First things first; every dog can have health problems and this article lists potential canine health problems as well as Jug dog health problems. There’s no need to be alarmed, as long as you train your dog well, feed it nutritional meals and give it plenty of exercise you shouldn’t have any problems at all.

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Jug Dog Health Problems

The Jug is a hybrid dog from the Jack Russell and Pug family and generally the health problems of both breeds are lessened to some extent. Here are some of the common Jack Russell, Pug and Dog Health problems that your Jug may inherit if the parent was a part of a poor breeding ring or in breeding:


Pugs are a brachycephalic breed which means they have a short, wide skull and a short almost nonexistent muzzle. As a Jug, the JRT side of the parents can ‘breed out’ this problem significantly by giving the Jug a slightly longer muzzle and makes breathing easier. However, their muzzle is still quite short and can still suffer from Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome – struggling to breath. This can affect the Jug particularly in hot and cold weather.

It’s best practice to make sure the Jug isn’t out in hot or cold weather for too long and that they have access to fresh water. Panting is one of the ways dogs release heat and excessive panting can lead to breathing problems which includes breathing fast.

Jug Dog Health Problems
Short muzzle

Surgery may be required if your Jug regularly has this problem so be aware of you see it struggling to breathe often. Although this is a serious concern for Pug owners it is not as prevalent in Jugs.

Eye infections

Jugs can have bulbous eyes as inherited from the Pug side which can lead to the eyes making more contact with foreign objects and the environment than normal. It’s best practice to make regular checks on the eyes for watery and redness on the eye and around it. This is not so much of a problem in Jugs but it can still happen if running around through bushes or exposed to dust.

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Lens Luxation

This is a condition where the lens has been dislocated from the eye, a common condition in terriers and one your Jug may face in later life. It is treatable with early diagnosis.


This involves the thickening of the heart. Difficult to spot early but keep an eye out for laboured breathing.


A condition where an organ or tissue grows outwards. Look for an abnormal bulge protruding.


Hydrocephaly can occur for any dog, not just Jugs and it involves the accumulation of water in the brain cavity. early signs of this can be a loss of balance and co ordination.


This is a male Jug only condition sometimes referred to as an undescended testicle. If you’ve noticed that your Jug may appear to have one testicle or that a testicle is sometimes present and sometimes not he may have cryptorchidism. If this is the case its best practice to consider neutering.

jug life expectancy
Feeling under the weather

Heart murmurs

Another cardiovascular health issue for Jugs are heart murmurs or “Patent Ductus Arterioles”. An unusual heart sound or beat is a sign of this condition and should be checked out immediately. It is quite a rare condition that usual presents itself before 8 weeks and your breeder should be aware of it.

Von Willebrand’s Disease

This disease is characterised by excessive bleeding. If you notice your Jug being cut and bleeding more than you’d expect it could be down to this disease. Typically, this isn’t a life threatening condition provided your Jug isn’t involved in any violent acts or overly rough play. If your Jug does have this condition then obedience training is vital so that you are always able to keep your Jug out of harm’s way.


Yes, the condition that blights many of the UK’s population can affect dogs also, particularly Pugs and therefore your Jug may be at risk. Jugs are very food driven and sometimes they struggle to stop eating if there’s always food available. Obesity, however, is easily prevented and cured by plenty of exercise and a restricted diet with lots of fibre.

Jugs are meant carry a bit of extra weight so be careful not to confuse its normal state with obesity. Regular exercise and good food (wet and dry) is an easy prevention.


Worms are very common in dogs but can be easily prevented by ensuring a clean living area, free of fleas and keeping them away from faeces of all kinds. For recommendations on worming treatment click here.

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Jug Life Expectancy

How long do Jugs live? Well, this is a difficult question to answer as with many things in life nothing is certain, however, Jugs are a hardy bunch and should live a long time. Smaller dogs tend to live longest among the various breeds and you should expect to see your dog live to be between 12-15 years if given plenty of exercise and a healthy and balanced diet.

You can sometimes improve a dog’s lifespan by spaying and neutering – this should be something to consider once you’ve looked at all the pros and cons involved.

There are also other, smaller things you can do to extend their lives which is to make sure they get plenty of rest, plenty of exercise and loads and loads of social experiences. These small things can improve your Jug’s quality of life and therefore its longevity.

Don’t be too worried about some of the common jug dog health problems mentioned earlier but always be aware of any signs and to act on them as soon as you see them.

Lastly, an often overlooked trick to extend your dog’s life is obedience training. If your dog is trained to listen to your command you can stop serious incidents from happening in the first place such as running across roads, escaping, violent incidents with other animals and eating potentially poisonous foods and substances. Teaching your dog to stay safe and to obey your command can be a life saver and should never be overlooked.

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