Do dogs dream?

Many people wonder if dogs dream and if they do, what would they dream about? Well here at JugDog with our Jeff we’ve seen the way he behaves when he’s shut his eyes and it’s obvious by some of the breathing, noises and movements he makes he must be thinking of something. A study done on Pointer dogs seems to also corroborate with’s findings.

Dogs sleep very similar to how we do, they have REM, deep sleep and light snoozes – they also slow down their breathing, close their eyes and from time to time exhibit stress while asleep and can wake up suddenly. This suggests that if they sleep like us then they must also dream like us.

So, although we can’t prove it it’s fair to say that yes, dog’s do dream sometimes. But what would they dream about? Well, that’s probably easy to answer – they would probably dream doggy dreams but at the core of it things like what we would dream about – wants, needs, fears, things they enjoy.

Sleep is also vital for the learning process. When animals experience things from day to day it’s the sleep process that usually makes these ‘experience’ stick. Sometimes dreaming can aid this process as we ‘re live’ the experience.

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Their owners

You are the centre of the world to your dog, so to think your dog wouldn’t dream of you is silly. It’s also the general consensus. They will be thinking of all sorts of things to do with you, like when you take them for walkies when you cuddle them at night and also dreaming about the ultimate way to wind you up (in a good way!). There may be some elements of nightmares in there for them from time to time, maybe they’ll think about you not being around any more.

Dog Dreaming

Whenever you see your dog sleeping at night all nice and peaceful just think that they may be thinking of you. Aww.


Dog’s LOVE food! So chances are your dog will dream about their favourite meal, treats and other nibbles. But also, they could also have nightmares about food like a world where there is none! Crikey.

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Does your dog have a favourite toy? Maybe they’re dreaming of playing with it (maybe with you).

Bitches and Lads

This one had to be on the list. It’s not outside the realms of possibility that dogs may dream of procreation. Hell, I’d even say they must do from time to time.

The world

Ever seen a dog that doesn’t like the great outdoors? Me neither. We think dog’s will sometimes re live being outside in their dreams. Ever seen a dog try to ‘run’ while asleep? Well, what if they’re literally running around (or away) in their dream?

What do you think?

What do you think about dogs and dreams? Do you think they do and what do you think they dream about? Let us know in the comments below.


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