Best Waterproof Dog Coats

When the weather starts to turn in autumn we know that more rainy days are on their way. Some dog walkers are put off going outside with their furry friends for fear of getting wet and having a smelly and dirty dog once they’re home. A waterproof dog coat will keep your dog dry during a rainy walk. 

This is our shortlist of the top 10 waterproof coats for dogs: we feel that each of these items would be a worthy purchase for your dog during the rainy season. Dog coats can vary massively with their quality and features so we’ve tried to include as many unique jackets as we could to cater for any dog owner. We hope our ultimate buying guide will help you find the right product.

Best Waterproof Dog Coats Reviews

1. Ancol Muddy Paws Stormguard Dog Coat

Ancol Muddy Paws Stormguard Dog Coat

Overall, the best waterproof dog coat is the Ancol Muddy Paws Stormguard Dog Coat. Ancol Muddy Paws gain the title of best coat thanks to them being waterproof dog coats with chest and belly protection from the rain so not only does the dog coat keep the rain off your dogs back but will also keep their belly dry and protect them from muddy puddles. The waterproof exterior layer and the fleece lined inner layer will work together to keep your dog snug and cosy on those wet and windy walks. Reflective piping has been used along all of the edges of the waterproof coat to ensure your dog is visible during the dark mornings and evenings.  The straps are velcro which makes it easy to get on and off and is best if your hands are full as you get home.  There is a slit along the back of the dog coat to allow your lead to attach to your dog’s harness easily.

The Ancol doggy coats are available in 8 sizes ranging from XXS to XXL and Ancol have provided a handy size chart to help you to decide which size is best for your dog. Once you have selected your size you will then have 7 colours to choose from. The Ancol Muddy Paws Stormguard Dog Coat ticks all of the boxes for us: it is waterproof; fleece lined; lined with reflective piping; chest and belly protection; easy to get on and off with velcro straps; has a hole for the ring of your harness to attach to the lead and is even machine washable. If you’re looking to invest in the best waterproof dog coat then we can highly recommend Ancol.  

2. Ginger Ted Shower Lightweight Waterproof Coat

Ginger Ted ShowerLightweight Waterproof Coat

The best lightweight dog coat is the Ginger Ted Shower LITE model.  This high quality, lightweight product is both waterproof and windproof with a polycotton lining and reflective piping to protect your dog and keep them safe.  The outer fabric is strong and durable with quick fastening and adjustable straps: one across their chest and the other under their belly.  This dog coat comes in 12 size options with the measurement referring to the neck to tail measurement of your dog; Ginger Ted have provided a guideline linking the size to the breed of dog which we found really helpful to find the perfect fit.

The only issue we had with the Ginger Ted waterproof dog coat was that it lacks a hole for the o-ring of a harness to fit through – so if your dog uses a harness then you need to pull the material of the coat down a little in order to attach their lead. The Ginger Ted waterproof dog coat is priced below £17 – £33 depending on the size and is  available in 2 colours: black and cherry red. If you can look past the lack of O-ring hole then this is the best dog coat for wet and windy walks which is easy to put on and take off. 

3. Rantow Dog Raincoat with Reflective Strips

Rantow Dog Raincoat with Reflective Strips

The best waterproof dog coat for comfort is the Rantow waterproof dog coats with chest and belly protection. What we love about the Rantow winter coat is that the elastic bands at the neck and chest area which allow for a perfect fit and really help keep your dog comfy and keep the rain off their back. Each waterproof dog coat has velcro straps to make it easy to get the coat on and off your dogs. The dog coat is machine washable which makes the task of cleaning any mud off easy. As comfortable and snug as this item is, some of the reviews have commented that it isn’t the best waterproof option if you’re going to be taking your dog out on a particularly wet day. This coat is perhaps best for a light shower of if it looks like it might rain on your walk. 

The sizes range from XS through to 3XL, Rantow have provided a size chart but you will need to get the tape measure out for this particular winter coat as their chart is purely based on numbers and not breeds. When it comes to the colour choices we were really impressed; there are 6 vibrant colours to choose from and we’re sure you’ll find one you love for your dog. In each of the colour options, the reflective piping is clearly visible around the edge of the dogs coats and around the hole for the harness and lead. Easy to get on and off your dogs and with their comfort at the forefront of the design, the only downside is that it isn’t as waterproof in heavy rain as some of the other coats, this is the best dog coat if you’re only heading out in light showers or if there is the potential for rain on your walk. 

4. Kerbl Raincoat

Kerbl Raincoat

This is the best option if you want a waterproof dog coat that will definitely keep your dog dry.  The Kerbl waterproof and windproof dog coats ensure that every part of your dog that can be covered is covered!  Unlike the other coats in our list, your dog’s legs will be covered with this raincoat with elasticated drawstrings at the ankles to prevent water from reaching their legs; there is even a removable neck guard that can be put up to prevent water from reaching the back of your dog’s neck.

The tunnel drawstring at their belly area not only keeps them dry but also ensures the perfect fit. This coat may look like its going to be complicated to get on and off your dog but it is easy thanks to the zip fastener on the back.  This water resistant dog raincoat is also machine washable which is ideal as it obviously gets muddy quickly due to the amount of coverage it offers your dog. There are 7 size options and a chart to use to decide which size is best for your dogs.  This option will ensure your dog is dry on really wet days; of course it will take longer to put this one on due to needing to put their feet in individually but if you’re going to be out in the wind and rain then this is a great option for your dog. 

5. Morezi Zip Up Dog Rain Jacket

Morezi Zip Up Dog Rain Jacket

The Morezi zip up model is perfect for trendy dogs: as far as looks go this was our favourite one.  In terms of the aesthetics first of all this is a really attractive dog coat that actually looks more similar to a human anorak than any of the other designs. Available in red, yellow and navy: these fun and colourful jackets also contain the classic black and white nautical lining. The hood, pocket and strings all add to the cute and trendy look – perfect for Instagram dogs if you have one of those! On a practical level the zip up feature makes it easy to get on and take off although the fastening is under their belly.

The Morezi jacket is available in a range of sizes from XS to XXL so it is suitable for the vast majority of dogs. The stylish jacket for dogs is also machine washable which is handy for adventurous dogs that get the coat especially mucky. The coat is waterproof and covers your dog’s chest and belly.  It may not be one of the best dog coats in terms of its practical features but it certainly looks stylish, it is well made and will keep your dogs warm and dry in the cold weather. 

What is a waterproof dog coat?

A waterproof or water-resistant coat is a type of coat designed to be worn by dogs to protect them from the rain. The materials used and the design of the coats help the rain slip off the coat while not absorbing any water into the material which can then soak the dog’s fur underneath.

Some are fleece lined with reflective strips for further comfort and protection during those colder and darker walks. 

5 Benefits of purchasing a rainproof dog jacket

Some people feel that putting clothes on dogs is cruel, but we believe each of the items listed above have a tangible benefit: 

1. Protects your dog’s fur from getting soaked through

A dog’s natural coat is oily which naturally keeps water from soaking them through to the skin. But eventually, the fur will not be able to cope with the volume of water. When this happens the water will seep into the skin reducing their body temperature and potentially lower their immune system which can lead to illnesses.

2. Keeps them warm

If you’re out walking in the rain, the temperature is likely to be cool: a fleece or cotton lining inside will keep them warm. 

3. Splash protection

If you’re an owner of a small dog then splashing on their legs and bellies will be something you’re accustomed to – the coat will protect their fur from this meaning you won’t need to wipe them down as soon as you get home. 

4. Keeps their fur clean

Rainwater isn’t nice for dogs and can create muddy puddles: the jacket will protect their fur from this. 

5. Keeps them from smelling

Everybody knows that wet dogs are smelly dogs! Waterproof coats can keep your dogs from smelling after a rainy walk by simply keeping the water off them.

What to look for in a waterproof dog coat

Here are some features to consider before pressing that buy now button: 


Nylon and polyester are common waterproof materials which wicks water away and does not allow water to permeate through the outer layer and make your dog’s natural coat wet and damp. Check whether the material used is machine washable as this could impact your decision too. 


If you’re going to be using the item when the weather is cooler then ensure that it has a warm lining on the inside to keep your dog nice and toasty.

Hole for o-ring

If you use a harness then make sure your selected item has a hole for the o-ring to fit through to allow you to connect the lead whilst the coat is on. 


Waterproof dog jackets vary quite a bit in terms of how much of the dog’s body they protect from the rain and splashbacks. Getting their neck and back covered is the minimum but you may also want to cover their belly and legs. 

Ease of use

Some coats are easy to put on and take off with a simple velcro strap whereas others can be more complicated. If you’re going to have your hands full with more than one dog or even a buggy then consider this before making your order. 


We hope you have enjoyed reading about our selection of the best waterproof dog coats on the market. With so many benefits of having a waterproof dog coat in the cooler months we hope you’ve been able to find the perfect one to suit your dog. If you have any suggestions for items that we have not listed or you have any feedback we would love for you to get in touch below. 

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