When Can You Start Flea Treatments Of Puppies

Flea treatment is an unfortunate thing that all dog owners need to pay close attention to throughout their whole life from a puppy to a senior. Although it’s a dead easy activity it’s easy to forget to do it without keeping a good calendar or reminder system.

Why is it so important?

Fleas are annoying at the best of times as they bite, suck blood and cause skin issues and can even pass on diseases to the host. Fleas exist throughout the world and at some point your dog will encounter them, usually from the outdoors. Therefore, regular flea treatment and good hygiene is a necessity and not just a good deed. 

Why do puppies need it?

a puppy without fleas

Puppies have a young immune system and many may not even be vaccinated yet. A flea infestation could make a puppy incredibly sick or worse. It’s important to make sure that your new pup is going to live somewhere without an existing flea infestation, doesn’t go near other dogs with fleas and isn’t taken to outdoor areas with poor hygiene where an infestation could exist.

However, flea treatment is a pesticide which enters the bloodstream which in itself can be dangerous – so when should puppies begin to get flea treatment?

When should puppies start to use flea treatment?

As we’ve already touched on, flea treatments are a pesticide which goes into the blood and oils of the dog to kill any fleas and prevent any more from attaching. Very young puppies can’t handle the pesticide just yet and it could make them sick, secondly, puppies should not be allowed in the wild until they’ve had their vaccinations and therefore should never be exposed to them in the first place.

The best flea prevention is a hygienic home.

Each manufacturer will have their own recommended age to be administered but as a rule of thumb a puppy should not start any flea treatments before 8 weeks of age. If you have genuine flea concerns speak to your veterinarian. 

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