4 Human Foods To Never Feed To Your Pooch

4 Foods to Never Feed Your Dog

Humans have been feeding their beloved canine companions table scraps since the dawn of time, completely oblivious to the dangers hidden in a slice of chocolate cake or steak and onion pie. According to renowned UK canine dietician, Kristina Johansen, thousands of dog owners are literally risking their dogs’ lives by feeding them ‘human’ food. As … Read more

How to Naturally Treat Constipation in Dogs

Constipated Dog

Constipation is a digestive issue that occurs in dogs regularly. It involves difficulty in passing stool and infrequent bowel movements. Common reasons for constipation in dogs are inadequate hydration and lack of exercise. Few of the other culprits are side effects of medication, obesity, orthopedic problems, fiber intake, and a large-sized prostate gland. If it … Read more