Indestructible Dog Beds

What is an indestructible dog bed?

An indestructible dog bed refers to dog beds which are incredibly tough, chew-proof or chew resistant and should outlast conventional beds by a long mile.  Investing in a high quality indestructible dog bed can save you a lot of money in the long run. Some dog beds out there are not as durable and will therefore be unable to stand the test of time when it comes to a teething puppy or a dog that likes to chew. Dogs may chew at the beds for a range of reasons: from boredom to anxiety and when they’re teething as a puppy. Of course, it is best to tackle this behaviour head on when it first starts but this can be hard to do if you’ve left your dog at home while you nip out or go to work. This is why we highly recommend purchasing an indestructible dog bed. 

Indestructible Dog Beds Reviews

In our search for 10 of the best dog beds previously, we realised how important having a tough and chew proof dog bed was for many owners.  As soon as we finished reviewing the finest dog beds out there in the UK we got to work on reviewing a range of tough dog beds right away to twin our indestructible toy page, put them all in a list and let readers know where to buy them. The key features we looked for when compiling a list of the best indestructible dog beds included being durable, waterproof, resistant to chewing, easy to clean and high quality. These items range from a traditional bed style to a mattress that you can place in your dog’s crate. We hope you can find the right item to suit your furry friend. 

1. P & L Superior Heavy Duty Dog Beds Indestructible

P&L Heavy Duty Softee Bed

The best indestructible dog bed has to be the heavy duty oval pet bed by P&L. The P&L tough dog beds are made from 100% strong woven polyester; this heavy duty material is also waterproof and water repellent. The material cleans really easily- you can brush the dirt off and even hose the entire dog bed down without wetting the inner materials. The bed is filled with bonded Thermal Polyester Fibre to insulate your pet from the cold floor; this is a really comfy option for your pet too.  The P&L indestructible dog beds look great; the walls are high and they are available in 10 different colour options. There are 3 sizes to choose from too so you can find the perfect fit to suit your dog. The P&L superior dog beds are durable, waterproof and stylish: what more could you ask for when comparing indestructible dog beds? 



This luxurious dog bed is spacious, easy to clean and made of durable materials. The FEANDREA dog beds are made to last with durable Oxford fabric which is stitched in a way to prevent dogs from chewing through to the inner filling. The inner filling itself is made of high quality and highly elastic PP cotton; the cushion is soft and hypoallergenic. The beds are roomy thanks to the ample inner dimensions and the cushion is neither too soft nor too hard which is ideal for your dog’s spine. The base of the bed is covered with an anti-slip material that is also moisture and cold resistant. There are two size options and two colour options which are black and grey so they’re likely to suit most home decors. Finally, the spacious and luxurious bed is easy to clean with a damp cloth or brush.  

3. All Pet Solutions Dexter Hardwearing Beds

All Pet Solutions Waterproof Dog Bed

The All Pet Solutions Dexter beds are waterproof, hardwearing and stylish. We especially love the colour options for this bed: olive green, burnt orange, teal and grey. The fabric used on the outer material is Oxford which is waterproof, durable and easy to clean. This cover can be unzipped, removed and placed in your washing machine for a thorough clean. The non-slip backing is ideal if you’re placing the pet bed on polished floors or tiles as it will stay in place. The All Pet Solutions beds are only available in one size which is 90cm x 70cm x 20cm; about average for a medium dog bed. 

5. Maximum Chew Resistant Crate Dog Bed

Maximum Chew Resistant Crate Dog Bed

The Maximum Chew Resistant Flat Bed is simply a waterproof and durable mattress for the base of a crate. This is a chew resistant dog bed that can resist digging as well. The cover of the mattress is made of tough nylon and comes in a range of colours and sizes to fit inside your dog’s crate. Just make sure to measure inside your dog’s crate and cross-reference this with the measurements on the listing. Inside, a soft to medium density fiber filling has been used for your dog’s comfort. These odour and dirt repelling, chew proof dog bed mattresses are ideal for putting in the car or at the base of another bed if you stop using a crate for your dog. Due to the shape and material used, the indestructible dog mattress is really easy to clean too. 

6. Paws Indestructible Donut Dog Bed

Paws Indestructible Donut Dog Bed

The Paws indestructible dog beds are available in 5 colours and look like typical ‘donut’ shape dog beds. As well as being available in a range of colours, the Paws dog bed is available in 4 size options. The waterproof outer material of the bed is supported with a PR lining on the inside; making this bed very hard wearing and easy to wipe clean. Inside, the bed is filled with a mix of high grade fibres which is comfy for your dog to sleep on. Paws don’t claim that this is a chew proof dog bed; however, many of the reviews on Amazon praise the bed for this feature. This is perhaps the best option if your dog is unlikely to chew – it would be an ideal option for pugs.

7. Pet Living Heavy Duty Waterproof Elevated Dog Bed

Pet Living Heavy Duty Raised Dog Bed

Most raised dog beds are at the very least hard wearing or indestructible purely because of the way they’ve been built and the materials used. The simplistic, elevated structure leaves very little for your dog to actually chew. The Pet Living raised dog bed has a flat canvas fabric which is stretched to give a supporting, raised platform for your dog. The canvas itself is a tough, water resistant fabric and as it is stretched it is very difficult for any dog to get their jaws on. However, it is not that difficult to dig on so take that on board. The second part of the bed’s toughness is the powder coated metal frame the canvas sits on,obviously still is practically invincible to a dog!  This is a bed that may not look like it’s for everyone but check the reviews and give it a try, you’d be surprised how many dogs love it! You could always add a couple of blankets on top for extra comfort.

8. Ginger Ted Waterproof Dog Mattress

Ginger Ted Durable Dog Mattress

Chew resistant, easily washable, thicker for comfort and with a small variety of colours: the Ginger Ted durable dog mattress is a good choice for those who want a bed for the crate or a raised dog bed or as a stand-alone bed that takes up less space. Ginger Ted do not claim that this mattress is chew proof: some of the reviews have praised the mattress for being resistant to chewing but it is not one of the key features. As the bed mattress is waterproof, this is a great bed to place next to a heater for them to lie on after a wet walk, the machine washability also makes it great if the walk was particularly mucky! The bed mattress is available in 4 colour options and 4 size options; we hope you can find a version of the product to suit your requirements.  

9. Durable Cushion Dog Bed Chew Proof

Durable Cushion Dog Bed Chew Proof

The durable dog cushion is waterproof and chew proof and has the added bonus of being bed bug and flea larvae resistant thanks to the sleep outer cover, which can also be removed at any time. As this is shaped like a pillow it offers a different solution to the others we’ve shown here. This dog cushion is generously filled which adds extra comfort on top of the desired chew resistant dog beds within this list.  This is a balanced dog bed which has a lot of plus points but doesn’t excel in any particular area either. The anti-fungal, waterproof feature means that this bed is suitable for outdoors which makes it an ideal bed for within a kennel. The large cushion is only available in one size and in the blue colour shown so this isn’t the best option if you’re looking to personalise your product to suit the size and colour scheme available. 

10. Easy Clean Hard Wearing Pet Bed Cushion

Easy Clean Hard Wearing Pet Bed Cushion

This hard wearing pet cushion is another indestructible dog bed option which is durable and machine washable. This colourful and vibrant pet cushion bed consists of pink or blue material with black paw print patterns running throughout. The large cushion is quite plump in size with the specific measurements given on the listing; unfortunately this pet cushion is only available in one size. The Easy Clean bed is odour resistant, chew resistant, and the removable cover is machine washable which makes this another decent choice which isn’t the best in any particular area but isn’t poor in one either. The base of the item is made from non-slip technology fabric which provides a superior grip on polished and tiled floors to allow the bed to stay in the place you put it. 

Why would dogs want to destroy their own sleeping area?

There are many reasons a dog may destroy their bed or sleeping area. WagWalking suggest that in some cases destroying their beds and belongings is a part of play for many puppies and dogs. Many dogs love to chew stuff: they will literally chew and scratch at anything. Dog’s teeth are extremely important to them as they are very oral animals who essentially use their mouths as a hand, as such clean, sharp teeth is a very important thing to have.

This is what leads dogs to start to chew from the time they’re puppies all the way till the end. Chewing is a learned behaviour and a dog bed is just another object to be chewed for them just like a chew toy, your socks or anything else. If your dogs have been chewing or scratching on their beds and you are sick of it then please be rest assured it’s normal behaviour but we’ve got you covered with some belting choices for chew resistant dog beds here on!

Chew Resistant Dog Beds

If you want your dog to have its own bed but you’re sick and tired of having to replace it several times a year at a huge cost to you the owner then an indestructible dog bed is a worthwhile investment. Before purchasing, there are a couple of points you should consider:

Tough dog beds are designed with durability in mind first, this means that its design, comfort and price come after. If you’re more concerned with how comfortable they are then we recommend sticking with this list of dog beds.

However, if being indestructible is the most important feature for you because you have a lot of dogs and they may even share a bed then you need one of these.

Tough dog beds can be made in a few ways: some models can have metal frames to make it difficult to wrap their jaws on (prevent chewing entirely) while other beds will be made using chew resistant material (they can chew, but will make them unable to tear the material). The goal here is to make the beds so difficult to chew that they will simply get bored of even trying and using the bed like the bed should be used – to sleep and relax in!


With so many benefits to purchasing a high quality and indestructible dog bed, we hope you have found the perfect product for your pooch. Whether you’re looking to replace another standard bed that has been destroyed by one of your friendly chewers or you’re buying one new to help with training a puppy then it’s safe to say it’ll be worth every penny. We’re sure if you purchase one of the indestructible beds then you’ll be a very happy customer. As always, we would love to hear your feedback so please get in touch. Whether you have an indestructible bed that isn’t on our list or you have purchased one from our top 10; we’d love to know what you think below. 


  • Ronnie is the JugDog site editor and a dog expert who has lived and worked with dogs his entire life. Living in St. Helens, UK with his wife son and Jug Dog Jeff Ronnie spends most of time researching the answers to the burning questions of the dog community as well as reviewing the latest and greatest dog products.

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  1. Suzu-Blu Chalk

    5%saving5%saving hi. Can you help please. I need indestructible beds. I have three boys two rescue and a 2 yr old puppy. The rescues have pretty much finished chewing beds but the puppy … no chance. But he doesn’t chew his he chews, tears , digs and bites into the foam under the cover into big mouth pieces and flips them till he has them at the home and we play grab !!?????good game !!! But he only does it at meal times and occasionally at bed time , but again to his brothers bed ! Just the sofa one. His older brother likes his setter and had an orthopaedic one which lasted really well till Freddie. Everything in our house is becoming till Freddie lol. I’m thinking ok one spend on Freddie resistant stuff and that should be ok.
    So , I’m needing three beds fir outside which can be the plain gym mat type but off the floor nicer snuggly beds for their night time beds.
    We are emigrating to Cyprus later on in the year but feel it’d be good to be armed before we go.
    Weth the flat plastic ones should they get hit at all could we dip in the pool to cool off ?
    A bit of back and forth now I feel will ensure they get the right thing and Fred doesn’t lol

    The two rescues have bone problems so heat and comfort are good for them.
    I look forward to hearing from you ?

  2. The Jug Dog


    Thanks for taking the time to comment. I am not sure what you’re asking but if you are after a tough bed then any of our above recommendations should suit.

  3. jennie harper

    I have 3 whippet dogs. Two are absolutely fine. They don’t chew their beds at all. The third, at 15 months does and always has. He is caged overnight and is totally fine but at mealtimes, whilst he is in his cage when I am getting their meals ready and also when I take the other two out he demolishes vetbed, mattresses, you name it. He shreds it. Having owned a total of 13 whippets over the years I have never encountered this before. I am currently using a Waggers pad with corduroy cover which is still intact, or nearly A soft, very tough comfy pad is what I am looking for.

  4. Jennifer Dinsdale

    I have an adult doberman whose prime task is to destroy every bed i have bought him. At the moment he is just on a hard floor and i would like him to have a bed but everything i have bought he has destroyed!! He chewes and digs and rips at everything. Please find me a bed he can lay on and not destroy

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