipped side pocket and a mesh pocket for items such as mobile phones, chewing gum and other keys. With the Pet Room bags for dog treats and pouch, you will never need pockets again.

Included with the bag is a poo bag holder, a dog whistle and a small water bowl, pretty neat considering the bag is already so cheap.

It is difficult to find any faults with the Pet Room treat pouch especially when it’s so cheap. This is definitely one of the better treat bags on the market and should be considered by every serious buyer.

Pet Room Dog Treat Pouch Bag
4,186 Reviews
Pet Room Dog Treat Pouch Bag
  • [Made of Premium Quality Fabric-Best on Amazon] The dog treat bag is made of 600D oxford cloth with exceptional abrasion and tear resistance, lasting use year after year. The inner lining is made of Top grade durable material. It can be pulled out fully making it very easy to clean. No other pet treat bag use such high quality fabric at this price. You will be definitely amazed at the quality of this bag when you receive it.

2. VOSO Mini Snack Bag Food Treat Storage Holder

VOSO Mini Snack Bag Food Treat Storage Holder

If all you want is a small pouch to hold treats and nothing more then the VOSO fits the bill for you. It’s made with a mesh fabric which breathes and keeps the treats fresher for longer between uses, it’s big enough to hold a considerable amount of treats and won’t need constant replenishing.

Has an adjustable strap which opens and closes the treat bag and can be used to hold the bag or you can just use the simple black clipper to attach to your belt loopholes or any kind of loops.

There’s not a lot else to this product but what we can say is that the dimensions of the bag are perfect, the mesh fabric is nice and classy and it’s discreet enough that it doesn’t look pretentious. 

VOSO Mini Snack Bag Food Treat Storage Holder
435 Reviews
VOSO Mini Snack Bag Food Treat Storage Holder
  • Keeps the food fresh and protects against humidity

3. Bounce and Bella Dog Treat Pouch Bag 

Bounce and Bella are fairly well-known manufacturers of dog treats so it’s no surprise they’ve dipped their toe into dog treat bags as well. This offering is similar to the other multifaceted models in which it does a lot more than just carry dog treats around. 

It has a deep main compartment for a whole bag of treats, some dog toys and other somewhat large items, it has a zipped pocket for more important items such as keys, mobile phones and watches and lastly, it has a simple mesh pocket for items such as snacks, chewing gum and so on.

Dog poop bags need not go into a pocket as it has an awesome built-in poo bag dispenser. Awesome!

The whole thing is made with breathable and quality fabric which is easy to wipe down and water-resistant. It feels and looks like a quality product despite coming in at less than £20. Because it’s made by Bounce and Bella a complimentary free bag of treats comes with it.

This is definitely one of the best treat bags out there.

No products found.

4. Petacc Silicone Dog Treat Pouch

Petacc Silicone Dog Treat Pouch

A great choice for those looking for something minimalistic and long lasting is the Petacc silicone treat pouch. It’s a very small, ergonomically designed pouch which clips on to a belt for easy access and no fuss. It doesn’t hold as much as some of the other models we’ve reviewed but this is just for the casual dog walker who just needs some treats for recall and not necessarily a heavy training session.

The silicone is waterproof, very tough and easy to clean which will make it last practically forever and never be an issue in terms of crumbs or mould. It’s a bit expensive for something so small but it’s worth it for it’s long life and convenience.

5. Company of Animals Treat Bag

Company of Animals Treat Bag

The Company of Animals (COA) treat bag sits in the middle between budget models and high performance multi-compartmental bags. It’s made with very light and breathable materials spread to make a couple of compartments – two segregated pouches in the main area for wet or dry treats and a mesh pouch to keep training aids such as clickers, whistles and small toys such as balls.

It attaches to the hip as you usually would have it and has a drawstring closure to make it easier to get in and out. We’re really impressed with how light the materials are and how easy it is to retrieve items on the fly thanks to the coloured wide opening at the top.

The price point of the Company of Animals treat pouch is extremely low despite having more than one compartment which makes it really stand out for those looking for a larger bag and customers who just want something simple. We highly recommend this one as it’s jack of all trades at an attractive price.

Company of Animals Treat Bag
220 Reviews
Company of Animals Treat Bag
  • This super-practical dog and puppy training treat pouch has been designed with many useful features, to help make dog training easy, perfect for all users, including professional dog trainers

What are dog treat pouches?

best dog treat bag and pouch

They are exactly as the name suggests – a pouch that is made to hold treats for your dog that can attach or be carried easily so you no longer need to bundle in the best dog treats in a pocket or forget to bring any at all. 

There are two types of dog treat bags – multi-compartment bags which have more than one pocket and can usually be carried with a strap over the shoulder or on the hip and single pocket pouches which only have one purpose and usually attach only to the hip.

These two kinds cater for different people, the multi-compartmental bags are for serious dog trainers, those who take their dogs for long extended off the lead walks and people who may be travelling overnight with dogs. The single pouch owners will be casual walkers who just want to keep their treats out of their own clothes.

Benefits of a treat pouch

Every dog owner can certainly do without one of these products but they do offer some genuine benefits which can make them worthwhile.

The first is that it becomes much easier to carry treats without needing to save a pocket in your coat or jacket. This is heightened some more during summer months when you may wear clothes with no pockets at all but will be going on walks which require rewards for your furry friend. If you opt for the multi-compartmental treat bags then you also get the added benefit of being able to store your keys, phone, wallet, dog toys and all sorts without using up any pockets, too.

Second, dog treats tend to crumble in pockets making it dirty and uncomfortable over time – treat bags eliminate this problem and protect themselves from having the same problem by having a wipeable surface or a liner inside.

Finally, treat bags make it easier to not leave the house without any treats at all. I often leave the house and it dawns on me around the corner that I have forgotten treats – knowing you have a treat bag at all is a much better reminder.

What makes a good treat pouch?

What makes a good product is subjective but there are some which are clearly better than others and that is the quality and strength of the materials with particular attention to how well it’s sewn together. Bags which are used often need strong stitching or it will come apart.

The quality of the clip which attaches to the waist should be hard plastic or metal and not a flimsy light one or a strong tug can snap it completely. 

Lastly, it should have an inner lining which is wipeable and not porous otherwise the crumbs will stick to it, if it doesn’t have a lining (single pouches) then it needs to be smooth plastic that can be washed with ease.

These are the minimums in our opinion and not desirables – if it can’t do the above it’s not a good treat bag to us.

Final words

Despite not being an essential purchase for dog owners, a treat pouch definitely has its benefits. They’re very handy and will reduce the crumb build up in your pockets, make it quick and easy to reach treats when you need them and you’ll be less likely to forget the treats on future walks. You’ll be surprised how cheap and high quality some of them are to the point where it just makes sense to have one.

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