Best Double Extendable Dog Leads

Double extendable dog leads have the same principle as extendable dog leads except they can cater for two dogs at once. They’re an ideal accessory to have for owners of two dogs who want to give them more freedom and be able to walk them both at once using just one hand.

With a double extendable dog lead you can finally have one hand free which will make the walk a lot more enjoyable for everyone involved as long you are prepared to have one hand do all the work which can be tiring!

Best Double Extendable Dog Leads

1. Wigzi GO Dual Doggie Retractable Lead

Wigzi GO Dual Doggie Retractable Lead

The Wigzi go is double chambered extendable dog lead which can hold two individual dogs up to 22.7kg per dog. The two leads are different colour to help identify one from another and are made with strong nylon which then attaches to a cord. The total distance per lead is 3m which is pretty decent for a lead of this type.

What makes this product worth buying is the chamber where the lead is cast from spins 360 which allows it to break free from tangles easily. Tangles are very common and almost unavoidable with dual extendable leads so this is a god send and it really works.

Despite its large size it is lightweight and easy to grab for small or large hands. It won’t slip out of your hands easily and the ergonomic design helps stop fatigue over long walks. On top of that, the Wigzi Go enables owners to stop and start both leads individually!

Double extendable dog leads have their challenges and are not as good as individual one but this is about as good as it gets.

2. LJT Double Retractable 10ft Dog Lead

LJT Double Retractable 10ft Dog Lead

The LJT double retractable dog lead offers a more robust model with additional features over their competitors with a dog poo bag and treat compartment and even a spotlight. This a premier level double lead for serious walkers looking for value for money.

As far as the leads themselves go, it’s 3m long with a 0.5m tape and a 2.5m cord which offers high strength and excellent feedback. The 360 lead chamber makes tangles a breeze to undo.

The comfort grip handle is excellent which makes it easy to grasp and hard to slip out of your grip. It’s somewhat on the heavy side when you’ve got everything added on, however, so be prepared to get some serious exercise on your walking arm.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that although the brake system is intuitive and easy to reach it does not work on an individual dog basis so you may find it annoying having to stop one dog just because the other has gone too far.

Still, considering this is less than £30 and with all the addons you’d be a fool not to at least consider this.

3. KOBWA 2 Dog Retractable Leash 

KOBWA 2 Dog Retractable Leash

The KOBWA dual extending dog lead is a budget option with premium features such as individual control on the leads and a 3m length. The lead chamber is 360 degrees which helps to avoid tangles caused by rambunctious dogs. 

The whole product is made with quality ABS plastic and the ergonomically designed handle uses high density nylon ribbon which is grippy and very durable. 

This looks startlingly similar to the other products we’ve reviewed and in reality they probably are the same product with a different brand. Still, we had no complaints and it worked just fine for two small dogs (up to 50lbs each).

4. Tinya Mall Retractable Dog Lead With Adjustable Double Dog Leash 

Tinya Mall Retractable Dog Lead With Adjustable Double Dog Leash

The Tiny Mall isn’t a double extendable dog lead on its own, instead they’ve bundled in a double extending dog lead to convert it. This is a really basic lead without any specific features which is suitable for owners of very small, very calm breeds who like to walk side by side. The splitter lead isn’t very long which is why we only recommend to dogs who walk side by side normally.

This is one of the cheapest ways for you to have an extension for two dogs without the hefty price tag.

It can be quite hard to control and it is susceptible to tangles but an alternative for those who don’t want to part way with cash for the premium brands we’ve mentioned before it. 

5. U-Picks Double Dog Lead

U-Picks Double Dog Lead

This last product is once again not a dedicated two dog extending lead, there just aren’t enough on the market to make it a top 5. So, instead we’ve found the best extension which is the U-Picks 360 swivel lead splitter.

You can use this without a retractable dog lead if you wanted or you can attach your single dog lead using the O-ring. The reason we rate this so high is because it’s a no tangle design which can perform almost as good as the real thing. 

The lead stretches and swivels to prevent the tangling whilst still offering enough strength to handle two dogs on one lead easily. It’s made with the same kind of rope you would find being used by mountain climbers (bungee) and absorbs the shock so your regular lead doesn’t feel much different.

It costs around £10 which is excellent value for money considering it’s quality. It even comes with a dog poo bag holder and a whistle.

Dual Retractable Dog Leash Buyer’s Guide

Dual retractable dog leashes and leads are somewhat of a niche product in our opinion. We rarely see owners of two dogs walk them both using one of these products because they can be challenging to use and often it’s easier to have someone help you walk them both or just walk them separately.

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However, we know that these products are useful for certain owners in certain circumstances so we’ve created a list of the ones we recommend as well as some tips for those who are debating getting one for the first time.

What is a double extendable dog lead?

A double extendable dog lead is a retractable tape/cord lead which has two leads coming out instead of one but you only have one handle. It works pretty much identically to a single lead version otherwise. 

These dual leads usually only extend to 3m so they are shorter than regular versions and usually can only handle dogs up to 20kg per lead so not suitable for larger dogs even if it is only one of them.

You can either find versions where the brake can be used individually or if the brake applies to both leads at the same time,

Lastly, all the models we’ve seen used a tape bottom but the majority of the lead is made with a cord – if you’re not a fan of the corded extending leads then you’re going to be disappointed with our selection – we couldn’t find a single one.

Are double extendable dog leads good to use?

Double extendable dog leads can be great to use to walk two both dogs who are calm and happy to walk near each other but they can pose a challenge for high energy dogs who are not used to walks like this. Most manufacturers have endeavoured to create a tangle free experience which does help tremendously but the fact remains that there is double the concentration and training needed to make a success out of them.

Benefits of using double leads

  • Two walks in one – Clearly, the reason you want to buy one of these leads is to finally be able to walk two dogs at once using only the one hand and all of our recommendations will let you do just that. This will save you so much time if you had to walk both dogs separately in the past or had to use two individual leads in each hand.
  • Increased bond – Two dogs who play together and walk together can improve their bond with a double extending lead. iHeartDogs say “time spent together is what builds a friendship” and we agree so long as the dogs already have an established understanding and you are always there to supervise proceedings.
  • Reduce the cost – By purchasing a double extendable dog lead you are in effect saving money on having to buy individual leads. The cost of one double extending is not double the cost of a single retractable lead.

Challenges when using a dual retracting lead

  • Double the pulling power – Using a dual extending dog lead means that you will have two dogs pulling on one arm and shouldn’t be undertaken by someone who isn’t strong enough to handle it.  
  • Tangles – Tangles can and will happen with one of these leads and not just with your own dogs. Tangles involving other people’s dogs can be a messy affair.
  • Dogs who don’t get onIf you have dogs who don’t get on with each other, never use a dual lead.
  • Dogs who are walking in different directions – A tricky situation with a dual extending dog lead is when the dogs go off in different directions which can lead you to blocking off an entire pavement.


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