What is the best time of day to worm a dog

what is the best time of day to worm a dog

Vaccinating and protecting your dog from parasites should be a regular thing that all owners take seriously. Not doing it properly could severely affect your dog’s life and in some cases prove fatal. Worming schedules depend on many factors such as breeds and the type of worming treatment they are being given – but is there a best time of the day to give it to then? This is the subject of this article.

What is the best time of day to give a dog worming treatment?

This question gets asked thousands of times a day online with a lot of substandard answers on the subject. At JugDog we felt compelled to offer some solid advice for this question which to be fair has no single answer, so we’ll break it down.

Generally, there is no best ‘time’ to give your dog worm treatment but there is a best ‘moment’ and that is right after eating a good meal. Worm treatments can on occasion upset a dog’s stomach similarly to how antibiotics can do the same to humans on an empty stomach. The food mixed with the treatment can slow down ingestion so that it can make the potential symptoms milder. 

worming a dog

In terms of time, as in the time of day, we would recommend giving it to them in the morning after breakfast (if they have ‘breakfast) and after their walk so that the feeling of sickness doesn’t ruin the event. Also, you’re more likely to be available to monitor them afterwards in case they have any other after effects.

Furthermore, existing worms inside your dog release toxins when they come in contact with the medicine and it is these toxins which can cause a feeling of sickness or uneasiness. This feeling does not last long but it can be reduced if your dog has been fed and is sufficiently hydrated.

However, guidance on this should always be offered in the instruction given with your choice of treatment and that should be followed more closely than the advice we’ve given here. Some dewormers may in fact work better on an empty-stomach making the above advice incorrect. Always read the label!

What is the best month/season to give a dog worm treatment?

Secondly, there is a debate if there is a best month or season to deworm a dog and the answer is a reluctant yes. Worms are more active and prevalent in warmer weather which means that deworming is arguably more important in the spring and summer. But, worms are a year round problem and every responsible owner should look at keeping to a year round schedule as opposed to only working when it’s warm.


In most cases, worming treatment is best given after a meal and when they’re hydrated so it helps minimise the feeling of sickness. Worming should be a year round thing but perhaps most important (to not miss it) is during the warmer months where worms are most common.

All decisions and timings, though, should only be made based on the instructions given with the treatment you have been given or veterinarian advice.

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    We have a 5 month old Maltese which has had the initial wormer . When is the best time to offer another wormer.

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