Top 10 Most Indestructible Dog Toys to Buy For Active Dogs

A dog toy that is indestructible will save owners a hefty amount of money over time as they will resist the advances of aggressive chewers and won’t break easily. Many owners find themselves buying soft dog toys one after another just to see them totally destroyed within minutes and a dog waiting for the next thrill.

Despite his looks, our Jug Jeff is an aggressive and tenacious chewer which means his objective to achieve enjoyment is destruction. He will attempt to destroy any toy he gets and once it’s destroyed he gets bored. This had led us to waste so much money on dog toys that were simply not up to the task.

With this in mind, we set out to find more durable dog chew toys that he can try his might to chew without ripping it apart. Whilst researching, buying and testing we found a handful that he either could not destroy or took a very long time to lose durability. This article contains our top 10.

The Best Indestructible Dog Toys On The Market

So here’s our pick of the bunch for those heavy chewers that should last your dogs longer than your average toy. These do not appear in any particular order other than the order we were sent them by the manufacturer or added after this page’s original post date.

1. Kong Classic Dog Toy

Kong Classic

The Kong classic is the best indestructible dog toy in the UK. It’s super durable even for heavy chewers. You won’t get any lifetime guarantees, but it can easily last 5+ years. You can put stuff like peanut butter inside Kong Classic, and your dog will be occupied for hours.

It’s made of tough natural rubber that can be very hardy and can easily take a beating over a long period. It’s also very cheap to purchase, making this a very, very good choice. You’d be mad not to get this for your dog, in all honesty. It’s available in a few sizes, so perfect for small and large dogs.

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2. Oneisall Dog Chew Toy

oneisall Dog Chew Toy

Oneisall actually put the word indestructible in the name of this fantastic chew toy and judging by how Jeff got on with it and the 250+ reviews on Amazon they’d be right! Made of dense non-toxic nylon material which has a light bacon flavour which makes the toy irresistible to most dogs. The shape of the bone also makes it joyous to chew and provides good oral hygiene and relief for a teething dog.

The blend of tough nylon, bacon flavour and a chew friendly shape makes this an absolute cracker of a chew toy, it’s not the cheapest toy on the list but it’s still relatively cheap and can be picked up for less than £20 in most cases.

3. Goughnuts chew ring dog toy

Goughnuts chew ring dog toy

The Goughnuts chew ring toy is one of the more expensive playthings in this list and possibly with good reason. The goughnut toy has been designed by mechanical and polymer engineers apparently to create a shape and structure that is virtually indestructible to the point where if your dog has destroyed this toy to reveal the red layer underneath the green then they will replace your toy entirely. However, at a cost of almost £50 you’ve pretty much paid for the replacement anyway.

Try this out if you want to take out their promise of a guarantee and if you have money to spare. Have you got one of these? Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

4. Nylabone Power Dog Chew bone

Nylabone Power Dog Chew bone

Nylabone is a well-known name in the pet world and their ‘tough toy’ entry lives up to their reputation for making great products. Made using reinforced nylon material (surprise surprise) and shaped in a way that it cleans and sharpens teeth while massaging the gums. The price is extremely reasonable and is often on offer. These plastic dog bones (see also our article on cow hooves) will keep your pooch engaged with its tantalising bacon flavour which can even be smelt by humans (it’s actually quite nice if you like bacon!) It will also keep them interested thanks to the ridges and nubs which soothe gums and clean teeth. This is one of the best products out there and a worthy entry to our ‘best chew toy’ category thanks to the quality and price point. Don’t believe us? Check out almost a thousand reviews on amazon!

Have you got one of these? Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

5. Pet Love Tough Ball

Pet Love Tough Ball

The tough ball by Pet Love is a cheap and cheerful ball type toy that’s made of, you guessed it,  tough nylon rubber that’s ‘virtually indestructible’ and has a 3-year chew proof guarantee which is very brave of any manufacturer. Not only that, but the ball also has a shaped hollow centre and can be used in a similar way to the classic by adding stuff like peanut butter.

To recap, this toy is a cheap (can usually get for under £5) durable dog toy which is somewhat multipurpose as a puzzle toy and a ball toy and has some excellent reviews on Amazon. And for this reason, we at JugDog think this is the best dog ball on the UK market and is an ideal addition to any dog toy box but it shouldn’t be used alone rather it should be used with other items for the perfect mix.

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6. goDog Dragon Plush Toy

goDog Dragon Plush Toy

We were tempted not to list any soft products on the list as they are at a disadvantage over the other entries but we scoured and scoured and searched for a plush toy that at least stood half a chance and we found one. This dragon-shaped toy has double stitching and is far more durable than normal plush playthings – goDog claim it will last longer than other equivalents because of ‘chew guard technology’ and ‘guarantee’ it but I have a feeling this is just a throwaway statement and not a legally binding contract.

Anyway, with a floppy plush finish, bright colours and a relatively cheap price there aren’t many plush products tougher than this one but just be warned this is probably not indestructible due to its nature but as indestructible as you’re ever likely to get a plush doll so it might be a good addition to increase the variety in your dog’s toy box.

7. Nylabone Wishbone Dog Chew Toy

Nylabone Wishbone Dog Chew Toy

Another entry from Nylabone and it’s their Wishbone dog chew product and it’s a corker! Made of (yep, you guessed it) durable nylon, the wishbone chew toy is pretty much 1 and a half of a normal Nylabone is one which gives you more bang for your buck at practically the same cost. The extra ‘leg’ on the toy makes it easier for your dog to hold in their paws giving them an easier time of it. On top of the great design and cheap price, the wishbone has also got a light chicken flavour to keep your pooch interested. Perhaps not the best of the indestructible toy lot as it is rather plain but certainly a good choice for most dog owners.

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8. Kong Tumbler Football Dog Toy

Kong Tumbler Football Dog Toy

The Tumbler football toy is another entry from Kong and it’s one of the best items on the list thanks to its extremely tough fortified nylon construction and odd shape which makes it difficult to chew to death.  The highlight of this toy isn’t the fact that it’s so durable for heavy chewers but that’s it’s got a lot more features than most toys and is ideal for tug of war. The handles make it easy to play tug of war with the dog while the hollow insides can be used to hide another object like a tennis ball or even foodstuffs like peanut butter or their own brand food ‘n’ stuff.

This is a superb toy that’s the ideal toy for aggressive chewers, it has a fair price point and lots of fun for you and your dog. Have you got one of these?

9. Zogoflex West Paw Bone Dog Toys

Zogoflex West Paw Bone Dog Toys

Does your dog like to chew and swim? If so, this could be the one for you and your furry friend. The West Paw chew is made using “Zogoflex®the pliable, non-toxic material” which we think is science code for durable nylon. The best feature is the fact that it floats on water and the manufacturers offer a one-time destruction guarantee. Has your dog destroyed one of these? Claim for another one! As a chew toy, it’s not too bad but out of the list, this is the best one for outdoor use especially if you have water-loving breeds who love a splash. The price point is generous, too.

10. Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Ball Dog Toy

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Ball Dog Toy

This thing looks like it’s made out of solid steel and perhaps the only toy on the list that would last forever with an aggressive chewer, but it isn’t! It’s actually made of non-toxic nylon would you believe. We’ve seen another ball on the list but we wanted to give another option here for those who may go to beaches with their dogs as this one floats quite well and has excellent reviews for its durability. It’s quite expensive for a ball toy but if the reviews are anything to go by then there’s plenty of return on investment here.

Have you got one of these? Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

What makes a dog toy indestructible?

No toy is truly be indestructible or nigh on invincible. What we’re looking for here are chew resistant products that can take a fair beating before they start to lose performance or even break down creating a mess. If you look for a truly tough chew toy that can’t be destructed then you just won’t find one and if you do then it’s probably misselling and would land the manufacturer’s in trouble. So, in short, the criteria for being an ‘indestructible’ dog toy is:

  • Chew resistance – they must be able to resist aggressive chewers teeth and not come apart easily. This is usually achieved using a strong natural rubber.
  • Chew proofing – A chew toy which are made into a shape which is difficult for their teeth to grip are what makes them chew proof.  Dogs will always try and find the weakest part to start destroying it.
  • Solid construction with tough material – The best performing chew toys on our list is typically made with only one material which strengthens the construction.

Why do dogs want to destroy their stuff?

The need for tough options is borne because canines of all ages are destructive in their nature and do not understand how strong their jaws and teeth are. They don’t really have much of a concept of taking their time and looking after their belongings and just want to get stuck in as soon as they get a brand new chew toy.

This has lead to the entire market of indestructible toys, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why dogs get to the point of destroying their possessions

  • They’re bored – Is your dog chewing and breaking their toys because they simply have nothing else to do? Stop this behaviour by making sure they have plenty of exercises, have plenty of other toys and never left alone for more than a few hours.
  • They’re spoilt – If they have broken one of their trinkets does it get replaced straight away? Does your dog have too many chew toys and if one breaks it’s no big deal?
  • They just aren’t strong enough – A common reason your dog destroys their toys is that they are simply not strong enough to handle their powerful jaws. Powerful chewers should always have durable toys.
  • Stress – Is your dog stressed or have they recently experienced some trauma? Toys are a good way to relieve stress but the stress can sometimes spill over resulting in broken toys. Separation anxiety could also cause them to wreck their knickknacks. If you’re concerned, why not place a camera in the house and watch how your dog behaves alone and with their toys.
  • Powerful chewer – If you have a breed that’s got powerful jaws or a heavy chewer then they may not have the right toys for their needs. This page aims to help you avoid this.
  • Instincts – Probably the most obvious cause for broken toys is the fact that they just enjoy it and their instincts are driving them to chew to keep their teeth clean and sharp. Squeaky toys also mimic the cries of a dying animal which once again plays into their natural instincts.

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  • Ronnie is the JugDog site editor and a dog expert who has lived and worked with dogs his entire life. Living in St. Helens, UK with his wife son and Jug Dog Jeff Ronnie spends most of time researching the answers to the burning questions of the dog community as well as reviewing the latest and greatest dog products.

6 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Indestructible Dog Toys to Buy For Active Dogs”

  1. Jan Painter

    Only toy my border x hasn’t managed to destroy in five years is a ball from Orvis. It was £9 but worth every penny. Had it three months and not a mark on the ball itself. Although she has pulled the logo off but it’s not detrimental. Extreme Kong lasted less than five minutes before chunks came off. Likewise nylon bones don’t last or any other tough toy we have tried. She just loves to chew.

  2. We have had so many refunds from companies our 2 rescue dogs (including one with very few teeth) love to see how quickly they can destroy toys. If it has a squeak it will last seconds, they do love to snuggle with cuddly toys but we tend to remove the squeak and stuffing as soon as they manage to burst a seam. We have a couple of Kong knots bears that although they have received severe injuries are hanging in there, sort of. So are there any durable tough cuddly toys with no squeak, oh and no ears our elderly nearly toothless dog can still rip off the ears on a toy in under 2 minutes (not sure what he has against ears but he does it to every toy). If any companies want toy testers we are happy to oblige!

  3. Sally Ann

    Struggling with a mini Dachshund, teeth like scissors, eyes ears and arms first to go then literally cuts a hole in the material (not a seem) with back teeth rips out the squeeker and destuffs. Even rope toys are shredded and tube squeeky toys have covering torn off so all you are left with is a plastic tube squeeker. Hard nylon toys are left not payed with… where is the fun if you cannot destroy.. am fast giving up but looking for Christmas gifts that last longer than a day. Grandpaw sent 4 toys last Friday bu Monday all destroyed HEEEELP

  4. Christine Graham

    Message for Jan painter. Could you please let me know where you got the ball from? Ie what it’s call?

  5. got a 2 year old staff be the perfect toy tester he has gone through a Kong classic in 2 weeks any challenge acceptable (soft toys with squeakers less than 1 minute once hes got squeaker out the toy is to boring for him lol)

  6. Matthew Hooks

    Our new rescue is part Staffie, part Mastiff of some kind and possibly part boxer. His jaw strength is frightening. He bit the top clean off one of the largest Kong classics in seconds.

    He loves to play fetch with balls, but as soon as we finish playing I have to take the ball off him or its immediately denuded (and the skin swallowed, which has the upside of making his poo easier to spot) and then broken in to tiny pieces.

    I’m looking for a bit of old anchor hawser, because he loves ropes but anything less than two inches thick he just bites straight through.

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