How to prevent your dog from getting fleas

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need any flea treatment at all. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world and most dogs will probably encounter some fleas at some point in their lives. If a dog lives in a filthy environment and never gets any preventions then fleas could be a constant and consistent problem. Here are some tips to avoid fleas on your dog and in your home in the first place:

Regular treatments for the dog

The number one method to prevent your dog from getting fleas and carrying their eggs is to regularly give them preventative treatments such as flea tablets and spot-on dog flea treatment. Using this will make your dog less attractive to the fleas. You could also swap out your regular dog shampoo with flea shampoo for even more protection.

In our opinion, if you follow this point you don’t really need anything else – this will be more than enough. If you use a flea shampoo, make sure you don’t wash them too often.

Regular treatment in the home

To make sure that if your dog gets fleas they aren’t passed on to the home it’s recommended to periodically give your home some flea treatment, too. This is quite easy with the use of our recommended best flea sprays to give areas where your dog hangs around the most. Don’t worry, you don’t need to spray all of your furniture, clothes and so on – try to make sure to get your dog’s sleeping area sorted including the bed, dog crate and any blankets they use and you should be fine.

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Dog flea sprays are odourless so when you do treat the house it’s not going to stink!

Don’t bring home second hand clothes

As we’ve explained previously, fleas aren’t just caught from other animals but from places they’ve laid their eggs, too. We recommend to never bring any second-hand clothes, rugs, dog beds, blankets etc home and if you do wash them with a hot temperature before you use them as fleas hate the heat.

Wash their accessories often

A dead-easy way to prevent fleas is to keep your dog’s accessories clean on a regular basis. This doesn’t necessarily mean use a flea spray as washing your dog’s dog bed, collar, harness, crate, blankets etc at a warm temperature can also keep the parasites at bay. Take even more precautions if two dogs share the same bed.

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Treatment after a big day out

If you’ve been out with your dog and they’ve been exploring more than usual particularly in spring and summer and they’re NOT currently on any sort of flea prevention treatment then we recommend to give them some once they’re home again. Fleas jumping from other mammals are a common cause of flea infection which means the chances of it happening are increased when there are more of those animals about (spring/summer) and when your dog has ventured off the beaten path more than usual.


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