Can two dogs share same dog bed?

Dogs are social animals who thrive in the company of other animals, not just canines. They can often feel more secure, relaxed and happier when around others. In the home and especially when they’re napping/sleeping they can often be found huddling and cuddling into each other in the same bed.

The focus of this article is whether or not two dogs can share the same bed safely and effectively and whether or not they crave their own space to relax and sleep.

Generally, dogs with a close bond can sleep together to share heat and feel calmer – this can help reduce separation anxiety. It’s safe, healthy and known to improve overall physical and psychological condition. It also helps a dog adjust to its new home.

Some dogs do and some dogs don’t like it.

For these kinds of dogs, we recommend indestructible dog beds as the bed is likely to go through quite a lot of punishment. Two dogs who have known each other a long time or two new puppies can be seen bed-sharing because there’s a pre-existing bond there and they have always co-slept.

Sharing a bed is a really good thing to see as an owner but it’s not something that may happen every time. Some dogs need their own space in the night and don’t want to share at all – this can be especially true for those with a new puppy or dog entering a home with an established older dog – they are used to solo sleeping and don’t want to change their ways.

Never force to share a bed

two dogs sharing a bed

If you’re coming to this website wondering if you should try and get them to bed-share then our recommendation is no – never force dogs to be in very close contact with each other. This is especially true if you have an existing dog and you are introducing a new one to the household.

Every mutt is different, some may crave close-quarters interaction and others need their space. In this situation, we would simply get them both their own bed and if they choose to share a bed and they get along then fine but at least there’s the option for a space on their own.

Even dogs who get along with a house on fire during the day may prefer to sleep along and if there’s only one bed to share it can cause conflict and poor sleep for both dogs and owners.

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Tips on multiple dogs sleeping together

Here we share our tips and tricks to help you have two sleeping pups get along with one another and for those brining home another dog.

Let them have their own bed as a choice

Always give your furry friends the choice of their own bed. If you now have another dog then ensure they sleep separately for the first few days as night time antics from the new arrival could spark aggression and conflict. This is emphasised when an older dog is involved that can get cranky.

Get an appropriate dog bed

If you do have dogs that sleep together then invest in a large bed that multiple dogs can comfortably fit into it and have enough room to turn around and adjust themselves. We’ve reviewed a lot of good beds and thoroughly recommend tough beds in this situation.

Don’t leave out any food during bedtime

One of the biggest cause of conflict with dogs sleeping together is the presence of food, especially when a new dog is involved who has yet to learn their place in the hierarchy. Always leave fresh water 24/7 but never leave out any sort of food for them to potentially fight over.

To be fair, night-time grazing is not ideal whether you have one dog or two dogs as it can lead to unscheduled toilet time where you may be in bed yourself causing you to wake up to a bad mess.

Have a day bed and a night bed

Some dogs may be fine co-sleeping in the day but not in the night so we recommend having space to accommodate both of the dog’s needs.

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Why does my dog sleep in my other dogs bed?

Your dog may crave their friend’s scent which helps relax them and give themselves a sense of safety and put them to sleep in the home. Another reason could be that they just like their bed better!

Can I leave my two dogs alone together?

Two dogs should only be left alone when they have a significant bond over a length of time. Two dogs who do not know each other should never be left alone unsupervised as conflicts may arrive at the home. Dogs need to get to know each other just like humans if they are to cohabitate and co-sleep.

Can you crate one dog but not another?

There seems to be no logical reason why one dog can be crated and not the other but in our opinion, it can be seen as antisocial especially if it’s enforced and not the dog’s choice. One dog may like the den feel of the crate but not the other. It’s the owner’s choice at the end of the day even if it does seem a little antisocial.


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