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Dogs love to eat, and that’s a fact! But also, dogs have a reputation for eating almost anything – but eating almost anything isn’t a good thing – dogs don’t think about what they put in their bellies too much and whether or not it’s good for them. That’s our job! A great wet dog food pick ca be an instrumental part of a pooches diet and as such we often think of the wet part of a dog’s meal as the best part because of how important it is. To a dog it’s certainly the best part, notice how quickly they will get through the wet food as opposed to the dry stuff.

Many brands of dog food is mass produced and very low quality, leaving dogs with poor health, an unhealthy coat and in some cases allergies. Here at Jug Dog we’ve compiled a handy list of some of the best recommended wet dog food money can buy in the UK.

What is wet dog food?

Wet dog foods are soft moist chunks (usually meat) that come in a plastic containers, cans or pouches. They’re super tasty, full of protein (most of their protein will come from the wet part) and easy for dogs to consume due to a lot less chewing. Usually, wet dog food is added on top of kibble (dry dog food) for complete nutrition. Although wet dog food (even the best ones) is very nutritious it does lack a lot of minerals and nutrients such as fibre – so it is advised to not just feed your dog just wet food. Plus, it’s expensive on its own!

Wet food is called wet food usually because the soft chunks of meat is surrounded by a liquid of varying thickness – this is most often gravy or jelly; gravy being the wetter of the two. Having wet food mixed in with the dry kibble makes it easier to eat for your dog as well as tastier as flavour is better tasted when it’s wet.

What to look for in great wet dog food?

Not all wet dog foods are made equal, sadly. There are some that are so processed and awful that it would be dangerous to feed to a dog regularly and akin to eating McDonal’s as every meal, every day- think Super Size Me. So here’s a list of what you should look for to always be included in the best wet dog food.


Protein is the building blocks to a body. Protein is used to maintain, repair and build muscles in a dog. The more active the dog the more important protein will be. Protein is a part of what a dog’s natural diet would be before domestication and their bodies have not evolved enough to not still require it. When assessing a new wet dog food make sure it contains a lot of protein and from a clearly explained source such as chicken, fish, beef and so on. Protein from sources such as egg, tofu and peas is not good enough.


Grains will almost definitely be included in the dog food but what you need to take a look at is to make sure they are whole and unprocessed.

Why are grains such a touchy subject? Many dogs can be allergic to grains with can manifest in all sorts of ways from skin, eye and digestive problems. Not only that but grains also offer very little nutritional value to a dog over meat and vegetables.


Yes, really! Dogs loves vegetables and it is an often overlooked ingredient in their diet. You may be feeding your dogs vegetables separately as treats (we here at Jug Dog) but it’s a major bonus if some good veggies are included in the wet food.

As carnivorous animals dog don’t need fruits and vegetables in their diet but a little helping in their meat based food can go a long way.

Complete and Balanced

Check to see if it has been certified by the AAFCO or the FSA. Many brands will state “Complete and Balanced” if they do, but always check the small print.

What to avoid in good wet dog food

Byproducts of other food

You should feed your dog quality food just like you would feed yourself or your children. Flat out avoid any dog food whether it’s wet or dry when they’ve been made using byproducts or cut offs from other source. It should be whole, natural ingredients all the way.

Non-specified ingredients

If the label doesn’t describe what’s in it, don’t buy it.

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners aren’t exactly great for humans and our digestive systems are better used to it when compared to dogs.

Food binders

Food binders are used to literally bind the ingredients together so that it resembles what the food should actually look like. If it needs binders to look edible then it isn’t edible in our book.

Best Wet Dog Food UK 2018

Forthglade 100% Natural Grain Free Dog Food

Forthglade make dogs dinners from Devon and we have to say that they are some of the best wet dog food currently available to buy in the UK. This food is more akin to a pate than what image you’d probably have in your mind when you think of ‘wet’ food. They are big moist chunks in BPA free packs which are rammed full of flavours and there is a large amount of choice of flavours available. Flavours include:

  • Beef
  • Chicken (on its own, with heart or liver or tripe)
  • Duck
  • Lamb
  • Turkey

Forthglade’s dog food is also grain free which means it’s suitable for dogs with sensitive tummies and hounds 2 months and above. This food is 90% meat and the other 10% being minerals making it as pretty natural choice and giving you the peace of mind that you’re feeding your dog some quality food. We mentioned earlier than this is more of a pate than gravy/jelly munch and that’s because it’s gently steamed – they add a little water to help cook everything slowly and at a low temperature to retain all the natural goodness, this leaves you with a great dish that’s easy to digest, highly palatable and bursting with flavour.

We strongly recommend considering this stuff when looking for a new wet food solution for your furry friend.

Forthglade 100% Natural Grain Free Complementary Dog Pet Food Just 90% Turkey 395g (18 Pack)
398 Reviews
Forthglade 100% Natural Grain Free Complementary Dog Pet Food Just 90% Turkey 395g (18 Pack)
  • Protein rich pet food for dogs - Easy to digest and packed with goodness
  • 100% grain free for pets with sensitive tummies
  • Gently steamed at a slow temperature to retain all the natural goodness

Orijen Regional Red Dog Food Review

Orijen Regional Red Dog Food is one of the highest rated wet dog food online. It’s freeze-dried so technically not really wet food but it would have felt wrong to not to list it here. It includes some really exotic ingredients which would beor fit for a posh human let lone a dog such as ranch raised angus beef, wild boar, lamb, heritage pork & bison… I know, right?

Advertised as biologically appropriate dog food Orijen is exactly what your dog needs from a nutrition perspective. It’s the sort of food that is perfect for their digestive system which means they will thrive when eating this stuff. You’ll start to notice a shinier coat, sharper eyes, cleaner teeth and a dog full of positive energy in general. It’s true for humans that a good diet can do wonders and its true for dogs as well.

Anyway, Orijen dog food is exceptionally nutritious, natural and supper yummy.

Buy Orijen Regional Red Dog Food
46 Reviews
Buy Orijen Regional Red Dog Food
  • Biologically appropriate dog food
  • Featuring ranch-raised angus beef, wild boar, lamb, heritage pork & bison
  • Loaded with the protein-packed meat ingredients (75%) that Mother Nature evolved your dog to eat

Lily’s Kitchen Wild Campfire Stew Complete Wet Food for Dogs Review

Lily’s Kitchen as a brand is fast growing throughout the UK and you can find it in most well stocked supermarket these days. Similar to Orijen it’s made with natural ingredients but it is meat based – this one is venison, pheasant and salmon. A combination which would please any human let a lone a pooch! The common denominator with the wet dog foods included in this page is that they aren’t horribly mass produced with waste cuts of other meat products. You’re keeping your dog in good shape with this selection.

Buy Lily's Kitchen Wet Dog Food
788 Reviews
Buy Lily's Kitchen Wet Dog Food
  • Complete wet dog food with freshly prepared meat (multipack)
  • Grain Free, for gentle digestion
  • Natural, hypoallergenic & balanced recipe

Naturediet Chicken with Vegetables and Rice Dog Food Review

Naturediet’s Chicken with Vegetables and Rice does come in other flavours but this was one was particularly popular with our Jug. Ticks all the boxes of things to look for in dog food and doesn’t have all the bad stuff. All of Naturediet’s packs contain at least 60% real meat, brown rice, vegetables, herbs and other natural goodness which is exactly what your dog needs to be fit and healthy.

Buy Naturediet Wet Dog Food
630 Reviews
Buy Naturediet Wet Dog Food
  • 100% Natural
  • Based on holistic principles
  • Hypoallergenic

Fish4Dogs Salmon Mousse 4 dogs Review

Jeff absolutely loves Fish4Dogs stuff, wet and dry. But what he loves in particular is the mousse. Rich in Omega 3 and made with salmon and seaweed extract this mousse is packed with vitamins, minerals and of course protein. Fish is particularly good for a healthy coat. Lastly, the Fish4Dogs mousse is extremely easy to consume so it can be a great addition for an elderly dog.

Fish4Dogs Salmon Mousse
20 Reviews
Fish4Dogs Salmon Mousse
  • This natural luxury gourmet wet treat is made from Salmon and Seaweed Extract.
  • The salmon is gently steam cooked then whipped giving it an airy texture.
  • Fish4Dogs Salmon Mousse can be given on its own or mixed in with dry food as a delicious tempting treat.

Barking Heads Wet Dog Food Fusspot Salmon Review

Another salmon based dog food here and one where our Jug, Jeff has tried himself and is absolutely bonkers for. The Barking Heads salmon pot is a mousse like food, easy to eat even for a small dog and I assume it tastes great as it is wolfed down as soon as it’s served! It ticks all of the boxes and has vegetables and plenty of protein it’s also free of artificial colouring’s, artificial flavorings, artificial preservatives and no GM ingredients.

Barking Heads Fusspot Salmon
1 Reviews

Yarrah Dog Food Alu Cup Organic Vegetarian Chunks

Here’s a good wet food option if your dog is a vegetarian or you’d like your dog to be a vegetarian. Perhaps you are a vegetarian or vegan and feel strongly about animal rights. The Yarrah Alu Cup contains soya, peas, carrots in a tasty gravy. It’s free of meat (obviously) contains vegetables and soya. It does contain protein but not as much as the equivalents which include meat. Yarrah also do a meat version if you’re interested!

Yarrah Vegetarian Wet Food
43 Reviews
Yarrah Vegetarian Wet Food
  • These recommended quantities only serve as a guideline, the individual requirements for your dog may differ
  • Preferably serve at room temperature
  • Keep alu cup in the refrigerator once opened

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