Pet Fusion Memory Foam Dog Bed Review

Recently, Jeff has been very lucky to have received the Pet Fusion memory foam dog bed as a gift to try out and review for our audiences. Many of you may already know that the Pet Fusion Memory Foam dog bed has been our top pic for both the best dog bed and the best waterproof dog bed so we were very excited to finally get our hands on one for real.

First and foremost, the box it comes in is a lot smaller than the size of a fully constructed bed so we were worried that we had possibly asked for the wrong size. Don’t worry, once you open the box and start putting it together you’ll see that it is bigger than the original packaging as it has been economically packaged.

Once we opened the box, there was some construction to do as the photo shows, the bed essentially comes as a shell for you to then place the memory foam mattress inside the cover – it is dead easy to do and the reason for this is so that you can wash the cover if it gets dirty. Pet Fusion recommend letting the mattress ‘settle’, which we did, before letting Jeff lay on it and use it proper. We did allow Jeff to sit and lay on it for the purposes of the pictures and then we put it aside to allow settling – this can be a bit of a pain for those who want a dog bed ASAP so don’t throw away your old bed just yet!

Once constructed, the bed is clearly a superior product and the memory foam makes it incredibly comfortable and much more solid than cheaper brands. The raised sides also allow Jeff to rest his head comfortably as the sides are firm. The cover itself is strong and stylish and resistant to dirt. However, it is clearly not an indestructible bed so don’t part with your cash if you have an aggressive dog – this bed is far too expensive for that!

Once we started allowing Jeff to use the Pet Fusion bed full time he has been inseparable and often uses the bed when not sleeping, which he never did with previous beds. Although not pictures, the place where his bed rests is on laminate and the non skid bottom keeps it in place when he’s rustling about – it also helps to protect the laminate itself from wear which is a bonus.

We tested how easy it would be to clean and Jeff’s hairs do not stick as much as other beds which means that it can be maintained rather easily.

To summarise, Jeff and I feel that this is quite simply the best dog bed on the market and despite the heavy price tag it is worth every penny and to give you the ability to provide your dog with unrivalled comfort is priceless. We are expecting this product to last us a long time and when it’s time to replace we will probably just get another.

Thanks again for the team at Pet Fusion for the gift, you’ve made a little Jug Dog very happy!

Well over a thousand positive reviews on Amazon can’t possibly be wrong. The Pet Fusion Ultimate Memory Foam Dog Bed is simply the peak comfort of any dog bed on the UK market. Made with superior materials, waterproof cover and a bottom that protects your flooring you simply won’t find a better bed than this – we’d know, we’ve tried!

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  1. Carol Piddock

    I bought this bed because it looked good quality and made of hard-wearing fabric. Within the space of just 12 hours my 18 month old Vizler/Labrador Cross had chewed threw the bolster and exposed the stuffing. I am not impressed.

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