Why does my dog smell of biscuits?

Have you ever been cuddling up with your four-legged friend and noticed a faint, or perhaps even strong, whiff of what can only be described as biscuits? Either a faint digestive biscuit smell or perhaps it’s more akin to a cheesy cracker. Some people find it a comforting, homely smell when they sit close to their dog but others are put off by the whiff and are concerned their whole house may contain the stench.  In this article, we seek to understand what causes a dog to harbour this scent, whether it is something to be concerned about as well as how to eliminate this biscuit smell. 

Why does my dog smell of biscuits?

Fundamentally, the smell of your dog is caused by bacteria and yeast living in your pet’s paws, furs and ears. Dr. Robert J. Silver has explained that pseudomonas and proteus are the names of the two type of natural bacteria that travel from soil or water to your pet’s paws; and it is this that creates the smell of biscuits, popcorn or chips that many pet owners have commented on. 

Should I be concerned if my dog smells of biscuits? 

The smell itself is perfectly natural and normal. Dr. Silver has explained that it can, however, be a sign of infection if you notice that your pet is also licking their paws excessively, have greasy paws or if there is inflammation between the webbed part of the paws. If any of these are present then we would recommend taking your pet to the vets to help to ease any discomfort your four-legged friend may be in. 

How can I get rid of my dog’s biscuit smell?

A lot of people love the biscuit smell of their dog and even find it comforting. However, we understand that not everyone will feel this way. If your pet isn’t presenting any other symptoms, and it is simply the biscuit smell that you want to eliminate then you can try scrubbing your dog’s paws more regularly with water and a dog friendly shampoo or wash. Avoid using sprays or any soaps that are not designed specifically for your dog, you may be in a rush to remove the scent and mask it with a stronger one but we wouldn’t want you to harm your dog in any way in the process. 

How can I eliminate my dog’s scent from the house? 

You may enjoy the biscuit smell of your dog when you cuddle up to them but perhaps you don’t want your whole house to harbour this scent. Our top tips for this would be to use blankets for your dog to sit on when they rest on your couch or their bed. By using blankets, it means you can regularly machine wash these and replace them with a clean blanket in the meantime. It is much easier to regularly clean a blanket than to deep clean your couch. You could also purchase a dog bed with a removable and washable cover – meaning that you can remove the cover, eliminate the smell from it and replace the fresh cover once it is dry. 

We hope you have found our article on why your dog smells of biscuits informative and it helps you. We have also offered some suggestions of how to eliminate the scent – we would love to hear your feedback of whether these worked for you or any other suggestions you have. The smell itself is natural and perfectly normal but if you notice that your dog is also licking their paws excessively, their paws are greasy or if there is inflammation then we would recommend going to the vets to get your pet checked over incase the scent is linked with something more sinister. 

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